(Part: 104 Always Be Mine) Mine (Manan)


“Please, hubby.” She requested him to come inside her still rubbing his manhood inside the water. He was going crazy because of the way she was pleasuring him and pleading to him, it was getting so difficult for him to control.

He held her arms tightly and positioned himself at her entrance, she closed her eyes in response. He was just about to enter inside her but stopped himself very difficultly because first, he wanted to prepare her for their first night. He was sure, she wouldn’t able to bear the pain if he directly did this and he didn’t want her to hate him for this. This was the only reason which was stopping him to proceed further. From starting he was dying to mark her his but still he was controlling himself for her.

“Hubby, what happened?” She asked confusingly when Manik stood up from the bathtub.

“Baby, not now, please,” he requested, wrapping the towel around his waist.

She also stepped out of the bathroom and asked in anger. “But why not now? I’m ready, hubby, you said that I want you to come inside me, then why not now?”

“Please, baby, try to understand, just a few days more.” He requested after clasping her face, gazing in her eyes deeply. For her, he was controlling himself when she was herself saying him to proceed further. This called true love.

“No, I want you now.” She said like a stubborn kid and about to remove the towel but Manik stopped her by holding her hand.

“Why you are not understanding?” He shouted at her in anger and grasped her arms tightly, she flinched and closed her eyes as he shouted at her. As he looked at her expression, he realised his mistake.

He took a deep breath and placed his hand on her face. “baby,” she cut his words.

“I don’t want to listen to anything,” she jerked his hand, having anger in her eyes and ran inside the washroom.

“Baby, open the door, I can explain to you everything.” He banged the door but she didn’t respond.

“What should I do, how to explain her.” He wondered worriedly staring at the door of the washroom.

After a few minutes, she came outside, wearing a white top and blue colour lower. As he looked at her, she averted her eyes in anger.

“I’m feeling sleepy, good night.” Before he could say something, she lay down on the bed, covering herself with the quilt fully.

Manik closed his eyes and took a deep breath before strolling to her. “Baby, we have to go for dinner, get up now.” He said, but she didn’t respond.

“Hubby, give me my quilt.” She shouted cutely when Manik snatched the quilt. She was looking super cute with her messy hair and the way she was looking at him with an angry pout. Manik smiled at his cute baby, forgetting about his all worries.

“Give me my blanket.” She tried to snatch the blanket from him, glaring at him. “Umm..” she was trying hard to snatch the blanket from his hand, putting her all energy. He was just smiling at her because she was looking super cute.

“Okay, fine, don’t give, I will sleep without a blanket.” She lay down, closing her eyes.

“Baby, I’m hungry but if you don’t go with me to eat dinner,  I will also not eat.” He stated to make her ready for dinner and as expected, she immediately sat on the bed. He knew that this idea would surely work.

“Okay, fine, I will eat dinner but I’m still angry with you.” She told him after climbing down the bed.

Manan stepped into the dining room where dinner was arranged. Mukti and Abhi were already present there and they were having dinner. Manik sat beside Mukti and Nandini sat away from him, showing her anger. Mukbhi looked at them and they immediately came to know there was something wrong between Manan.

She started eating without saying anything to anyone. “Is everything okay between you both?” Abhi asked Manik.

“She is angry with me.” He said in a low voice and his eyes were fixed at his baby only.

Manik was busy gazing at Nandini who was busy eating dinner, she wasn’t looking at him.

“Hi…” he came back to earth after listening to a girl’s voice. Everybody looked at the girl who was strolling to them.

“Sneha, such a long time.” Mukti rushed to her and hugged her tightly. She hugged her back.

“Where you have been since the last two years? I thought you wouldn’t come but I am so happy.” Mukti said and Sneha smiled.

“Muku, it’s your wedding and you are my bestie.” She said and then she met with Abhi. Sneha was Mukti’s childhood friend but before two years she got disappeared.

“Sneha, I want to make you meet someone very special, she is my sweet bhabhi, our cutie pie, Nandu.” Mukti introduced Nandini with Sneha.

“And Nandini, she is Sneha, my childhood friend.” Mukti introduced them and they both greeted each other.

After that Mukti made Sneha sit with Manik. They looked at each other, he murmured, “hi.” She just smiled. Baby Nandini was getting jealous as Sneha was sitting with her hubby.

“Hubby.” She stood up from the chair.

“What happened, Baby?” He asked worriedly and she stared at him, wondering what reason she should give now. “Baby, say something, what happened to you?” He asked after clasping her face, he became more anxious when she didn’t reply.

“I’m not feeling well, could we have dinner inside the room?” She asked by placing her hand on her forehead. The next moment, he scooped her in his arms and strolled to their room. She hid her face in his chest and held his shirt. She smiled gleefully because her plan succeeded.

“Manik loves her so much, right?” Sneha asked Mukti when they both left.

“Not only Manik, but we also love her so much. She has become our life.” Mukti happily told her about Nandini, Sneha just smiled and got lost in her thought making a serious face.


Manik lay her down on the bed comfortably and kissed her forehead lovingly. “You should sleep, now.” He said and she was just smiling at him, forgetting about her anger. She just loved the way he took care of her.

“I love you so much, hubby.” She said after hugging him. “Always be mine only, okay?” She said after breaking the hug like she was giving him a warning.

“I will be always yours, baby.” He reassured her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then suddenly she recalled she was angry with Manik.

“Hubby, I’m still angry with you.” She slightly pushed him away and slept, covering her face also with the quilt. Manik chuckled, seeing her cuteness.

Manik lay down beside her and smiled. Then he closed his eyes.

“Hubby, why are you not making love with me, am I bad, am I not worthy for you?” As she asked in a crying tone, he instantly opened his eyes. She was looking at him sadly and her eyes were filled with tears. His heart was aching.

He clasped her face.”Baby, please don’t say this, you are best for me, you are perfect for me.” He said, gazing into her eyes deeply.

She came over him, straddling him. “Then you have to prove it by spending the night with me today.” She said sternly and Manik wasn’t understanding what he should do now.

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