(Part: 107 Jealousy Game) Mine (Manan)

They both stepped into the party hall, holding each other hands and smiling at each other.

She saw Sneha, her new enemy walking toward her Hubby.

“Manik, I’m hungry, let’s go to the food stalls,” before Sneha could reach them, Nandini act smartly and took her hubby away from Sneha. Manik was not aware that his little baby was becoming possessive for him.

“So tell me, what my baby want to eat?” He asked her, smiling.

She answered, “momos,” she took her tongue out and licked her lower lip cutely like a small baby. Manik smiled like always as he saw her cute antics.

“But someone said to me that she would never eat momos and she hates Momos.” Manik said to tease her and she bit her lower lip as she remembered that she started hating Momos.

“Hubby, I was just kidding, how can I hate my first love? I want Momos now.” She grinned.

“Let’s go, today I’ll make you eat Momos with my own hands.” He clasped her hand and led her toward the Momos stall. Nandini was super happy, her lips were drawn up to a wide smile.

After taking Momos plate, they both sat somewhere. He was lovingly feeding her with his hand. Nandini was enjoying a lot, the first reason for her happiness was that she got her favourite Momos after a long time and secondly Manik was himself making her eat Momos.

“Thank you so much, hubby.” She hugged him gleefully and he was just smiling.

Then his eyes fell on one of his old friends.

“Baby, you eat Momos, I’m just coming.” Manik excused himself after getting up. She nodded her head and he went to meet him. She got lost in eating Momos. She was loving the taste of Momos more because she was eating them after such a long time.

“I want more Momos.” She murmured and stood after few minutes. She frowned as she found her hubby talking and laughing with Sneha. She clutched her hands, fuming in anger.

She was about to walk toward them but stopped herself. “No, I have to find a permanent solution for her. Sneha, my hubby is mine only. I won’t let you snatch my hubby from me.” She muttered, glaring at Sneha with an angry pout and her eyes filled with anger.

“Yes, I got an idea.” She squealed with joy and then looked around as she realised that she shouted loudly but luckily nobody had heard her shout.

“But for this, I have to find a hot man for me to make my hubby jealous.” She murmured, her eyes searching for a hot man. She smiled as she found Mukti talking to a boy.

“Hmm, he is looking nice.” She said and strolled toward him.

“Didu, won’t you introduce me to your friend?” She asked after placing her hand on Mukti’s shoulder from behind.

“Why not, sweetie?” Mukti said and Nandini smiled.

“Raj, she is my sweet bhabhi and Nandini, he is my old friend Raj.” Mukti introduced them to each other.

“Hello, miss beauty queen.” Raj held out his hand in front of her.

She shook her hand with him. “Thank you, Raj” Nandini thanked him, smiling.

“Excuse me, please, I need to go, somebody is calling me.” Somebody called Mukti and she went after leaving Nandini with Raj.

“Raj, aren’t you feeling hungry?” Nandini asked this suddenly from Raj and he nodded his head positively. She grinned. “So, won’t you eat with me?” She asked.

“Why not, it will be a pleasure to eat with you, Miss Nandini.” Raj replied politely and she smiled at him. Then they together ambled towards the food stalls. She was intentionally taking him to the food stall so that Manik should see her with Raj.

On the other hand, after Sneha left, Manik was looking for Nandini.

“She must be at Momos stall.” He thought and went to check her at Momos stall. He found her there only but he widened his eyes in surprise to find Nandini with Raj. Raj was also an old friend of Manik.

“What she is doing with Raj?” He wondered confusingly and strode toward them. As she saw him walking to them through the corner of her eyes, she started her overacting. She laughed loudly, patting his arm. She got successful in her plan, Manik was now fuming in anger seeing the love of his life with another man.

“Raj, hi.” Manik greeted him after reaching there.

“Manik, it’s good to see you after such a long time.” Raj hugged Manik and he made angry faces, hugging him. She chuckled as she saw Manik’s face. He glared at her in anger. She was just smiling at him mischievously.

“I must say, your wife is very sweet.” Raj said looking at his baby and his word add fuel to fire but Manik controlled his anger, clutching his fist and gave a fake smile to Raj. Nandini was feeling happy from the inside because her plan succeeded but she didn’t know, now she has to face the consequences because she has played with fire. Then Screen froze on Manik giving glares to Nandini.

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