(Part: 100 Plan To Eat Momos) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana stepped into the classroom and sat with Khushi. They hugged each other. When Arnav walked inside, Sana smiled at him and he smiled back. The class got over and she was just making plans to eat momos.

“Khushi, I need to go washroom.” She gave an excuse and stood up.

“Wait, I will come with you. Sidharth has asked me to be with you every time.” As Khushi told her, she pouted sadly and reluctantly nodded her head

“Why hubby, why so strictness?” She thought in her mind.

They walked into the washroom and then Sana went in the loo. She thought for a moment and a mischief smile flashed on her face as an idea popped into her mind.

She called somebody and placed the phone over her ear, smiling naughtily. “Hello, Arnav jiju, it’s an emergency.” She said.

“What happened, is everything alright?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“Nothing is fine, Khushi is missing you a lot, you have to do something.” Arnav smiled listening to this and Sana was just controlling herself from laughing. She asked, “Arnav jiju, don’t you want to meet her?”

“Of course, cutie pie, but we will meet after college.” He replied and she made a sad pout.

“What? After college, meet her now, ask her to meet her in an empty room. Sidharth and I, we meet there only, you both will feel better.” Arnav shook his head in disbelief after listening to her words, she was super cute. She placed her hand on her mouth to control her laugh.

“Wow, our cutie pie became to smart.” He praised her and she just smiled.

“Now, bye.” She cut the call immediately.

“Wow. Sana, now no one can stop you from getting your momos. My tummy, be relax, you will soon get what you want.” She said, looking at her tummy and stepped out excitedly.

“Nandu, Arnav is calling me, I have to go. Please, go to class and I will be back in five minutes.” Khushi told her and Sana happily nodded her head, her heart was dancing with joy because her plan was getting successful. She followed Khushi and she entered inside the storeroom, she stood there for some time and then she locked the door from the outside. She laughed, placing her hand on her mouth and ran from there.

Inside the storeroom, Arnav and Khushi glanced at each other in shock and dashed toward the door. They tried to open it, but it didn’t open.

“Oh shit, Khushi, I think it was Sana’s plan. I should have understood this before only.” Arnav told her, running his hand through his hair.

“What do you mean?” Khushi asked confusingly.

“Sana asked me to call you and she said that you are missing me.” Arnav told her and she burst into laughter.

“Khushi is not the time to laugh, Sidharth will not leave us if he comes to know that we left Sana alone.” Arnav said worriedly because he knew about his friend’s anger.

“Just chill, Arnav, after eating momos, she will open the door. Let her eat na, who will tell Sidharth, will you tell him?” Khushi asked.

“Of course not,” Arnav said instantly and Khushi smiled.

“Then let’s just concentrate on our romance,” Khushi said naughtily after encircling her arms around Arnav’s neck.

He yanked her to himself. “You are right, darling.” He captured her lips and they kissed her passionately.


Sana stepped into the canteen, wondering about Momos. As she saw the photo of Momos on the banner, her mouth became watery. She adorably licked her upper lip.

She dashed to the counter and ordered, “One plate of veg Momos.”

“Mam, we stopped making Momos.” As the worker told her, she widened her eyes in shock.

“What? You stopped making Momos, why?” She asked in a crying tone him. Her happiness flew away and she was feeling like crying. She understood this work had been done by her hubby only.

“Why hubby, why are you doing this with me?” She cried out and stamped her foot. “Aahaa..” she hurt herself.

She wandered out of the canteen, disheartened, her lips were drawn down in sadness.


After an hour

“Khushi, It’s been an hour passed, Still Sana doesn’t come to open the door,” Arnav said and Khushi looked at him anxiously. They both were worried because she was not even picking up their calls.

“Let me try to call her again.” Khushi again called her and now her phone was coming switched off. They looked at each other worriedly.

Then Arnav’s phone rang up and after seeing the caller id, they both glanced at each other, horrified as like they both saw a ghost because Sidharth was calling him.

“He-hello.” Arnav picked up the call and shuttered after putting the phone on speaker.

“What hello? Where is Sana? I was trying to call her, but she wasn’t picking up my calls and now her phone is coming switched off.” Sidharth asked in an angry tone and his words also showed that he was hell worried for her. Arnav and Khushi glanced at each other helplessly.

“Sidharth, Sana make us fool and she locked us in the room and left to eat Momos.” Khushi told him everything and Sidharth was not so shocked after knowing this because he was certain that his baby would do something mischief like this only.

“But Momos are not available in the canteen.” Sidharth said and Arnav and Khushi looked at each other shockingly.

“Sidharth, we have been locked in this room from one hour, you come to college fast, I have no clue where she went.” Arnav said worriedly. Sidharth frowned and cut the call in fury.

“Damn it.” Sidharth hurled his phone in anger. For the first Sana made him so angry, he was worried for her and angry too.

“How much extend you will go for Momos, Sana, do you love Momos more than me?” He muttered and stormed out of his office to find Sana.


He opened the door of the storeroom and stepped inside, apprehensive. Arnav and Khushi rushed to him as they saw him.

“Sidharth, have you found her”Arnav asked worriedly.

He shook his head because he tried to find Sana at every nearby Momos shop, but he didn’t find her anywhere. He hired a man who was finding her in the whole college. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other helplessly. Now Sidharth was regretting that why he didn’t let her eat momos, she was just asking for few Momos. He wasn’t angry with her, he was angry with himself. He wasn’t understanding where she went.

Precap: “I hate Momos.” She shrieked in anger, throwing the plate of Momos that Sidharth had brought for her.

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