(Part: 110 Love is in the Care) Mine (Manan)


“Oh god, what is happening to me? If she is ready for it, then why just can’t I do it?” Manik asked from himself annoyingly after coming to the balcony leaving Nandini alone in the room.

“Because she was screaming in pain and you can’t see her in tears.” His heart replied and his lips drew down in sadness as he recalled that how she screamed when he entered his finger inside her. This was happening because he was overprotective and couldn’t bear a single tear in his baby’s eyes. He loved her truly and dying to make her his but the problem was that he couldn’t bear a single tear in her eyes because, for him, she was his small baby whom he didn’t want to hurt her in any manner. For him hurting her was like hurting his heart and soul.

Nandini also strolled into the balcony, wrapping her body with a white duvet. She made a sad pout at her hubby, he was standing facing his back to her.

“Hubby.” She called him, wrapping her arms around him from behind and placed her head on his back. Manik closed his eyes in response as he felt her touch. “Hubby, I understand you, my screams hurt you but believe me it didn’t hurt me.” As she uttered, Manik opened his eyes and turned toward her after removing her hands. She was looking at him with a sad pout like a small baby.

“Baby, you don’t have to lie. I know it hurt you, therefore you screamed.” He cooed after clasping her face and caressed her cheek with his thumbs, gazing at her having so much love in his eyes. She nodded her head negatively because she was scared that if Manik comes to know that it hurt her then he will never proceed further. That’s why she was not ready to accept that it hurt her.

She suddenly spoke. “Hubby, I have an idea for my screams.” Manik looked at her confusingly and waited to listen to her idea. “You can tie up my mouth and then I won’t be able to scream and your problem will be solved.” She told him gleefully about her idea. He looked at her in disbelief, having pain in his eyes.

“I will never tie up your mouth, baby.” As he disagreed, her smile faded.

“Baby, I know you are ready and I am also ready. Even I tried to proceed further but I just can’t see tears in your eyes. I know it hurt you and you will not accept because you baldy want me to proceed further. I am not understanding anything that how should I do this.” He said helplessly, looking at her and tears trickled down his eyes because he wanted to proceed further but he was not understanding how to see tears in her eyes and listen to her screams. Manik never ever lusted her body, he always loved her heart and pure soul more than her body.

Her heart was aching after seeing tears in her hubby’s eyes. “Hubby, it’s okay. I am not forcing you for anything. When you get ready then only we will make love but please, don’t be sad.” She hurriedly wiped his tears and spoke after hugging him tightly by wrapping her arms around his neck and hiding her face in his chest. He hugged her back and few more tears trickled down his cheeks. They both couldn’t bear tears in each other eyes because they loved each other truly. Their love was pure like a crystal.

“I have to do something, so that hubby will forget about every problem.” She thought and her small and innocent mind started doing his work. A smile flashed on her face as a great idea came into her mind. They broke the hug after a few minutes. He scooped her into his arms and strolled back to the room silently. He was feeling guilty that why he couldn’t able to proceed further.

“Hubby, I was thinking about Raj.” As Manik put her on bed and Nandini deliberately talked about Raj to make him jealous because she knew, his jealousy will certainly make him forget everything. He widened his eyes in shock as she talked about Raj. Again the scene of Nandini touching Raj’s shoulder came into his mind. Seeing his facial expression, her heart jumped with joy.

“Raj was such a nice person, I was loving his company a lot. Manik I am thinking why not I should make him.. ” she continued her acting perfectly and he was burning in jealousy. Next moment he came above her and pinned her hands against the mattress and shushed her with his dangerous looks.

“You want to spend time with him, not me?” He asked dangerously looking at her. First, she nodded her head negatively, forgetting about her acting and then she instantly nodded positively, remembering about her acting. “Stupid girl.” She mentally scolded herself.

Suddenly he burst into laughter and she narrowed her brows bemusedly, wondering, “what happened to hubby, why suddenly he started laughing?” He was constantly laughing.

“Mrs Nandini Malhotra, you are becoming smarter day by day and I appreciate this but remember one thing that you can’t make your hubby fool by your acting. Suddenly talking about Raj to make me jealous, it was a very good plan but you can’t fool your hubby because he knows each and everything about his baby.” He stated in attitude and smiled after completing his words. He was feeling happy like a baby because he didn’t get fooled by his baby.

She made a sad pout because she couldn’t make her hubby a fool. “Hubby, I thought you seriously became jealous but you caught me.” She uttered sadly like a small baby while Manik pulled her cheeks because he found her super cute like always.

“But there is good news for you.” As he said, her eyes glinted with excitement and her lips curved to a smile. He just pecked her lips after seeing her smile.

“Hubby, good news, tell me fast.” She asked excitedly, clapping her hands.

“I have got an idea. Now I don’t have to listen to your screams which was stopping me from proceeding further.” Manik happily told her. She excitedly jumped on him and hugged him tightly.

“This time I won’t stop until making you, mine baby.” He promised to himself and kissed her hair.

“But what is the idea, hubby?” She asked after breaking the hug, he was just smiling at her.

“The idea is,” in one go, he removed the blanket which was wrapped around her body. He was creating the suspense.

“Hubby, tell me the idea.” She asked again when Manik was busy admiring her beautiful body.

“Hubby, please bato na,” she requested, pulling him toward herself by holding his sherwani.

“The idea is,” he was moving closer to her lips while she was looking at him with excitement.

He captured her lips and started kissing them lovingly and she also responded to him with equal flavour by clutching his sherwani tightly forgetting about everything. He was gliding his hand down her body. She was moaning in his mouth because his hands were rubbing her inner thigh. While kissing her only he eased his finger into her slowly and this time she didn’t scream because he was kissing her lips. This was the only idea of him, by doing this his problem solved.

She was feeling less pain because the kiss was distracting her. He pushed his finger into her deeper and then stopped for a moment and let her adjust his finger. Slowly he started moving his finger into her and she felt like the pain was fading into pleasure.

“Do you like it, baby?” He asked after breaking the kiss because he wanted to listen to her moans.

“Hubby.. aaha..” she tried to tell him that how much she was liking this but she moaned loudly when he entered his another finger into her. She was moving her legs under him and moaning in extreme pleasure clutching the bedsheet. Her legs shook and soon she exploded, screaming loudly on his finger which was inside her. He took his both finger out and she squeezed her both legs together and her eyes, she was trying to catch her breath back.

He kissed her forehead and she opened her eyes. “Hope I haven’t hurt you?” He asked lovingly, tucking her hair at the back of her ear which were coming on her face.

“You didn’t and you will never hurt me.” she nodded her head cutely having a smile on her face and then replied looking at him confidently which show how much she trusted her hubby.

“I felt so good, hubby. Why did you wait for such a long time for this?” She asked cutely, forcing her eyes to remain open because she was feeling sleepy because fingering made her tired but she wanted him to make love.

“Hubby, make love with me, please.” She requested in a sleepy tone because she wanted to spend the night with him.

He said after clasping her face after lying beside her.

“Baby, tomorrow. I know you are feeling sleepy.” He pulled her in his arms. He was fully hard after listening to her moans, he was aroused and his junior was dying to come inside her but seeing her sleepy baby, he was sure that he has to postpone his plan till tomorrow.

“Hubby, but I want you to make love.” She said when Manik hid her in his arms.

“We have waited for so long, ek din aur shi and now just sleep okay.” He said, caressing her hair. He smiled when he didn’t get her reply and he immediately understood that she fell asleep.

“Finally tomorrow, I will make you mine.” He kissed her hair and held her comfortably in his arms and closing his eyes, he also tried to sleep.

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Few words for Manik love, isn’t he the goal?

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