(Part: 81 Surprise…) {Manan} Master And His Princess


Last night we slept in undergarments, feeling the touch of each other skin. After four days, we slept peacefully in each other arms. It was incredible. Finally, the bad days passed away and our love won at the end, and I’m certain our love will always win in future also. Until we’re alive, nothing can break our relationship.

In the morning, I woke up alone in bed. I felt a sudden urge to see him and feel him. I have become habitual of him. I sat up and picked up the phone from the side table to call him. I saw the notification of his message on the Lock Screen. I instantly unlocked the phone and opened the message.

My Professor: Good Morning, My Princess. I’m sorry that you have to wake up alone. I’m going to drop Saira and Lavanya at the Airport because they have an early morning flight.

Me: When you will be back?

I sent the message before removing the comforter and climbing down the bed. I picked up my top and jeans from the floor. I put on my clothes before again checking my phone. I saw his one message.

My Professor: You go home, we’ll meet in the evening. I have important work.

Me: I miss you, Master.

My Professor: I miss you more, Princess. I can’t wait to see you in the evening.

Me: Now I’ll punish you.

I smirked and sent him the message.

My Professor: I’m ready for the punishment because I deserve it. I hurt you a lot by hiding about Saira from you. I’m glad you forgive me.

Me: So it’s done, today Princess will punish her master.

My Professor: Yes, I’m excited.

Me: Tonight you have to follow my orders.

My Professor: I’m ready to follow every order of my Princess.

My lips drew up to a smile after reading his message.

Me: I love you.

My Professor: I love you more and take care.

I slid the phone into the pocket, smiling. Now I’m wondering how to punish my Master. I hastily comb my hair, standing in front of the mirror and hurried out.

I reached my home by a cab and had breakfast with Mom and Dad. I took a bath before calling Anu. I told her everything.

“I just can’t believe that Vikas committed suicide after doing all this. Okay, leave all this and tell me, did you forgive Manik?” She asked curiously.

“Yes. I know he hid such a big thing from me, but I still trust him, Anu. He only loves me. Don’t you think, he deserves a second chance?” I asked her.

“Yeh, of course, he deserves a second chance. You know I was shocked when you told me that he has a daughter.”

“It was shocking for me also, but now I have accepted the truth.”

We talked for some time. She told me that we have final exams next week. I became anxious because I haven’t studied anything this semester. I asked her to send me the syllabus and date-sheet of exams.

Now I’m sitting on the chair in front of the study table, holding my head because I’m not understanding from where to start. Books are scattered on my table.

I was so lost in my romantic life that I utterly forgot about exams.

First I made a rough time table and finally started studying. I asked Mom to bring my lunch to my room only.

I’m roaming across the room, reading the notes from the book. As my phone rang up, I picked it up from the table and ‘My Professor’ is flashing on my phone’s screen. I glanced at the time, it’s six O’clock. I recalled that we had decided to meet in the evening.

I took a deep breath before placing the phone over my ear. “Hello.” I answered the call.

“Oh, Madam, where are you? I have reached the farmhouse. Aren’t you coming?” He asked and I pouted sadly.

I replied, “I’m not coming.”

“What? Why? What about my Punishment?” He freaked out.

“I have final exams next week, Manik.” I told him.

“So what?”

“I haven’t studied anything, Manik. I’m so tensed. Now I have to study day and night to pass the exams. I’m sorry, I can’t come today.” I apologised.

“It’s fine and don’t take tension. I’m sure you will pass the exams with flying colours.” As he said, I smiled faintly.

“I hope so. Now, bye, I have to study and I’ll punish you after my exams.” I smiled broadly.

“Take care.” I discontinued the call. I took a deep breath and again started studying.

“Nandu, I’m going to market. Lock the door.” Mom yelled from outside after a few minutes.

“Okay, Mumma.” I answered her. I stood up and hurried out of my room to lock the door.

I came back to the room and as I sat on the chair, the doorbell rang.

“Now who came?” I annoyingly muttered to myself before again standing up and walking out of the room.

I unlocked the door and opened it with an angry pout. My eyes widened in amazement and my anger vanished away in an instant as I saw Manik, standing out of the room. His sexy lips are curved to an attractive smile.

“Surprise, Princess.” He whooped and I hugged him by throwing my arms around his neck and standing on my toes. He firmly wrapped his warm arms around me. I forgot about my all tension of exams after coming into his arms. This is the magic of him.

We pulled apart after a minute. “I really love the surprise.” I smiled at him with glee.

“Now would you invite me inside or not?” He asked by raising his brows.

“Of course.” I stood on the side, holding the door and he stepped inside.

I closed the door and he asked, “where are Mom and Dad?”

“Mom has gone to market and Dad is at the coaching centre.” I told him.

He suddenly snaked his arm around my waist and yanked me to himself. “So we’re alone. That’s great.” He smirked and gently tucked few hair strands behind my ear.

“But I have to study.” I pushed him away and dashed to my room. He followed me. I sat on the chair and opened the book.

“You have been studying since morning, take some break, Princess.” He strolled to my desk.

“Manik, I don’t have time to take a break also. I have to study so much.” I’m anxiously flipping the pages of the book.

As he closed the book, I glared at him. “Your Master is ordering you to take the break.” He said in a stern tone.

“Manik,” he shushed me by placing his finger on my lips and we gazed into each other eyes deeply.

He leaned down by grasping the armrests. “A quick make out will release your all stress and then you can study properly.” He said huskily, moving closer to my lips. Our proximity is driving me crazy.

“Great Idea,” and this time he shushed me with his lips.

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 81 Surprise…) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Awww manik is soo cute and sweet he is ready to bare any punishment nandu gives him bcoz he knows he did wrong and he realises that its a big thing that nandu has forgived him and now he is ready to bare any punishment she gives like a obedient boyfriend…
    Hehe asa he hota hai jab aab khushi nahi hou aur achanak koi bure cheez hou jaye like EXAMS isne nandu ke sare khushiya chin li…
    But like always manik gets what he wants so he cane at her place bcoz she refused to go at his place hehe…

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