(Part: 79 Everything is fine Now) {Manan} Master And His Princess


“Lavanya called me and told me that Kidnapper called her and they asked for the one crore money urgently. I wasn’t answering her calls, so she took the help of my father. My father went to that place with the whole police force. He informed the police, Princess, if kidnapper came to know this, he could hurt Saira.” Manik is informing me everything, driving the car. He is extremely anxious for Saira, I’m either but I have to be strong for him. He needs me.

“We’re going there. She will be fine.” I placed my hand over his shoulder and squeezed it slightly to give him strength.

He glanced at me with his sorrowful eyes and murmured, “I hope so.”

It is really hurting me, seeing him in this condition. I hope Saira is fine.

We reached that place in no time. It was a construction building. The whole Police force was present there, the place is sealed and an ambulance was standing.

Manik became terrified as he saw the Ambulance. “Ambulance, Oh God, Saira.” He shuttered in fear and rushed out of the car after opening the door hastily. I climbed out of the car and followed him.

“Daddy…” Saira ran toward him and Manik swiftly lifted her in his arms. I sighed with relief after seeing her fine.

He hugged her tightly, his lips drew up to a contented smile and a lone tear streamed down his cheek.

“Thank you, God.” I thanked God for keeping Saira safe and giving back the happiness to my love.

He’s kissing every inch of her face and tears of happiness are trickling down his cheeks mechanically. I’m just standing there and watching love of the father. He really loves his daughter.

“Daddy, a bad auntie kidnapped me. She-she pointed the gun at me.” She shuttered, sobbing. She is horrified after this incident. I felt so wretched seeing her this condition.

She hiccuped and told him, “Da-Daddy, Grandpa saved me. When the bad Auntie was about to shoot me, he came in front of me. He got hurt, Daddy.” She cried miserably. Grandpa means Manik’s father, he saved her. It means he has changed.

“Daddy, I’m so scared. She’s very bad.” Saira cried in fear and a few tears rolled down my cheeks also, seeing her in this condition, my heart is aching.

“Saira, now don’t worry. Daddy is here, nobody will hurt you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone in the car.” He cried too and apologised. He was extremely guilty of his mistake.

“But I’m glad that you’re fine, my doll.” He again hugged her, burying the little girl in his warm arms. He squeezed his eyes shut and cried silently in guilt and pain.

I slowly raised my hand and placed it on his shoulder. I squeezed it to give him strength. He looked at me helplessly. I blinked my eyes and murmured, “you have to be strong for her, Manik.” He nodded.

Manik’s P.O.V.

I’m so relieved to see my daughter fine, but guilty also because her life came in danger because of me. But the biggest thing is that she’s fine and I’m glad. When I saw the ambulance standing out of the construction building, my breath got stuck in my throat, so many bad thoughts started revolving in my mind. I just dashed out of the car and I got my breath back as I saw Saira. She was sprinting toward me. Her hair was messed up, but she was fine. I hugged her in my arms tightly. I was so thankful to God for keeping her fine.

Then she told me that Dad saved her. I was shocked and so thankful to him. I thought so wrong about him. My all hatred faded away after knowing this. He rescued my daughter and not even for once he thought about himself before putting his life at risk. I hope he’s fine. I want to meet him.

Lavanya came there. “Take her to my car, I’m just coming.” I gave Saira to her.

“Daddy is just coming after meeting your grandpa.” I placed a kiss on her forehead. She nodded, still sobbing. She is extremely terrified after the incident. I don’t want to leave her alone in this condition, but I want to meet my father. I want to say thank you to him. Whatever wrong he did to me in past is nothing in front of today what he did for my daughter. Today by protecting my daughter, he proved to me that he has really changed. Now he really deserves a second chance.

Lavanya took her to my car. Princess gazed at me and hugged me. I really need this at this moment. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling so better after coming in her arms. I’m getting immense peace in her arms. She is the peace of my life. I’m nothing without her. She makes me strong and supports me every time. I’m blessed to have her. Thank you, God, for giving me such a precious gift to me. She took away my all pain with her this hug, that’s called the power of true love. It’s so blissful.

“Are you alright?” She asked concernedly after breaking the hug. I gazed at her, my eyes are filled with immense love.

“I’m feeling so better, thank you, Princess.” I clasped her hands and lifted them before kissing her knuckles.

“I just can’t believe that the person whom I cursed all my life, he put his life in danger to save my daughter.” I said in disbelief, looking at Princess.

“Perhaps, he has changed, Manik.” I nodded, agreeing to her. “You go and talk to him, I’m informing Mom.” She said and I strolled to the Ambulance.

He is sitting in the ambulance, Doctor is bandaging his wounded arm. Thank God, he’s fine. He looked at me as I stepped into the ambulance.

“Thank you, Dad.” I addressed him ‘Dad’ for the first time after Mom’s death.

“No need to say thank you to me, she’s my granddaughter and it’s my duty to protect her. I know, you suffered a lot because of me, I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. I am really guilty about it. Please, forgive me.” He apologised genuinely.

“I forgive you, Dad. Today what you have done for my daughter, you proved that you have really changed and I’m ready to give you a second chance.”

His lips curved into a slight smile. “Thank you, my son.”

“Did you come to know who did this?” I asked him.

“Kidnapper was a lady. Cops took them to the police station and interrogating her.” He informed me, I nodded.

“Thank you, Dad.” I again thanked him, looking at his bandaged arm.

“It’s okay, the bullet just touched me. I’m fine.” I smiled faintly. I’m happy to get back my father.

I strolled to the Princess and hugged her. “I’m extremely sorry for hiding about Saira from you.” I again apologised.

She looked up at me, my arms are still wrapped around her. “I forgive you, and you get your punishment also. But Promise me, you will never hide anything from me.”

“I promise you that I’ll never hurt you again, Princess.” I leaned and placed a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes in response. Finally, everything is fine now, but I’m still wondering who had kidnapped Saira.

Finally, this track ended, what do you want to see next in this story.

What do you think, who is the kidnapper?

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Ketna dangerous scene tha pura ka pura poor baby getting kidnapped and her father didn’t even knew where she is and then when manik reached the place there was ambulance usko dekhkar tou manik bhot dar gaya but thank god kuch bura hai hua…
    But one small incident brought so many good things manan ke fight solve hou gaye, manik got to know that his dad really has changed and manik got his father back which is sooo good…
    Tou aant bhala tou sab bhala…

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