(Part: 108 My baby Deserves Punishment) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Excuse me, I want to take my wife with me.” Sidharth said by holding Sana’s arm, he was angry but still, he didn’t hold her arm tightly. In anger also, he cared about her because his love for her was true and he never wanted to hurt her.

“She is all yours, buddy.” Raj said and Sidharth took Sana with him. Sana was happy because her plan was succeeding, but before it gets fully successful, she had to face Sidharth’s anger. Sidharth dragged her to the corner of the party hall where no one was present.

“Have you lost your mind, Sana? What you were doing with Raj? Do you even know, who is he and how is he? Why you always behave so stupid?” He burst out all his anger on his baby and Now Sana felt bad listening to his words. “Speak up, what you were doing with him ?” He again shouted at her when she didn’t give any reply to him, she flinched.

“I just wanted to make you jealous.” She replied to him and he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“What do you mean?” He immediately asked.

“I mean, I want to put you in my shoes.” Her words were making him more and more confused.

“Tell me everything clearly, Sana.” He asked sternly.

“When you were talking to Sneha, I felt very bad, therefore I used Raj to make you jealous so that I can ask you to stay away from Sneha.” She innocently told him everything and Sidharth closed his eyes. He had no clue that she was getting jealous of Sneha.

“Seriously, baby, this is the only reason?” He asked in disbelief and she nodded her head innocently looking at him.

He clasped her face. “Baby, Sneha is just an old friend of Mukti, she is nothing for me and you are my love, my smally, my cute baby, my world.” He was explaining her, gazing into her eyes having so much love in his eyes. His words were clearly showing that what was Sana for him.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t do this, I made you angry.” She apologised sadly because she couldn’t bear her hubby’s anger. She hated his anger a lot, his anger made her sad always.

“I can understand, baby. There was no fault of you in this. I don’t know why I didn’t get to know that Sneha was making you jealous. I promise you, I won’t talk to Sneha.” He promised her and pecked her forehead, she was amazed seeing Sidharth love for her. “Do you want this, right ?” He asked and she nodded her head negatively making him confused.

“I wanted this before but not now because now I know, you are only mine. No one can take my place in your life.” She said confidently and Sidharth was impressed and happy listening to her words.

He murmured, “I love you.” He kissed her forehead lovingly and pulled her into his arms. For few minutes, they both got lost in each other arms, forgetting that they were in the engagement hall.

“But, you still deserve punishment.” He smirked at her after breaking the hug and she looked at him making a sad pout.

“Why hubby?” She instantly asked.

“Because you talked to the stranger and even you touched him with your hands,” he held her hands, “the hands which should touch me only, the soft hands of yours, which are made to touch my body,” he was rubbing her soft hands, gazing at her fondly, “just to make me jealous, you shared the beautiful touch of your hands with other person and also share your beautiful laughs with him, this is your mistake.” Now he grasped her arms. He just wanted to punish her for the fun before because he loved to tease his baby but he became a little angry when the flashes of Sana touching Raj’s shoulder came into his mind.

“I am sorry, hub..” before she could complete her words, he shushed her by placing his finger on her lips and she looked at him sadly.

He held her face. “You deserve punishment, baby, so that you can never try to do this again because everyone is not good in this world, they can be like Aman. I cared for you baby.” She looked down because she was guilty of her act. His words were clearly showing that what she was for him and how precious she was for him.

“You are right, I did wrong and I deserve punishment, so tell me my punishment.” She moved her eyes at him and asked, accepting her mistake and he again smirked, wondering about her punishment which he had planned for her.

“After the engagement, you will come to know about your punishment.” He wanted to keep her punishment secret because he wanted to keep her excited.

“Okay, but I hope you are not again thinking to delay our plan of first lovemaking?” She asked in a stern tone.

“No, tonight I will make you mine, baby officially, you don’t know, how badly I need you. Just hope everything goes well and perfect.” He was stroking her cheeks with his thumbs, a bit worried.

“Hubby, everything will be perfect and beautiful, just trust our love, you will never hurt me, everyone does this. Okay tell me, Are we the first one who will do this?” She asked and he nodded his head negatively. She didn’t know, Sidharth was worried for her because she was his baby, whom he never wanted to hurt.

“So why are you overthinking about this, hubby tumhri baby dekhti choti hai but she is strong.” She said cutely and brought a smile on his face.

“I love you, baby.” He pecked her lips.

She smiled gleefully. “I love you more, hubby.”

“Where were you both? I mean, even in the engagement of your siblings, you both were busy in your romance.” Arnav said after strolling to them when they came back to the party hall. Listening to Arnav words, Sidharth glared at him in anger.

“Why today both of my jiju is after our Romance? Are bhai humhre romance ko naraj lgagne ka irada hai kya? I caught Abhi jiju and Mukti doing kiss openly, did I say anything? I saw you romancing with Khushi when everyone was present in the class, did I say anything to you? Why everybody is after our romance and for your kind information, Jiju, we were not busy in romance, we were having an important conversation, not romance.” She told him angrily. Arnav and Sidharth, both were staring at Sana, opening their eyes widely in shock because for the first time they had seen Sana shouting like this. First Sidharth looked at Sana proudly as the way he made Arnav quiet, was epic. Then he looked at Arnav shocking face and started laughing to tease him.

“Sana, I am sorry if I hurt you with my words, I was just kidding, relax.” Arnav apologised, placing his hand on Sana’s shoulder when Sana was staring at him making an angry pout.

She burst into laughter and they both stared at her confusingly.

“Arnav jiju, relax because I was also kidding.” She told him, still laughing. Arnav and Sidharth glanced at each other disbelievingly because the way she shouted at him, it was looking so real. “How do you find my acting?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Seriously Sidharth, your wife should be an actor, what she is doing here, she is a superstar.” As Arnav said, they all laughed.

“Seriously Sana, you scared me, I thought you got hurt.” Arnav said and Sana chuckled listening to her words.

“In all this, I forgot to tell you both, I was finding you both because, Both the couples are almost ready to exchange their rings and they are just waiting for you both.” Arnav told and then they all ambled toward the stage.

“Finally.., our lela Majnu are here.” Khushi announced when they reached the stage. Everybody laughed.

“No, Khushi, please don’t call us Lela and Majnu, because there was a sad ending of their story, they got separated.” She said in a crying tone making everybody smile because they find her super cute.

“Aww Sana, I am sorry, I will never call you both lela Majnu.” Khushi pulled her cheeks and she smiled gleefully. After that First Cabir and Navya exchanged the rings then Abhi and Mukti exchanged the rings. Sana hugged both the couple happily.

“Now it’s dance time.” Khushi squealed and they all started dancing on stage with their partners and other people also joined them.

While dancing, Sidharth pulled Sana to himself by grasping her waist, she looked at him in surprise. Everyone was dancing, nobody noticed them.

“Baby, ready yourself for tonight, tonight is going to be full of surprises for you and don’t forget about the punishment.” He winked at her and listening to his words, she looked at him like an excited kid.

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