(Part: 106) Mine (Manan)


It was the engagement day of Mukbhi and Cabya. In the evening everyone was getting ready. Guest started arriving, Manik was busy welcoming them. He was looking breathtakingly handsome in a black sherwani. Nandini was getting ready with Mukti, Navya and Khushi. She was wearing a beautiful black lengha with big black earrings.

“Wow, my sweetie, you are looking so beautiful.” Mukti pulled her cheeks and she smiled gleefully.

“Thank you, didu and all credit goes to you as you have designed the dress for me.” She hugged Mukti, having a beautiful smile on her face.

That time only Manik stepped into the room and his lips drew up to a smile as he saw her.

“Hubby, how am I looking?” He walked toward him and twirled to show her lehenga. Manik was literally dead seeing her because she was looking so pretty, the black dress and smile on her face was making her more beautiful. He became speechless seeing her beauty, he was not understanding, how to express her beauty in words.

“Hubby, tell me na, how I am looking?” She asked again when he didn’t reply. He remained still silent. Other girls laughed at Manik, who was utterly lost in Nandini.

“I think, we should leave this majnu with his lela alone for some time.” Khushi suggested to Mukti and Navya. They smiled at Manik and nodded their head. All three of them strolled out after last time staring at Majnu, having a smile on their face and closed the door.

“Hubby,” before Nandini could say something, Manik shushed her by placing his finger on her lips and gazed into her eyes fondly. She became quiet and got lost in his eyes. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breath became heavy as he yanked her to himself by grasping her bare waist.

He touched his face with her face. “Nothing in this world is more beautiful than you.” He whispered huskily.

“Could I have permission to spoil your lipstick, baby?” He asked rubbing her lower lip with his thumb, gazing into her eyes lovingly.

She giggled. “Hubby, you can spoil my lipstick with your kiss but please not my hair because I like my hairstyle a lot.” She told him cutely and Manik chuckled because at this moment also, she was thinking about her hairstyle.

“Okay, baba.” He smiled at her before capturing her lips with his hands by clasping her face. They both started kissing each other lovingly, he sucked her upper lip and she sucked his lower lip. She clutched his sherwani and moaned in his mouth when his hands started massaging her boobs. There was a knock on the door and they broke the kiss immediately moving away from each other.

“Manik, if you forgot let me remind you, today is your friend, sister and brother engagement, so continue your romance later and come out.” Nandini giggled as Abhi said from outside. Manik angrily marched toward the door and opened it. He was angry because first he disturbed their romance and now he was teasing them.

“Mr Abhimanyu Kapoor, let me remind you, you are marrying my sister, if I ask her to leave you, she will leave you. I am warning you.” Manik tried to make Abhi scared with his words and smirk looking at him wrapping his hands around his chest in attitude. Now Abhi was looking at him like a bheegi belli ( scaredy cat).

“Manik, you are my best friend, you know right how much I love Mukti. You stay in this room with Nandini and don’t worry about the engagement, we can postpone our engagement but how can we let you postpone your romance.” Abhi laughed after saying this and again teased him. Manik shook his head in disbelief. Abhi disappeared from there before Manik could able to say something.

He turned around after closing the door and found his baby again applying the lipstick which was spoiled by him a few minutes ago. Automatically a smile spread across his face as he saw her. He strolled to her and held her bare waist from behind and started kissing her back. She smiled, gazing at him through the mirror.

“Hubby, we have to attend engagement first then we have a whole night, I am so excited, finally you will make love with me.” She squealed with joy after turning toward him. He smiled seeing his excited baby and kissed her forehead.

“So let’s go,” he held his hand out for her.

“Hubby, wait let me wear my sandals,” she said and about to wear her sandals when Manik stopped her by holding her hand when he saw her sandals.

“Baby, why are you wearing heels, it will hurt you,” he said concernedly, putting that sandal on the side and she pouted sadly at him. His act clearly showed that how much he cared for her.

“Hubby, as you know my height is short, I look so tiny in front of you. Hubby bubby, please let me wear heels, I want to look perfect with you.” Listening to the reason that why she was wearing heels, Manik smiled.

“Baby, you are perfect for me, you look perfect with me without even heels. So you don’t need to wear heels.” He explained to her by clasping her face and she nodded her head, agreeing to his words.

“Now sit here and let me select sandals for you” he made her sit on the chair and went to bring sandals for her. He brought a beautiful golden flat belly for her.

“Do you like this?” He asked by showing her the belly.

“Hubby, your choice is amazing as always.” She said merrily and Manik knelt before her. He held her foot in his hand and kissed them lovingly before putting the belly. Nandini was just looking at him, having love in her eyes for him. Her lips were drawn up to a beatific smile.

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