(Part: 82 Craving to feel you inside me) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


He is kissing my lips, pouring his all love. I’m enjoying the kiss, running my hands in his silky hair. I have forgotten my all stress because of this magical kiss. Now my body is burning with immense desire.

He broke the kiss for a second and hastily pulled the top over my head. He again captured my lips after hurling my top on the floor. I moaned in his mouth as he cupped and squeezed my twins over the fabric of the bra. I started opening the buttons of his shirt, kissing him hungrily.

He pulled apart, we gazed into each other intensely, breathing heavily after the passionate kiss. “Stand up fast, we have to do it quickly before anybody comes.” He murmured and stood straight. We smirked at each other.

As I stood up, he lifted me from the floor by grasping my bare waist and made me sit on the table. Few books fell on the floor and we both chuckled.

“Now remove your jeans.” He ordered, pointing his index finger at my jeans.

I grabbed the collars of his shirt and pulled him down. “I missed my master a lot.” I whispered against his lips, gazing in his eyes deeply.

“And I missed ordering my Princess.” He winked at me and pecked my lips.

I really love him a lot.

“Now follow my order.” As he uttered, I left his collars.

He took off his shirt and jeans, his intense gaze is fixed on me. I opened the button of my jeans and yanked it down my legs. He pulled it out of my legs and flung it on the floor. Now we both are in our inner garments. His hard junior was dying to come out from his boxer. I felt the wetness between my legs, seeing the bulge. I swept my eyes to his face. I saw him grinning at me.

He placed his hands over my thighs and splayed them. As his hands touched my thighs, I shivered. He stood between my legs, stroking my milky white thigh and gazing at me with his eyes filled with immense desire. His touch is driving me crazy and our proximity is burning my body with a profound desire.

He bent down and yanked my head back by grasping my hair before attacking my neck. He is nibbling down my neck. I interlocked my legs around his hips firmly. He is driving me insane with wet kisses and I’m roaming my hands all over his back. He slid one hand into my undies and unhooked my bra with his other hand. He rubbed my clit vigorously and clenched my skin with his teeth. I moaned with immense pleasure, clutching his hair. He took off my bra and kneaded my twins.

He is sucking one of the twins and still rubbing my most sensitive spot with his one hand. I’m moaning constantly. I’m loving it and enjoying his touch after three days. I don’t want him to stop.

And then the doorbell rang and startled us. We stared at each other in shock, disappointed.

Oh shit! It’s such a wrong timing. We both need each other badly. We both are utterly turned on.

“We should have done it fast. Now, how I’ll study?” I blurted.

The bell rang again and he hurriedly pulled away and picked up his jeans.

“Hurry up! Wear your clothes, it must be Mom.” He said, swiftly pulling up his jeans and buttoning it. I nodded at him and climbed down the table.

I picked up my clothes from the floor and he wore his shirt. The doorbell is continuously ringing.

As I wore my top, he suddenly clasped my face and sucked my lips. “We’ll complete this tonight.” He said and dashed out of the room.

I’m craving for him. I wore my jeans and hurried out of the room after setting my hair and glancing at myself in the mirror.

As I stepped out of the room, he darted to me and pinned me against the wall by grasping my arms. I stared at him in surprise and he was smiling with glee.

“So it wasn’t Mom?” I asked him.

He shook his head. “A lady came to meet Mom, I told her that Mom is not at home and she left.” He told me and I made O mouth.

Luckily It wasn’t Mom and now we have still time to complete our unfinished business. Thank God. I smiled merrily.

“Now do it fast before Mom really comes back.”

He moved closer to my lips. “What?” He asked in a husky voice, grinding himself against my crotch.

Seriously, he’s still wasting the time in teasing me. I’m already horny.

“I’m craving to feel you inside me. Mom will be back at any moment. Please, do it fast because I can’t wait anymore,” he entwined my hands and pinned them against the wall above my head before planting a lingering kiss on my lips. Now I rubbed my myself against him back and forth.

He grasped my both hands above my head with one hand, and with his other, first, he opened the button of my jeans and then opened the button of his jeans, kissing me passionately. We don’t get tired of eating each other lips.

“I love you so much, Princess. Even I’m craving for you.” He breathed after breaking the kiss, gazing into my eyes, his eyes are filled with desires and love.

“I love you more.” I whispered, gazing at him in the same way.

As he left my hands, I freed his junior by hastily pulling down his jeans and boxer. He yanked down my jeans and undies, our intense gaze is fixed at each other.

“Open your legs, Princess.” He ordered in his dominating tone and I instantly complied by opening my legs.

He shoved into me deeply in one go after pinning my hands against the wall. I screamed in pleasure, digging my nails into his hands. I felt incredible after

feeling him inside me again. I felt contented.

“Wrap your both legs around my waist.” He ordered after placing my one leg over his waist. As I wrapped my both legs around his waist, he entered into me deeper, filling me and stretching me. He left my hands and I hurriedly wrapped them around his neck to balance myself.

He ambled to the dining table, holding me by my hips and he’s still deep inside me. He placed me on the edge of the table before moving out and thrusting into me again. I moaned loudly, scratching his back with my nails. He groaned and gave me a few hard thrust before pushing me down straight on the table, my legs are swinging in the air. He bent over me, pushing himself deeper into me. Now we gazed into other eyes passionately. “I love you so much.” He confessed before ramming into me hard and fast. I’m just moaning in pleasure. He took me to another world of pleasure.

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3 thoughts on “(Part: 82 Craving to feel you inside me) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hayee manan tou bade naughty naughty hou rahe hai kaha nandu was determined to study as her exams where coming and kaha manik was determined to make out with her at last manik he jeta hehe…
    Poor poor manan haar baar koi na koi aa jata hai to disturb them but thank god nandu ke mom nahi thi woh so they could just complete there make out session…
    Kya hott hottt part tha full of manan ka pyaar and there wildness…

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