(Part: 103 Cuteness Overloaded) Mine (Sidnaaz)

As Sidnaaz stepped into the room, Sana’s eyes shimmered as she saw the luxurious room and especially a bathtub that was inside the room.

“Wow, hubby, a bathtub inside the room and this room is so beautiful.” She squealed gleefully. Sidharth just smiled at her like always.

“I’m taking the bath now only.” She was about to remove her top, but he stopped her by holding her hand.

“Baby, first let me lock the door.” As he said, pointing at the open door. She cutely slapped her head for her carelessness. He just smiled at her.

He went to close the door. He was strolling to her, gazing at her.

She said, “Hubby, you know, what.”

“What?” He asked, pulling her toward himself by grasping her waist with both hands.

“You are the best hubby in this world and you are mine.” She said lovingly, gazing into his eyes and kept her hands on his chest.

“And you know what,” he was playing with her hair with his one hand, gazing at her fondly. “You’re the cutest wife in this world and you are mine.” He pecked her lips after clasping her face with his both hands. She smiled, showing her all teeth to him.

“Now, hubby, I want to take bath.” She moved away from him and started removing her clothes one by one. First, she pulled the top over her head and then her jeans. She didn’t even for once hesitate to get naked in front of his husband because she trusted him blindly. He was just gazing at her without blinking his eyes, having love in his for her. She gleefully ran toward the bathtub. She turned on the tap and sat inside the bathtub.

“Hubby, please, you also take bath with me.” She requested when he was busy gazing at her.

“No, I am tired, I want to take a rest.” He said and lay down on the bed. He was just teasing her, in reality, he also wanted to take bath with his cutie wife.

“No problem, I can understand, you must be tired, I was the only one who slept in the plane, it’s okay hubby, you take rest.” She said innocently and like always she couldn’t understand that he was teasing her. His teasing plan spoiled but her words showed him how much she cared for him because she not even for once forced him to take bath after knowing that he was tired.

“You know, hubby, one good thing about this room is that I can see you while bathing or else I couldn’t bath properly without you.” She said cutely and her words were showing, how crazily she loved Sidharth. She couldn’t even bath without seeing him. Sidharth just smiled, listening to her words and shook his head in disbelief.

“Baby, I think I should also take bath with you.” He said, getting up from bed.

“Wow, it will be more fun, ajao ajao (come, come)” She said merrily to him. He hurriedly took off his t-shirt and strode toward the bathtub. He was about to step inside, but Sana stopped him by showing her hand. He narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“Hubby, who will remove your jeans?” She asked, raising her brows and pointed at his jeans.

“You will remove.” He answered, having a smirk on his face. He again tried to tease her and she again spoiled his teasing plan because she agreed instantly.

“No, problem.” She knelt in front of him in the bathtub and he was standing out.

She started opening his jeans button and Sidharth closed his eyes. He was smiling excitedly like she was going to do something else.

“Done.” She said after pulling down his jeans and Sidharth came out of his dream world. She giggled seeing his junior which was like always dying to come out of his tight boxer.

“Wait for one minute more.” She again stopped him from sitting in the bathtub and Sidharth looked at her like now what happened. She first naughtily smiled, showing him her teeth and then spoke, “If you want, I can remove your boxer also because, hubby, this,” she pointed at his junior. “I think it wants to come out.” After completing her sentence, she closed her eyes cutely. He was just controlling his laugh after seeing her cuteness.

He hastily pulled down his boxer and sat down in front of her. She started splashing water on him.

“Baby, stop.” He tried to stop her but she was not listening to him, she was laughing and continuously splashing the water on him.

“Sana,” he shouted and stopped her by holding her both hands. She looked at him cutely and he glared at her showing his fake anger.

“Sorry hubby,” she apologised cutely by holding her both ears, innocent soul didn’t understand that Sidharth was showing his fake anger to her. “I don’t want to hurt you, please don’t be angry, I hate your anger, whenever you get angry, I really don’t like it.” She was saying everything cutely and Sidharth as always got amazed seeing her cuteness.

He clasped her face. “Relax, baby, I was just acting.” He said lovingly, his voice was filled with love. “And I know my baby can never think to hurt me. In fact, she can never hurt anyone.” When he was saying this, she was gazing at him having so much love in her eyes. She just hugged him, hiding her face in his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck. Then he also hugged her back by wrapping his arms around her, smiling blissfully. She always felt so lucky that she got a husband like Sidharth.

“Hubby.” Suddenly she shrieked, moving back after breaking the hug as if she got an electric shock.

“What happened to you, baby?” He asked concernedly.

“Hubby, kuch kuch hua, I mean bhut kuch hua ( something happened, I mean a lot of things happened. )” like always she said in her cute way.

“What happened?” Sidharth asked confusingly because he was not understanding what had happened to her all of sudden.

“First take a deep breath.” He said after holding her face and she took a deep breath. “Now tell me what happened?” He asked.

“When your junior,” she pointed her finger at his junior and continued, “touched my main part, I felt something very very strong, hubby.” As she told him, a grin flashed on his face.

“What type of feeling is this, Hubby?” Again her question came up.

He closed his eyes and wondered, “now how I will explain to her.”

“Baby you felt this because you want my junior to come inside you.” He told her in one go after opening his eyes. She made O mouth.

“This mean, I want S.” She immediately asked another question and Sidharth nodded his head positively.

She asked, “don’t you want it?”

“I’m dying to come inside you baby.” He moved closer to her face.

“Then what is the problem, what are you waiting for? Come inside me.” She also moved closer to him and held his junior which was inside the water. He widened his eyes in shock.

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