(Part: 80 I missed You) {Manan} Master And His Princess


Nandini’s P.O.V.

“Manik, I think I shall leave now, Saira needs you.” I want to stay with him, but I have to go because for now, Saira needs her father. The poor soul suffered a lot.

He clasped my hand. “But I want you to stay with me, Princess. I need you.” He said, rubbing my knuckles with his thumb.

I asked him. “What will you say to Saira about me?” He became thoughtful and worried.

“I’m coming to your father’s house by cab, you go with Saira. I’m with you always. I think you shouldn’t tell her about me because she is small to understand this. When Saira grows up, then you can tell her about me.”

“You’re right. Thank you for always understanding me.” He kissed my hand and I smiled at him. “See you at home.”

He turned and strolled towards his car where Saira is sitting with her mother. I wish I was Saira’s mother.

After that, I booked a cab. The car arrived within a few minutes. I settled in the car and received a message from Manik after a few minutes.

My Professor: I reached home. Call me when you reach.

Me: Okay. How’s Saira now?

My Professor: She’s better now and sleeping. Today I just can’t wait to sleep with my Princess after so many days.

Me: Even I’m dying to sleep in your arms. See you soon.

He sent the heart emoji and a smile flashed on my face.

I reached Malhotra’s Mansion. A maid took me to a room.

“I’m coming after calling Manik sir.” Maid walked out of the room after leaving me in the room.

I stood at the window and gazed at the full moon. After a few minutes, Manik stepped into the room, I looked at him over my shoulder. He locked the door and strolled towards me, smiling at me. He snaked his arms around my waist and placed his chin over my shoulder. It felt incredible to feel his arms around me after few days. I closed my eyes and placed my hands over his hands, enjoying his presence. It is so soothing and peaceful. He’s rubbing his stubble over my cheek. I really missed him, his touch, his presence, his fragrance, his warm breath touching my face, I missed each and everything about him.

He broke the silence. “I really missed you, it was really a punishment for me, but I deserved it. You have a big heart that you forgave me soon.”

I turned towards him and clasped his face. “Yes, I have a big heart, but I forgave you because I love you. I can’t live without you. I tried to stay away from you, but it was so difficult. I missed you a lot, Manik. Please, now never hide anything from me.” I requested, gazing into his deeply.

“Never, Princess.” He shook his head. I suddenly captured his lips, I was dying to taste them. Oh God, I felt incredible. As our lips met, the electricity of profound desire rushed down my whole body. He grasped my waist and kissed me widely and deeply after pinning me against the window.

He broke the kiss for a few seconds to say, “I miss you so much, Princess. Your lips are so delicious.” He uttered, breathing heavily.

“I,” before I could say something, he again sealed my lips and shut my mouth.

Now I’m kissing him, grasping his hair and he is roaming his hands all over my body, driving me crazy with his touch. I’m enjoying it a lot. We’re kissing each other passionately and hungrily like we had been craving to taste each other lips since ages. I’m really feeling like I’m getting my breath back after the kiss. I’m feeling alive again.

We’re panting after the kiss. He rested his forehead over mine. My heart is racing and my eyes are still closed.

“Now I’m feeling a bit better.” As he uttered, I opened my eyes.

“I’m glad to know this, Master.” I winked at him after calling him Master and his lips drew up to a broad smile.

“I really missed a lot listening Master from your mouth.” He is gleefully smiling at me. I felt incredible after seeing his smile. His smile is precious for me and it gives immense peace to my heart and soul.

“And I missed my Master.” I clasped his face and sucked his lips lovingly. We beamed at each other.

“I love you, Princess.” I confessed lovingly.

“I love you more.” I replied to him and we got lost in each other eyes.

His phone rang up and it startled us. He took out the phone from his pocket.

“It’s Inspector call.” He told me after glancing at the caller Id. “Maybe they are calling me to tell about the kidnappers.” He assumed.

“You talk to him, I’m going to the washroom.” I said to him.

He nodded and answered the call after placing the phone over his ear. “Hello.”

I stepped out of the washroom and found him sitting on the edge of the bed, his eyes musing on the wall. I ambled to him and sat beside him.

“What did Inspector tell?” As I asked, he looked at me by turning his face toward me.

“He told me everything. You know who kidnapped Saira.”

I shook my head and asked, “who?”

“Vikas’s sister.” He told me.

“But why?” I asked in shock. I didn’t expect this.

“She told the police that Vikas asked her to do this because he wanted to take revenge from us for sending him to prison. His plan was so separate us.” As he told me, I fumed in anger.

“I won’t leave that Vikas, first he tried to rape me and now he tried to separate us by kidnapping Saira.” He growled after clutching my fist.

“My reaction was also this, but we can’t do anything now.” He said dejectedly.

“Why?” I instantly asked him.

“Because he committed suicide in the jail.” He told me and I widened my eyes in shock.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Finally manan ek sath aa gaye finally there wait is over to be with each other and love each other like they used to before whole saira thing happened…
    Manik is really grateful that nandu forgived him and is back to him bcoz she is his everything and he can’t live without her…
    Aab yeh vikas to kya hou gaya why is he taking revenge for the thing he dis wrong with nandu pagal insaan but alas manan can’t punish him as he committed suicide…

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