(Part: 77 A big Problem) {Manan} Master And His Princess

I reached the farmhouse in no time and directly marched to our room. He is standing at the balcony facing his back to me, grasping the railing. I took a deep breath and strode to him.

I grabbed his arm and swiftly turned him toward me to face me. His face is pale and his eyes are red and welled up with tears. I’m certain he was crying before I came here. He stared at me blankly. I’m damn sure he is hiding something from me.

“Again you’re hiding something from me, Right?” As I asked, his eyes widened in shock imperceptibly.

“I’m not hiding anything, I told you everything on message.” He said, keeping his look blank.

“Seriously? Do you really thought that after reading the message I would believe that you’re marrying Lavanya?” I clasped his face. “Manik, tell me what happened? Now please, don’t hide anything from me.” I implored.

He closed his eyes and sighed before removing my hands. “I’m really marrying Lavanya for Saira. Now I have realised that she needs both mother and father.” He again turned toward another side, facing his back to me. “I’m sorry, but we can’t be together anymore.”

Now he’s scaring me. There is something very serious he is hiding from me, therefore he isn’t even facing me.

“Manik, please, tell me the real matter? I’m scared now.” I asked after placing my hand over his shoulder.

I felt wretched as I heard his sob. He is crying. Now I’m horrified. “Please, go from here, Princess.” He said without turning toward me.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind and yanked him to myself before burying my face in his back. “I’m not going anywhere. I know you need me and you’re hiding something very big from me. Please, tell me.”

He is trying to remove my hands, but I’m gripping him tighter and tighter, clutching his shirt. “Princess, you’re making the things more difficult for me. Why are you not understanding that I just want you to go from here. I don’t need you anymore, I have learned to live without you in these three days.”

He’s saying anything. Nothing is making any sense. I’m a hundred percent sure, he’s hiding something from me.

I left him. “Do I look a fool to you, Manik? You think I’ll believe in your stupid words. I love you, Manik. I won’t go anywhere until you tell me what are you hiding from me.” I stated sternly.

He swiftly turned towards me and grasped my arm. “You can’t do this with me? What happened to you?” I’m shouting at him because he’s dragging me out of the room without looking at me. He is not looking into my eyes because he knows if he looks into my eyes, he will get lost.

What he thinks, if he does like this, I’ll believe that he doesn’t need me anymore and want to marry Lavanya. He loves me truly and he’s compelled to do all this, I’m certain.

He pushed me out of the room and slammed the door on my face before I could say something.

“What do you think, I’ll go if you do this with me? No, never. I have promised you that no matter what I won’t leave you. I know you’re hiding something and you’re compelled to do all this. I won’t step out of this house without knowing the real matter.” I shouted and tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically, I’m trying to be strong, but deep inside it is hurting me. His behaviour is hurting me. Why he always hide things from me? I cried silently, resting my forehead over the door. I felt like he’s also standing like this on the other side of the door. I can feel him.

“Manik, I know you’re standing on the door and you can hear me. Please, don’t do this with your Princess. Please, don’t hurt your Princess more. Open the door and tell me everything, please.” I beg frantically and sobbed, my forehead pressed against the door. “You know the strength of our love, we’ll fight together with the problem and come out of it like always.”

“I can’t tell you the truth, Princess.” He cried and I felt extreme pain in my heart, but I’m relieved, at least he spoke the truth. He continued, crying. “Nothing is in my hand. I badly need you, but I can’t be with you. It is dangerous for,” he paused for a few seconds and said, “please, for me, just go.”

“I can do anything for you, but I can’t go leaving you alone when I’m sure you need me. Open the door, Manik, we’ll fight back together,” suddenly the door opened and he started crying loudly like a small baby after hugging me tightly and digging his face in my shoulder. I rubbed his back and shed silent tears.

“Princess, Saira has been kidnapped and it is all my fault. I shouldn’t have left her alone in the car.”

What? Saira has been kidnapped, but who kidnapped that little girl? If she got kidnapped, why he wasn’t telling me before and why did he send the message to me that he’s marrying Lavanya? I’m baffled and shocked.

He is crying his heart out aloud, hugging me tightly. “First I failed as a boyfriend and now I failed as a father, I couldn’t able to protect her. Her life is in danger because of me. I’m not a good person, Princess. People get hurt because of me. I’m bad, I don’t deserve your love. You deserve someone who will never hurt you and protect you.”

I pulled him away from me and asked incredulously. “Don’t tell me this is the only reason you were asking me to go because you think I deserve someone person better than you.”

“No, but I don’t deserve you, Princess. I’m bad,”

I cut his words and shouted, “shut up.” I paused for a few seconds. “Dare if you again call yourself bad.” I waggled my finger at him and warned him sternly, glaring at him.

“I hurt you so much by hiding the truth about Saira, why you still love me so much?” He asked in disbelief.

“I was badly hurt, Manik, but my heart didn’t stop loving you for even a single second. I still trust you, Manik. I know you will never do something to hurt me intentionally.” I paused for a second and continued explaining to him, “Saira got kidnapped and it’s not your fault, it is God’s wish. Her mother was going to kill her but you protected her. You’re not a bad person, Manik, you’re a great person, Manik because you know the value of the person in your life. The person whom you love, you give your hundred percent to keep them safe and happy, but sometimes, it’s not in your hand and it’s not your fault.”

“But she’s in danger, Princess. And kidnapper wants me to marry Lavanya because he wants to separate us and therefore, I wasn’t telling you anything.” I raised my brows in shock after knowing this.

Who wants to separate us and why?

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4 thoughts on “(Part: 77 A big Problem) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manan kyu god humesha unkw test leta rehta hai pehle he they giving such a big test where manik lied to nandu and now this where manik is talking rubbish that he wants to marry lavanya…
    Iss baar nandu kamjor nahi pade she fought back when manik was trying to push her away she fought back till the time manik will doesn’t crumble and he doesn’t tell the truth…
    Mujhe na lagta hai ke yeh jarur manik ke dad ka kaam hoga bcoz unho he lavanya ko india bina manik ko bataye laya and sira manik ke bete hai keseko nahi pata so kon asa kaam karega???

  2. I believe either it’s his dad or Lavanya herself 🙃
    Rest is up to author what new twist she brings☺️
    I must say this is the most interesting twist that you have written ever and it’s getting interesting with every update♥️

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