(Part: 78 You have to be Strong) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


“Who wants to separate us, Sidharth?” I asked him, shocked.

“I don’t know, but Saira got kidnapped because of me. She was going to London two days back, but I stopped her because I wanted to spend more time with her. Saira was so happy. But I didn’t know that I was putting her life in danger by stopping her from going.” He uttered guiltily and fresh tears rolled down his cheeks.

Oh God, he’s in so much guilt. I can’t see him like this. I felt wretched, seeing his condition.

“Yes, before you didn’t know that her life would come in danger.” I clasped his face and made him look into my eyes. “Sidharth, it’s not your fault, please stop blaming yourself and we’ll find her. She will be fine, nothing will happen to her.” I assured him, wiping his tears with my thumbs.

“Thank you for being there for me, Princess and I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about her.” He apologised genuinely.

“I can understand and I’m always with you, Sidharth. Just be strong.” I said, clasping his hands.

“I think, we should take help from Cabir. He’s a detective, he can help us.” I suggested to him. He nodded and took out the phone from his pocket.

“How did she get kidnapped?” I suddenly asked him and he closed his eyes dejectedly.

I think I shouldn’t have asked him.

He opened his eyes and uttered, “in the evening, Saira requested me that she wanted to eat Ice cream and I took her to the Ice Cream stall. There was a rush at stall, so I asked her to stay in the car and when I came back with Ice cream, she disappeared. I shouldn’t have left her alone in the car. Right now the guilt is killing me, Shehnaaz. I’m really not understanding anything. I’m becoming weak.” Tears were constantly streaming down his eyes and my heart was aching painfully.

I just hugged him tightly because I know at this time no word will give him strength. I wanted to take away his all pain through this hug. “Everything will be fine, Sidharth. Our daughter will be fine. Don’t worry and don’t blame yourself, please. It wasn’t your fault.” I’m explaining to him, rubbing his back constantly. He pulled me closer to himself and buried his face in my shoulder.

He wiped his tears after breaking the hug. “You said, our daughter?” He asked to confirm.

“She is my daughter also because whatever is yours, it’s mine too. Saira is as important to me as she is to you. Therefore Saira is our daughter. In between you and me, there is nothing mine and yours, it is ours.” As I said, he stared at me in utter disbelief.

“I’m so blessed to have you, Princess. You always make me speechless with your true love. I love you.” He confessed wholeheartedly.

“I love you more, Sidharth.” We gazed into each other intensely.

“Let me talk to Lavanya first, she has so many miscalls.” He told me after seeing so many miscalls of Lavanya on his phone.

“You talk to her, I’m bringing water for you.” As I said, he gave me a slight nod.

I came to the kitchen and filled the glass of water. My phone started ringing in my pocket, I kept the glass on the counter table and took out the phone. It’s Mom call.

“Hello, Mom,” I answered the call.

“How is Sidharth?” She asked me concernedly.

I took a deep breath and told her. “Mom, Saira got kidnapped.”

“What? How?” She asked in utter shock. “Oh God, keep Saira safe.” She prayed.

Then I told her everything.

“Mom, he’s so broken and blaming himself. I can’t see him like this. My heart is aching badly.” I said in a crying tone.

“Everything will be fine. Just be strong.”

“I’m trying, Mom, but it is getting difficult.” Tears rolled my eyes mechanically.

“For Sidharth, you have to be strong.”

“You’re right. I have to be strong for Sidharth. He needs me.” I said, wiping my tears with the back of my knuckles.

“That’s like my strong daughter.”

“Mom, I’ll call you later and you also don’t take tension.” I know she’s encouraging me, but I know deep inside, she is more worried.

“Keep me updating and everything will be fine.” She reassured me.

“Love you, Mom,” I said.

“I love you more.” She disconnected the call.

As I stepped out of the Kitchen with the glass of water, I saw Sidharth running to me, I became tensed seeing him.

I asked anxiously, “what happened,”

Before I could complete my sentence, he said after catching his breath back. “I have to leave now, I know where is Saira.” My eyes glinted with happiness after knowing this. “I’ll explain everything afterwards. Now I have to go.”

As he turned to walk, I stopped him by holding his hand. As he turned his face to me, I said, “I’ll come with you.”

“No, it is dangerous.” He denied it instantly.

“Now I’ll surely come with you.” As he opened his mouth to deny it again, I stated sternly,” I’m going with you and that’s final.”

“I don’t want to put your life in danger.” He uttered.

I clasped his hand. “How can I let you go alone to face the danger. I’ll go with him. We will face every problem and danger together.”

“Okay.” He agreed reluctantly and then we strode out of the farmhouse hand in hand. I’m constantly praying to God to make everything fine.

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