(Part: 102 Romance in Jet’s Washroom) Mine (Manan)

A week passed after that Momos incident and it was shocking for everyone that in this one week, Nandini didn’t even take the name of Momos. She started hating Momos because she thought that because of Momos, she got hurt and therefore she decided to never eat Momos again. He was happy and upset also, happy because she stopped eating Momos as he hated Momos and he was sad because he wasn’t able to fulfil his baby wish of eating Momos. Finally, the Momos chapter got ended like this, title ‘how Nandini love for Momos turned into hatred’.

In the morning, Manan reached the dining room hand in hand to have their breakfast. He was surprised to find Abhimanyu sitting beside Mukti, so early in the morning. Nandini gleefully wished good morning to both of them with her hug and then she settled down beside her hubby.

They were having breakfast and like always Nandini was eating breakfast making bad faces because she hated healthy food but she was forced to eat it because she didn’t want to face her hubby’s anger. She was rolling the spoon in her bowl of oats and when Manik looked at her, she started eating after giving smile to him and he nodded her head in disbelief seeing her cuteness. He was understanding her all drama.

“Abhi and me, we both have decided something.” Mukti caught all of their attention.

“What?” Manik asked, moving his eyes from Mukti to Abhi.

“We decided to get married.” Abhi announced before Mukti could speak.

“Wow, marriage.” Nandini squealed like an excited baby looking at them.

“That’s great,” Manik smiled at them.

“What’s going on?”Cabir asked while walking there with Navya.

“Mukti didu and Abhi jiju, they are marrying.” Nandini whooped with joy, standing up from her chair and Cabya looked at them in surprise after listening to this news.

“Bhai, Navya and I, we have also decided to get marry.” Cabir said and now everybody looked at them surprisingly.

“Wow, double marriage, which means double the fun and double the enjoyment.” As Nandini shrieked excitedly, everybody laughed.


In the evening they all were sitting in the hall and discussing the double wedding. They planned the destination wedding in Jaipur. All the functions, engagement and the marriage would be held in Jaipur,  the marriage was planned after two weeks and they had to leave for Jaipur after a week only. They all were excited and especially our baby Nandini.

“Hubby, we will wear the same colour dresses in every function.” Nandini said excitedly.

Manik nodded meekly. “As you wish, my baby.” She smiled broadly.

“Sweetie, don’t worry about the dresses, I’m a fashion designer and I have already designed everybody dresses.” She smiled happily listening to Mukti’s words.

“Didu, you are best,” Nandini hugged Mukti tightly. Manik was just smiling seeing his baby and his whole family happy.

After one week

From Manik’s Private jet, they all were going to Jaipur. Nandini was excitedly looking at the clouds from the window.

“Hubby, I want to walk on the clouds, they are looking so beautiful.” She said still gazing out of the window. Manik was just smiling at her.

“Hubby, I want a quilt because I am feeling cold.” She said and smiled naughtily. Manik didn’t notice her naughty smile and pulled the quilt over her.

“Hubby, I think you also must be feeling cold.” She covered him with the blanket, he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

She moved closer to his ear. “Hubby, I am not feeling cold.” She whispered and he looked at her confusingly.

“I asked for a blanket because I want pleasure.” She told him in low voice without shying like she was asking for chocolate. Manik was shocked to see how bold and naughty, she had become.

“Baby, then you have to keep one thing in your mind.”He smirked at her.

“What?” She asked innocently, raising her brows.

“You have to control your moans.” As he said, she bit her lips.

“Hww… I haven’t thought about this.” She said and looked at everyone. They were busy with their partners.

“It will be difficult, hubby, but I will try to control my moans, and if I can’t control my moans, I will stop you.” She said cutely and he smiled at her.

“Baby, you know what one day your cuteness will kill me.” He pulled her cheeks and she laughed at his words.

“And my boldness?” She asked innocently.

“Your boldness has already killed me, baby.” They both laughed loudly and everybody smiled at them.

“Hubby, now please give me pleasure. I needed it badly.” She said in a crying tone and it was visible how desperate she was to get pleasure. The next moment, she closed her eyes as he started rubbing her inner thigh. When he squeezed one of her twins, she clutched the blanket tightly and pursed her lips to control her moans. His hands were doing magic and were giving what Nandini needed. She went to another world, she opened her eyes and smiled looking at Manik.

“Aahaa…” she moaned in a low voice when Manik slightly pinched her nipple.

“Baby, keep quiet or else they will doubt us, do you want this?” He asked, still rubbing there and she instantly shook her head, he smiled. Then only her next demand came up.

“Hubby, I badly want orgasm but I can’t do it here.”She stopped him by holding his hand and he just smirked at her. She was looking at him innocently.

“Hubby, please I need to go washroom, come with me.” She smartly said, getting up and winked at him. Manik was impressed with her smartness. He also stood up and went after her.

She immediately pulled him into the washroom and locked the door. She sighed and he was just smiling at her, impressed with her.

“Wow, baby you became so smart and bold.” He praised her after coming close to her and then giving shock to Manik, she immediately grasped his shirt collars and slammed his lips after standing on her toes. He was taken aback but after a second only, he started kissing her lips crazily, cupping her face. He slid his hand into her jeans and started doing its magic again. Nandini was moaning inside his mouth and then she gave a shock to him. She started opening his pants button and then slid her hand into his underwear and started rubbing his junior. Both were kissing each other lovingly and crazily and also they were busy giving each other pleasure.

At last, they both cum together and looked at each other after breaking the kiss while breathing heavily and both murmured, “I love you”

Then they both stepped outside after setting their clothes. Nandini was extremely exhausted, she couldn’t able to walk after the intense orgasm, that’s why Manik scooped her in his arms.

When others found Nandini in his arms, they got worried. “What  happened to her, Manik, is she okay ?” Abhi asked concernedly and Nandini giggled, hiding her face in his chest.

“Guys, relax, she is absolutely fine, just she didn’t want to walk. I pick her in my arms.” He lied and they all sighed with relief.

Manik made her sit on the seat and himself sat beside her.

“Do you want to sleep, baby?” As he asked, she nodded her head cutely. Then he put her head on his lap and she immediately fell asleep, holding his hand and smiling at him. Then he kissed her forehead and smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully, he could see his baby sleeping like this for many hours.

At night they all reached the palace which they had booked for the wedding. Nandini was surprised and shocked to look at the beauty of the huge palace.

“Wow, Manik, we will also marry in this palace, it’s so beautiful.” She said looking at him.

“Wherever you say, we will marry there.” He kissed her forehead and she was busy admiring the beautiful palace.

“Hubby, I’m super excited for the marriage function, it will be so much fun.” She squealed with joy when they were strolling toward their room.

“Let’s add some more spicy in this marriage for us,” as he uttered, she narrowed her brows confusingly.

“How? Tell me, tell me.” she asked as always excitedly.

“With each passing function, we will take a step forward, toward our first night.” He told her about his plans and her eyes glinted with excitement.

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