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He got a call from the person whom he had hired. He immediately picked up the call as he saw the caller Id. He widened his eyes in shock after listening to the word of that person. After disconnecting the call, he rushed out of the room without saying anything. Khushi and Arnav followed him.

Sidharth dashed to the storeroom because his man had informed him that he found her crying in the storeroom. He stepped inside, his eyes were desperately searching for his baby in the whole room. Arnav and Khushi also walked inside and looked around to find Sana.

“Sana.” He shouted.

His heart almost stopped beating as he heard her cry from behind the cupboard. He hurried to the cupboard and Arshi also ran behind him. Tears dropped down his cheeks as he found his baby crying badly sitting behind the cupboard. First, she looked at him like an innocent baby and then her eyes glinted with fear. He was just looking at her, having concern and pain in his eyes. His heart was aching, seeing her tears. Her tears broke his heart every time, he never wanted to see tears in her eyes. Next moment his heart broke down into millions of pieces when his eyes fell on her hand which was bleeding badly. When she found him staring at her hand, she like a small baby hid her hand behind her back.

Sidharth sat in front of her, having pain in his eyes, her tears were killing him. He held her face with his shaky hands and she looked at him like an innocent baby. His thumbs wiped her tears. “What happened, baby?” His voice was filled with pain and his eyes were fixed at her.

She sobbed. “You will scold me, you will get angry with me.” Rather than telling him what happened to her, she said the thing which made him more anxious.

“Why I will scold my baby?” He asked and she was looking at him as an innocent baby. “Please, stop crying, you know na, your tears kill me.” He was constantly wiping her tears with his thumbs. “And stop hiding your wound, I know your hand is bleeding, first we need to treat your hand, then if you want, you can share with me, how all this happened.” He said calmly, holding her bleeding hand and few drops of tear dropped down on her hand from his eyes.

“It’s not hurting that much, I am fine, hubby.” She said as she saw tears in his eyes because, like him, her heart broke whenever she saw tears in his eyes. Her hand was aching a lot but she lied to him. This called true love where your pain is nothing in front of your beloved pain. Khushi and Arnav witnessed their true love.


“She is fine now, I gave her a pain killer, therefore she slept.” The Doctor informed Sidharth after treating her wound. Sidharth called Doctor in his house only. Sidharth sighed with relief after listening to Doctor words because he was hell worried for her as she was already weak and now this happened. The doctor left after giving him the prescription.

“Sidharth, she is fine, stop taking tension.” Arnav said after placing his hand on his shoulder. Sidharth just nodded and walked into her room.

He sat on the floor beside her. He held her hand and kissed her wound a thousand times. With his kisses, he wanted to remove her pain.

“Baby, why you do this with yourself when you know that your pain breaks my heart badly?” He asked, caressing her face with one hand and held her hand with his other hand. He kissed her forehead first and then her eyelids lovingly. He loved her beyond infinity, his love is something that can’t be explained in words.


After a few hours, she aroused.

“Aahaa…” She hissed in pain as she moved her hand forgetting about the wound. Like a small baby, she made crying faces looking at her wound. Navya made her sat properly on the bed.

“How’s your hand?” She asked and Sana just blinked her eyes.

“Where is hubby?” She asked while her eyes were searching for him in the whole room. Before Navya could say something, they both saw Sidharth strolling into the room, holding the tray in his hand. Sana’s lips curved into a broad smile as she saw the smile on her hubby’s face and after seeing her smile, he got his breath back. Navya walked out, leaving them alone and Sidharth kept the tray on the side table and ambled toward her after picking up the plate.

“See, what I brought for you.” He said gleefully and held out the plate in front of her. She widened her eyes in shock to find Momos on the plate, she looked at him unbelievably while he was just smiling. The person who was not ready to make her eat a single momo even, today for her only he was giving her full plate of Momos, it was shocking for Sana.

“I hate Momos, now.” She shouted and hurled the plate of Momos on the floor in fury after recalling the incident which had happened with her in the morning. Sidharth was extremely shocked to see her anger toward Momos, he thought Momos would make her happy but Momos made her angry.

“Hubby, I will never eat Momos, I hate Momos, gande hai Momos.” She started crying like a small baby. Sidharth took a deep breath and wrapped her in his arms.

“Baby, tell me, what happened? Why do you start hating Momos? And How did your hand get hurt? Please, tell me.” He asked worriedly, holding her face after breaking the hug.

“Tum gussa karoge ( you will scold me.” She hiccuped like a small baby.

“Why I will scold my baby?” He asked, carefully tucking her hair behind her ears which were coming in her eyes.

“First promise me that you will not scold me.” She like a small kid asked for a promise first, looking at him innocently.

“I promise you that I will not scold you.” He promised after kissing her forehead, the kiss was a promise that he would never scold her.

“Now please, tell me, what had happened to you?” He asked looking at her.

“When I came to know, Momos are now not available in canteen, I thought to eat Momos outside of the college. When I was ambling on the road wondering about Momos, a thief tried to snatch my bag, he was on the bike. I fought with him and he hit me with something two three times and then he ran away after snatching my bag. I started crying. I thought you would scold me as I got hurt because of the Momos. I lost my bag and phone, therefore I hid myself in the storeroom.” She told him everything, sobbing and hiccuping like a small baby.

Sidharth eyes became red in anger and Sana noticed his anger and she got scared.

She uttered instantly. “You promised me that you would not get angry, hubby. I am sorry, I promise, from now I will never eat Momos, pinky promise.” She couldn’t see him angry, she always wanted to see him happy. Sidharth’s anger vanished away after listening to her words.

He clasped her face. “Who said, I am angry with you? I am angry with that person, who hurt my baby and made her cry a lot.” As he said, a broad smile spread across her face and she wiped her tears with her knuckles.

She thought that he would scold her because all this happened because of her Momos. She was extremely happy after seeing that he was not angry with her, he was angry with the person who hurt her.

“I love you so much hubby, you are the best.” She said merrily after hugging him tightly. He also smiled wholeheartedly, embracing her in his arms.

“You know today I have fallen in love with you more, you always think about me first. I’m such a fool that I was thinking that you would scold me, I should I have told you everything before only.” She said after breaking the hug.

“Sorry, hubby, today I hurt you a lot, I shouldn’t have done this.” She apologised, holding her ears like a small baby. He was just smiling at her. He just loved her a lot.

“Baby, it’s okay, I am not angry with you. It just that I got hell worried for you when you were not picking up my calls and hid yourself in the storeroom. Please, never do this, you know you are my everything, I am living for you only, I am breathing because you are with me, you are very precious for. My love for you is something which I can never explain in words, you are the reason for my happiness.” He said every word from the core of his heart. She was gazing at him fondly.

Soon their lips met and they kissed each other chastely and lovingly, from their kiss, they were telling each other that how much they love each other.

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