(Part: 105 His fear Comes true?) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, why are you not making love with me, am I bad, am I not worthy for you?” As she asked in a crying tone, he instantly opened his eyes. She was looking at him sadly and her eyes were filled with tears. His heart was aching.

He clasped her face.”Baby, please don’t say this, you are best for me, you are perfect for me.” He said, gazing into her eyes deeply.

She came over him, straddling him. “Then you have to prove it by spending the night with me today.” She said sternly and Sidharth wasn’t understanding what he should do now

“Okay, if you want this only, then I’m also ready.” He said, turning their position, now he was on top of her. Sana was gazing at him in anticipation, she was excited like a small baby.

“Hope, I won’t hurt you in this.” He murmured, looking at her having so much love for her in his eyes.

“You will never hurt me, I am sure.” She said confidently and pecked his lips, he smiled at her. After that, he slammed her lips with his lips and started kissing her lips lovingly. But inside he was still scared because he knew once he proceeds further, he won’t be able to stop himself. He never wanted to show this side to her.

After loving her body, he got up from bed and removed his all clothes and Sana giggled, seeing his junior. He came above her and stroke his junior over her mid-thigh and she moaned in excitement, closing her eyes.

“Baby, are you ready?” He asked lovingly and she opened her eyes. She nodded her head, smiling at him. After pinning her hands against the mattress, he started easing into her slowly and slammed her lips for a kiss because he didn’t want to hear her screams because he knew that if he hears her screams, he will not able to proceed further. Sana felt extreme pain but she didn’t stop him. He started moving slowly kissing her lips lovingly, tears trickled down her cheeks, she was feeling extreme pain. She wanted to stop him but couldn’t. He accelerated the speed and went into his world of pleasure, he forgot his baby also.

After the climax, he came out of her and lay down beside her. He took her into his arms. Next, he heard her sobbing and his heart broke down into millions of pieces.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked looking at her having fear in his voice and then her words broke his heart more.

“It’s hurting a lot, hubby. I wanted to stop you but couldn’t.” She told him dejectedly, her condition was clearly showing him that he hurt her. She was crying. He became numb seeing her condition because his fear comes true.

“No..” he suddenly aroused at midnight and shrieked, sweating badly and breathing heavily. For the past few days, he had been seeing this nightmare that he hurt his baby. This was the only dream which was scaring him to proceed further. He wanted to share this with Sana but he was not understanding, how to share this with her because he didn’t want to make her afraid too.

He looked at his baby who was sleeping cutely with her open mouth. A smile spread across his face as he saw her. He moved closer to her face and caressed her forehead lovingly. “I don’t want to hurt you, baby. I don’t know why I am seeing this dream daily. I know you are ready for this but because of this dream, I am scared, if I hurt you then you will hate me.” He murmured, gazing at her fondly.

“I will never hurt you.” He kissed her forehead as a promise that he would never hurt her. He lay down beside her and tried to sleep by taking her in his arms but couldn’t sleep because the flashes of that dream were scaring him. This was only happening because he was overthinking about this matter.

Next Morning

Sana woke up, rubbing her eyes and she found her hubby gazing at her lovingly.

“Good morning, hubby.” She hugged him tightly, forgetting that she was angry with him. Sidharth hugged her back, having a small smile on his face.

“Someone was angry with me, last night?” Sidharth asked after breaking the hug and she bit her lower lip, remembering that she was angry.

“I was but now I am not angry because I know, whatever you do, you do for me, for my happiness only.” She said and smiled gleefully. Her words were clearly showing that how much she loved him and how much she understood him. Sidharth broadly smiled at her, listening to her words. He kissed her forehead because she made him speechless with her words.

“But hubby, I want to know, why are you delaying our first night? If we both are ready for this, then what is the problem? Please, Hubby bubby, tell me, I want to know, I am your wife.” As always in her cute way, she was trying her best to convince Sidharth so that he shares the problem with her. Sidharth closed his eyes dejectedly, listening to her words.

“Baby, I really don’t want to hurt you, I am scared, if I lose control on myself then maybe I can hurt you. I have been seeing a dream from the past few days that I hurt you and you are crying in pain, this is the only thing which is stopping me.” He told her everything and Sana was looking at him making a cute pout as like she was thinking something.

“Hubby, whatever you are thinking, you are thinking wrong because I am damn sure, you can never hurt me, you are the best husband in this world and I am the lucky one, who got you. So please stop thinking that you will hurt me and about your dreams, you are seeing them because you are overthinking about this matter, you should trust our love, hubby.” She tried her best to explain him and Sidharth was impressed after listening to her words and happy also because he got a wife who trusted him blindly.

“Hubby, I have read something on google about the first night,” she said and blush cutely, closing her eyes.

Sidharth smiled broadly at his cutie baby. “What did you read?” He asked and she giggled.

“First time is painful but it is also beautiful, hubby don’t worry, I am ready for this. Every couple does this, then why are you scared, I am assuring you, if I can’t able to take the pain, I will push you, I won’t let you hurt me, now happy.” She was trying her best to convince him and assuring him that he won’t hurt her.

He beamed at her and placed his hand on her face, he was glad to hear these words from her. He wasn’t expecting this from her. He thought she would get scared if he told her about his dream and fear. Her words were clearly showing him that his baby was growing up and getting mature.

“Okay baba, I understand that you are fully ready for our first night, but we can’t do it right now because it is not night.” He laughed and she glared at him.

“Okay baba, I am sorry, no joke, this time I am damn serious. Tonight we will spend our first night and I promise you, I will make our first night beautiful.” He promised her by clasping her face and kissed her forehead. She was just smiling and her heart was jumping in excitement inside. She was extremely excited for her first night.

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