(Part: 113 Let’s Play Truth & Dare) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, I am not sleeping now because I don’t want to miss today’s function.” She said when after bath, Sidharth asked her to sleep again.

“Baby, there is no function today. So just sleep” He told her and she smiled cheerily.

“Now I can sleep without any tension.” She murmured after covering herself with the comforter fully. He chuckled at her.

“Hubby, when I was sleeping, nobody asked about me or came to meet me?” She asked after pulling the comforter down her face, her hair got messy. She was looking adorable.

He sat beside her, smiling. “Today, everybody planned to see Jaipur city and they all came to call us but I told them you are not well. They were about to cancel their plans but I asked them to go because I am here to take care of my baby.” He told her, lovingly tucking her all hair behind her ears.

“I also want to see Jaipur city, hubby.” She sadly said and he placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Aww baby, we will see Jaipur city next time, now close your eyes and sleep.” He instructed her, caressing her forehead. She gave him a slight nod before closing her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, she smiled in response.

Sana was super happy because everyone brought so many things for her. She always felt blessed to have this family. Not even Sidharth, everyone used to make her feel special every time and never used to make fun of her innocence.

“Thank you so much, sabko dher.” She thanked them gleefully, having so much love in her eyes for them.

After the dinner, everyone planned to play truth and dare. So everyone settled down in the hall. Mukti invited Sneha also for truth and dare. Sana was the happiest soul because she loved to play games. She was sitting beside Sidharth holding his hand, smiling merrily and excitedly. Everyone was sitting beside their partners and on the other side of Sana, Sneha was sitting. Cabir spun the bottle and the bottle front stopped in front of Mukti.

“What is your favourite position on the bed?” Arnav asked and Mukti blushed, moving her eyelashes down. This question made our baby Sana confused. She narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“What type of question is this, I didn’t understand?” Her words caught everybody’s attention and she was looking at them innocently while Sidharth was sitting holding his head.

“Arnav jiju, are you asking about the sleeping position?” As she asked innocently, everybody burst into laughter. It was just the starting of the game and it created trouble for Sidharth.

“Sana, ask about this from Sidharth later, he will explain to you in a better way.” Arnav said, still laughing and Sana nodded her head innocently. Sidharth shook his head in disbelief.

“69 positions,” Mukti answered, blushing hard. Abhi also blushed at her while her answer made Sana more confused.

“69, What 69 position means on the bed?” She wondered, looking at Sidharth. Sidharth was smiling at her, wondering how he would answer her answer questions.

Again the bottle spun by Cabir and it stopped in front of Arnav.

“Now I will ask from you, Arnav.” Mukti uttered excitedly, everybody nodded. Mukti thought for a moment and then asked. “What is your darkest fantasy? you know related to what I am talking about.”

This question also made Sana confused but this time she stayed quiet and thought to ask about this after the game from Sidharth.

Arnav first smiled looking at Khushi and then answered, “something related to Bdsm.” Khushi looked at him in shock because she didn’t know about his fantasy. Everybody laughed and Sana made a confused pout because she was not understanding anything. She looked at Sidharth sadly for the answer, he was just smiling at her.

“Baby, I’ll explain you everything later on.” He whispered to her and she smiled at him.

The next time the bottle spun and stopped in front of Sidharth. He chose dare.

“Kiss a girl except your wife and sister.” Arnav gave this task and Sidharth showed him his eyes.

“I am not playing this game.” Sidharth stood up, frowning.

“Hubby, it’s just a game, it’s okay.” Sana held his hand and stopped him from leaving the game in the middle.

“Arnav, you should change the task, this is wrong” Mukti spoke supporting Sidharth.

“If Sana doesn’t have any problem then what’s the problem Sidharth? I haven’t asked you to do lips kiss, it just for fun.” As Arnav said, Sidharth looked at Sana and she blinked her eyes in approval.

Sidharth hurriedly pecked Sneha’s cheeks and Sana was shocked because she thought he would kiss Navya or Khushi. She didn’t expect that he would kiss Sneha cheek. Again her possessiveness came and she started getting jealous of Sneha. He looked at Sana and she smiled instead of showing her anger because she was the only one who asked him to don’t quit the game.

The bottle spun again and this time it stopped in front of Sneha and she chose the truth.

“Tell us your secret?” Navya asked and Sneha thought for a moment. She looked at Sidharth through the corner of her eyes

“I am in love with someone, who can never be mine.” Sneha said after taking a deep breath. Sana was just wondering that why Sidharth kissed Sneha.

“But why Sneha ?” Mukti asked instantly and everybody waited for her answer.

“Because he is married.” As she answered, Sana looked at Sneha shockingly and found her looking at Sidharth. She looked at Sidharth, he was looking down silently. She immediately understood Sneha was in love with Sidharth.

How do you find the whole truth and dare game ?

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