(Part: 112 Soothing her) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Baby, wake up, eat something, then you can sleep again. You haven’t eaten breakfast also.” Sidharth was waking up his baby at 4 pm, she had been sleeping from five hours after their make out. He woke up after 2 hours only and made her sleep with teddy. He leaned and placing soft kisses on her face, standing beside the bed in his lower only. She smiled in half-sleep as his lips touched her skin.

“Hubby, let me sleep for five minutes more, please.” She requested in a sleepy tone like a small baby, her eyes were still closed. Sidharth smiled at her because at least she responded to him. He pecked her forehead and then started arranging the lunch on the table for him and his beautiful wife.

After a few minutes only, she sat up on the bed, rubbing her eyes with her hands adorably. She was still feeling sleepy but she knew her caring hubby will not let her sleep until she takes lunch.

“My baby woke up?” Sidharth asked, looking at her having so much love in his eyes. She nodded her head and picked up his shirt which was kept on the bed. He strolled toward her and clasped her face before sucking her lips lovingly. As he sucked her lips, she forgot about her sleep and woke up completely. They passed a winsome smile to each other. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response. He himself started making her wear his shirt, they both were lovingly gazing at each other.

He scooped her into his arms and took her to sofa where he had arranged the lunch for them. He comfortably made her sit on his lap. She was silently staring at her hubby like something was going in her mind. He started feeding her the lunch and she was silently eating.

“How can this be possible that from ten minute my baby haven’t spoken a single word?” As Sidharth asked her, she looked down sadly. He became anxious after noticing her sad face.

“What happened, is it hurting you?” Sidharth asked concernedly after clasping her face and she instantly swept her eyes to him and nodded her head negatively. “Then What happened? Tell me. You are making me worried, baby.” He was constantly caressing her cheeks with his thumbs.

“How do you know everything, I mean the process of lovemaking and everything related to romance? Have you done this before with another girl?” She asked gloomily and a lone tear rolled down her cheek mechanically as she imagined him with another girl. She cried, imagining her hubby with some other girl.

“Baby, you are thinking wrong.” He instantly wiped her tears. “I just love you and this was my first time and believe me, I felt so complete, I can’t even describe in words. Thank you so much for trusting me and giving yourself to me.” A smile flashed on her face. “You are my only love, Sana. I never thought about another girl after seeing you. You are my life, baby, and you have the purest soul. I love you and I will always love you.” He confessed, gazing into her eyes having so much love in his eyes and then kissed her forehead as the promise that he would always love her. She just hugged him tightly becoming speechless after listening to his words and she was regretting thinking wrong about him.

Then he started making her eat and she also fed him with her hands.

“Baby, I want to ask something and don’t dare to lie,” He warned her in a serious tone and she gave him a slight nod. “I have heard, first time hurts to girls, so is it hurting you?” He asked having a concern in his eyes and voice, and she became quiet for a moment because it was hurting her little but she wasn’t showing to him because she didn’t want to make her hubby worried.

“Sirf ittu sa.” She showed him with her fingers that it was hurting her very little. “Hubby, you know, I never thought that lovemaking would make me feel so good. Before I used to think we just do this for baby.” She giggled and he was just admiring his cute baby.

“Sidharth, if there was no condom, so I would get pregnant every year.” She laughed and he shook his head in disbelief.

“Baby, don’t act so smart, okay. I can see you’re trying to change the topic. We were discussing about your pain.” As he uttered, she made a sad pout because he always caught her. He said right, she really tried to distract her hubby by talking about something else but how could her caring hubby forget about her pain.

“Now keep quiet and let me make you feel better.” He placed his finger on her lips when she was about to say something. She meekly nodded her at him.

“I’m sure you must be feeling the pain more than you have told to me.” He assumed right and his words clearly showed how much he loved Sana and understood her.

After that, he placed his hand on her inner thigh and started rubbing her gently to soothe her pain. She clutched his shirt tightly in response and moaned closing her eyes. She felt so good and his touch was turning her on by taking away her all pain. He grasped her face with his free and pulled her face to himself. They both gazed into each other eyes deeply. He sealed her lips and kissed her, pouring his all love. She responded to him with equal flavour and moaned in his mouth. She was loving the way he was soothing her pain. She was feeling incredible and blessed to have such a caring husband.


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