(Part: 111 TWO BODY ONE SOUL) Mine (Sidnaaz)

This story is very unique and special for me and I never want to end this unique story where Sana is so innocent. Many people asked me to make Sana mature, I can make her a little mature but not completely because then the story uniqueness will be gone which I don’t want.


The next morning Sana woke like a small baby rubbing her eyes when Sidharth was gazing at his baby resting his head on his hand, having so much love in his eyes. He sided her hair which was coming on her forehead and kissed her forehead lovingly.

“Good Morning, my tiny baby.” He wished her and she smiled at him merrily. Without saying anything, she just hugged him hiding her face in his chest. He hugged her back, having a beatific smile on his face.

“Hubby, can’t we make love now?” Sana asked excitedly after breaking the hug as like she was asking him to watch a movie.

“So desperate to get tired again.” He said after coming over her, straddling her. She cutely nodded her head at him and he shook his head in disbelief, seeing her cuteness.

“Hubby, you promised to make love with me last night but you made me sleep.” She complained like it was Sidharth fault that she slept last night.

But she was somewhere right too because Sidharth was the only one who made her tired. That’s why she slept before their lovemaking.

“I think, it was your plan so that our first night should postpone for one more day.” She said, having anger in her small eyes and dilated her nose in anger. After completing her words, she made a cute angry pout.

But her words made him crazy. “You don’t even know, baby, how desperate I am to make love with you. Last night I couldn’t able to sleep and you are saying that it was my plan” he said angrily looking at her.

“Then prove it by making love with me now that you are also desperate like me.” She challenged him.

“Now hubby you have to make love with me. Wow, Sana, kitne smart hai rey tu.” She thought looking at him having a naughty smile on her face.

“Okay.” saying this, he captured her lips and started kissing her hungrily. She responded to him with equal flavour moving her hands in his hair. While kissing her, his hands started going down rubbing her soft body. Like always his hand was doing magic in in inner thigh. He was rubbing her inner thigh vigorously and she was moaning in his mouth. After making her breathless, he broke the kiss and looked at her, having so much love in his eyes while she was trying to catch her breath back.

“Finally I will make you mine.” He whispered after clasping her face while his thumb was caressing her face, she happily smiled.

When he was about to get up from bed to remove his clothes and Sana stopped him by holding his shirt. “Hubby, where are you going?” She asked.

“Baby to remove my clothes.” He replied to her and pecked her lips.

“I will also remove your clothes like you always remove mine.” She said like a small baby, she wanted to do everything that her hubby used to do.

He nodded his head positively. “Hubby, hands up,” she commanded after holding the hem of his shirt. Sidharth smiled at her, raising his hands. She cutely started removing his shirt while giggling and he helped his little baby.

She started opening the button of his jeans and this all was turning him on. Then her small hands were pulling his jeans down his legs. She was now removing his boxer. Like always she giggled seeing his junior which became hard like a rock. He moaned closing his eyes when she touched his junior, having a smile on her face. She started rubbing it looking at him, she was enjoying it a lot while giving pleasure to her hubby.

“Now, it’s time to mark you mine.” He said after pinning her both hands against the mattress and she grinned showing him her teeth.

“Now where are you going?” She asked when Sidharth left her hands and he was to stand up.

“Baby, I don’t want to make you pregnant so soon. So going to bring a condom.” As he told her, she made an O mouth.

“Hubby, could I ask you one question?” she said cutely showing her one finger.

“Baby, you are saying as like I say no, then you will not ask. Go ahead and ask as many questions you want to ask.” He said and she giggled, putting her hand on her mouth.

“Hubby, you became so smart.” She praised him gleefully and Sidharth was just smiling at her.

“Hubby, I have seen so many ads on tv. Why condom comes in so many flavours like chocolate, strawberries, I am so confused what’s the need for flavours?” She asked confusingly, looking at him.

“How she always came up with these types of questions?” He wondered and shook his head in disbelief.

“Baby, like I suck your inner thigh, like this girls, also suck their husband junior, that’s why flavour came in condom.” He sighed because finally, he answered her question.

“What, really? Hubby, I can’t do this”She freaked out looking at his junior. “Hubby I can rub this but I can’t suck it, sorry hubby.” She apologised cutely and Sidharth was just smiling at her.

“Baby, don’t be sorry. It’s your choice, if you want, you can do this.” He said after cupping her face and she smiled with relief.

“Hubby, why are so loving and caring?” She asked unbelievably looking at him.

“Because you are my pyaara bacha.” He said and started kissing all over her face.

“Hubby, is it hurt?” She asked suddenly and he gave her confused looks.

“What,” he asked confusingly.

“Condom.” She replied and now he made O mouth.

“No my caring baby “he replied and smiled.

“Hubby, vese my favourite flavour is chocolate, if near future you want me to do that, so bring that flavour.” She giggled by placing her hand on her face. He was just admiring her having a smile on his face.

“Hubby, how the condom look like? How will you wear it?” Sidharth opened her eyes wide as she was all ready with her questionnaire.

“Baby, see everything practically. I am bringing the condom.” He went to bring the condom and she was looking at him excitedly when he was taking out the packet of condom from the drawer.

When he was wearing the condom, she was constantly asking so many questions from him which made him crazy. He came over her after wearing the condom and pleaded, “Baby, could you please ask your questions after our make out.”

“Okay, vese bhi I can’t wait more.” She said excitedly and he kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response and shivered as he placed his junior over her inner thigh. He stroked his junior there and this was turning her on. Her core was throbbing for him. She was dying to feel him inside her.

“Finally I will make you mine and we will complete each other.” He caressed her face with one hand and she smiled looking at him.

Then he captured her lips because he couldn’t hear her screams. He entwined his hands with her and pinned them against the mattress. He started entering into her slowly while kissing her lips lovingly. Sana was feeling pain but his kiss was distracting her. He entered into her completely and few drops of tear rolled down her eyes because of the pain and happiness of becoming one. He started moving inside her slowly kissing her lips lovingly. Sana was feeling pain but more than that she was feeling happy to feel him inside her. He took the speed and her pain was fading away and she started getting pleasure. Sidharth was also feeling so great as finally, he was marking her his. He deepened the kiss and accelerated the spend.

They both went to another world where there was only them and nobody else. They were getting immense pleasure. He broke the kiss attacked toward her neck and she started moaning. She was feeling so good and complete. They both exploded together after some time. He eased out of her and lay down beside her while breathing heavily. He took Sana in his protective arms and covered themselves with the duvet.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.” As he uttered, she glared at him angrily.

“Hubby, I felt so good. I never thought that this would make me feel so incredible. Oh god, I can’t even tell you what I am feeling right now.” She said merrily after hugging him tightly, her lips were curved into a blissful smile. He smiled contentedly, listening to her words.

“I love you, baby, thank you for giving yourself to me.” He sucked her lips lovingly after confessing his love.

“I love you more.” She confessed and he again took her in his arms. Finally, they completed each other and became two body, one soul.

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