(Part: 109 My Baby’s punishment) Mine (Sidnaaz)


As soon as Sidnaaz stepped into the room, he gave a shock to Sana by pinning her both hands against the wall above her head, he was kissing her dominantly and crazily as like he was dying to kiss her. The flashes of how she was touching Raj’s shoulder was coming into his mind and he was kissing her deeply and wildly. Sana felt irritated because she also wanted to kiss and touch him, she was trying to take out her hands from his hands but couldn’t.

“Maybe this is my punishment, I remember before also he kissed me like this saying that this is my punishment.” Sana wondered and stopped struggling because she accepted her punishment but little did she knew that it was just the beginning of her punishment. Sidharth had planned a lot for her.

After a minute only, she also started to enjoy his dominant kiss. His kiss was turning her on, the punishment became her pleasure. He held her both hands with one hand and his other hand rubbed her bare stomach, she shivered with his touch and felt so good. Sidharth was also enjoying a lot touching her milky and soft skin while kissing her deeply and crazily, then his hands started moving on her bareback. Leaving her lips, he looked at her and smiled knowing that she was enjoying her punishment.

She opened her eyes as he asked, ” so my baby is enjoying her punishment?” She cutely nodded her head, having a small smile on her face.

“It’s just the starting of your punishment, baby, there is more to come.” He brushed her lips with his thumb, moving close to her and she looked at him excitedly.

“I am excited,” she said merrily and Sidharth was shocked seeing that she was excited about her punishment. Sidharth shook his head in disbelief, looking at her while she was looking at him having a cute smile on her face.

“So let’s first undress you.” He removed her dupatta of her lengha and threw it in the corner of the room.

“You have doubled your punishment.” She narrowed her brows bemusedly, wondering why he doubled her punishment.

“For hurting my baby by wearing this long earring and this heavy lehenga.” He said in a possessive tone looking at her. He couldn’t even see her in a heavy dress and long earrings because he loved her a lot.

“Okay, from next time, I will wear everything after asking you.” She meekly nodded her head and Sidharth was just smiling at her. “Hubby, now please undress me fast, I can’t wait for more.” She said excitedly and her words showed, how desperate his baby was to get her punishment and make love with him.

“My desperate baby, I’m at your service.” He said bowing his head down in front of her and she smiled at him.

“So let’s start with your earrings first.” He whispered huskily, moving close to her face and then he removed the earrings from her ear slowly touching her neck. He kissed her ear lovingly as it became red because of wearing long earrings. He kissed her both ears lovingly to soothe her pain and she closed her eyes enjoying his touch.

“Please baby, no long and heavy earrings from now, I can’t see you in little pain even.” He requested like a cute baby, looking at her and listening to his words she opened her eyes and looked at him happily because his words were clearly showing that how much he cared for her.

“Aww hubby, I love you a lot, you always make me fall for you more and more. Promise, I will never wear long earrings, just for you.” She clasped his face. They were gazing into each other eyes, having so much love in their eyes. Usually, girls used to fight when their husbands ask them to don’t wear this and that but Sana was different, she ready to do anything for her hubby because she knew that whatever his hubby does, he does for her betterment, he never thinks about himself, he always think about her.

He gently kissed her forehead after cupping her face and she closed her eyes in response. “This I need the most, today.” He said, removing the dupatta of her Lehenga and Sana looked at him confusingly because she didn’t understand that why he needs dupatta. He smirked at her after putting the dupatta on the bed and she was looking at him innocently.

“Are you going to tie me?” She suddenly asked, making Sidharth shocked because she understood that what he was going to do.

“My baby is becoming so smart day by day.” As he praised her, she smiled adorably.

“Are we going to play the game which we played before, we tied and blindfolded each other and guessed the things?” She asked, her eyes shimmering with excitement.

“Hubby, why you want to play the game now, I want you to make love with me and you are playing the game.” She said disappointedly thinking wrong. She was behaving like a small baby when her mother gave her toffee when she wanted chocolate.

Sidharth was waiting to explain to her because she wasn’t letting him speak. “Baby, who said we are going to play the game, we are not going to play any games,” he told her after clasping her face.

“Then why you will tie me with this?” She asked innocently pointing at her dupatta.

“Do you forget about your punishment?” He reminded her about her punishment and she bit her lower lip.

“Oh, I forgot, hehe.” She laughed cutely and Sidharth got lost in her cuteness like always.

“Why my baby is so cute?” He asked this question a million times because she never got tired of showing her cuteness to him.

“Only for you.” She replied by wrapping her arms around his neck and they both looked into each other eyes lovingly.

“Now, let’s just free you from this heavy lehenga.” He removed her lehenga and picked her in his arms. He laid her on the bed. She was looking super excited. After sucking her lips, he was tying her hands together with the dupatta, looking at her having a smirk on his face. Then he tied the dupatta with a bedpost. “Hope it’s not hurting you.” He asked as always being a caring hubby. She cutely nodded her head negatively immediately and he kissed her forehead after smiling at her.

Then he started loving her upper naked body and she was moaning and enjoying her punishment, she was stretching her arms. Then he moved down and with his teeth, he pulled down her last piece of cloth from her body and his eyes were looking at her. He moved his hand in between her thigh and she felt so good. Then he started rubbing her inner thigh vigorously and started kissing her milky white thighs, Sana started moaning and she was going crazy as she wanted to touch him. “Hubby please.” She was just saying this and he was enjoying punishing his baby and when she was about to cum, he removed his hands from there, leaving her irritated.

“Hubby, please.” Sana requested to him when he moved closer to her face.

“What, please, baby?” He asked siding her hair lovingly which were coming in her eyes and he tucked them behind her ear.

“Please, make me cum and open my hands.” She told him instantly what she wanted and he smirked at her.

“You have to choose one thing from this, so tell me you want me to make you cum or open your hands?” He asked naughtily and she looked at him innocently.

“Hubby,” she called him annoyingly like a small baby who was confused about what she should choose.

“Choice is your baby.” He pecked her lips and his hands were playing with her twins and she was so confused because she badly wanted to cum and also wanted to touch him with her hands.

“Open my hands.” She acted smartly because she knew that he would make her cum. After all, today they had planned to make love.

“Good choice, baby, you are becoming so smart.” He opened her hands and she smiled at him. Suddenly she started kissing his lips hungrily after clasping his face like a wild cat, he widened his eyes in shock. He let her kiss his lips in her own way while his hands were doing his magic on her body.

“Hubby, please now make love with me.” She requested after breaking the kiss and he smiled, seeing her desperation.

“Okay, my baby.” He kissed her forehead. “But for that, I need to prepare you.” He said while his fingers were playing with her hair.

“Then prepare me fast.” She said again, getting desperate and he chuckled.

“Baby, please if you feel like that you can’t take it then just tell me, okay. I really don’t want to hurt you.” He said again coming into his real avatar, he again became her over caring hubby.

“Okay, hubby bubby.” She said, smiling gleefully, but inside she knew, it would hurt her. He didn’t know that his baby has made herself ready for the pain and pleasure both. His baby just wanted him to make love with her, even her hubby wanted the same but he was still a bit scared. His fear would leave him only after making love with her.

“Okay so just look into my eyes, we are going to proceed further.” He instructed her but she was confused.

“Hubby, but how you gonna make love with me, you are still in your clothes.” She asked confusingly.

“Baby, first, I am preparing you for the real lovemaking process.” He told her and she made O shape mouth.

“And how gonna you prepare me?” She immediately asked.

How could be this possible that she would let Sidharth do anything before her questions?

“Baby, you will come to know, now just make yourself ready.” He said after clasping her face.

“I’m ready, hubby.” She replied by nodding her head. He kissed her forehead and went down, kissing from her neck to waist. He opened her legs and his eyes were just looking at his baby, having so much love in them and she was looking at him excitedly. She closed her eyes when he started kissing her inner thigh while his hands were moving on her soft thigh. After that, he started moving his hands in between her thigh to make her ready for the next step.

“Baby, are you ready?” He asked before easing his one finger into her.

“Hubby, please do it, I am ready.” She replied immediately. Sana held the bedsheet tightly when he started penetrating his finger into her slowly.

“Baby, are you fine?” He asked just after a second.

“Hubby, I am okay, just do it fast.” She replied to him with difficulty, she was feeling pain and she already knew that she has to.

She started screaming loudly in pain when he started entering his finger into her, listening to her painful screams, he took his finger out from her and felt wretched as he saw tears in her eyes.

“Baby, I am sorry to hurt you.” He apologised guiltily after clasping her face and she opened her eyes listening to his words.

“Hubby, please continue, you didn’t hurt me, I am ready for it.” She reassured him after clasping his face and he was looking at her dejectedly.

“I am sorry, I just can’t do this.” He uttered in a sad tone and went to the balcony. He wanted to proceed further badly but he couldn’t listen to her painful screams and also couldn’t see tears in her eyes. Sana was sitting sadly, she wasn’t understanding, how to explain to him that she is ready.

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