(Part: 76 Restlessness) {Manan} Master And His Princess


Princess’s P.O.V.

It has been three days passed since I last met Manik. I was badly hurt when I came to know that he hid such a huge truth from me. He tried to contact me, but I didn’t reply to him because I was hurt, but now I’m missing him a lot. His absence is making me restless and empty from inside. I can’t stay away from him. I know he did a mistake, but how can I forget that he loves me so much. He always thinks about my happiness. He cares for me, makes me feel special. He supports me on my worst days. When I fall weak, he always reminds me that I’m strong. I can’t forget all these things after one mistake. He deserves a second chance. I can’t leave him on his one mistake. Our relationship is not so weak.

Our love is true and pure. We’re connected to each other soul. We can feel each other pain.

I’m pacing across the room, wondering about him and playing with my fingers nervously.

I don’t know why today I have been feeling extremely restless since morning. The thing which is disturbing me more that Manik didn’t try to contact me today. Every morning he used to message me. He didn’t even come to college. I’m anxious about him.

I just hope he’s fine and I hope he is staying away from me and he didn’t message me today because he wants to give complete time and space to me.

But I should contact him today.

I hastily picked up my phone and called him. I became more anxious and pursed my lips when he didn’t answer my call. I again called him, still no answer.

I don’t know why I’m feeling like there is something serious. I dashed out of the room.

I stepped into Mom’s room. She is reading the novel, sitting on the sofa. “Mom, I want to ask something.” I said in a serious tone and ambled toward her.

She moved her from her novel to me and asked, “what?” I sat beside her, distressed. She kept the novel on the table and asked after placing her hand on my face. “Missing Manik?”

I slightly nodded at her. “Mom, my soul is restless to see him and I’m anxious for him. You met him last night, Is he fine?” I asked concernedly.

“He was same depressed and murmuring sorry in sleep. Nandini, he’s really guilty for his mistake. I think he has suffered enough, you should talk to him now. He really loves you, Nandu. I know he hid such a big truth from you, but he hid because he didn’t want to hurt you. He told me that you had taken him out of the darkness, but now you’re pushing him into the same darkness again by keeping yourself away from him.” My eyes welled up with tears.

I never want to become the reason for his pain. I never want to push him into darkness. I had promised him that I would never leave him, no matter what. I just hope he is fine.

“I’m not angry with him anymore, Mom. I’m anxious about him. He is not picking up my calls.” I told her and tears streamed down my cheeks. I’m extremely worried about him.

“Wait, let me call him.” She said and I gave her a slight nod, wiping my tears.

She called him and placed the phone over her ear, I stared at her apprehensive, playing with my fingers.

“He isn’t picking up my calls.” She shook her head, putting the phone down.

Fresh tears trickled down my cheeks. “Mom, I’m hell worried about him. I don’t know why I’m feeling like,” I paused and continued, “he’s in a big trouble.” Now my heart is thumping fright.

“Nandu, you’re overthinking, he must be in the meeting.”

“I should call his assistant.” I murmured and hurriedly called at his office.

“Could I talk to Manik Malhotra, I’m his girlfriend.” I asked as soon as his assistant answered the call.

His assistant informed me.”Mam, Manik Sir didn’t come to college today.”

“Okay, thank you.” I disconnected the call.

I stood up and said to her. “Mom, he’s not in the office. I’m going to the farmhouse.”

Then only my phone beeped up. I instantly checked my phone and sighed with relief as I saw his message.

“He messaged me.” I told Mom and she also took a deep breath of relief.

I opened the message and my expression turned deadpan as I read his message.

My Hottie Professor: I’m breaking up all the relationship with you. Now you’re free. Don’t message me or call me because I’m marrying Lavanya.

I slumped on the sofa with a thud, my eyes dilated in shock.

What’s happening in my life?

Mom snatched the phone from me and I’m just staring straight in shock. I’m not understanding anything.

“What rubbish is this? Do you believe in this message, Nandu?” Mom asked me by grasping my arm.

“Mom, I’m not understanding anything, what’s happening. Why he would do this? Three days back, he was begging me to forgive him and today this message.” I was baffled and shocked.

“That’s the question, why he would do this? He loves you a lot, Nandu. He was dying without you every day, I have seen him. He cried in my arms for you. He was saying sorry to you in sleep also. You need to find out why he is doing this. You’re my strong, child.” Mom encouraged me.

I stood up again and said with full confidence. “You’re right, Mom, he loves me, he can’t do this, there is something else. He is again hiding something from me, but this time I won’t let him hide it. I will fight for our love. I’m going to meet him.”

She stood up. “All the best.” She wished me luck and kissed my forehead. “Don’t forget that he loves you a lot.”

“I know God is just examining the strength of our love. I’m utterly sure that Manik is in some trouble, therefore he sent this message to me. Now Almighty God will also see the power of true love.” I dashed out of the room after saying this.

So what do you think, why did Manik sent her this message?

Love Mehak

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3 thoughts on “(Part: 76 Restlessness) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aaj manik ko kya hou gaya haar roj tou woh nandu ko bina msg keye reh mahi sakta and aaj usne nandu ko 1 msg bhi nahi keya and when Nandu tried calling him usne call bhi nahi uthaya kya hua hoga se..
    Even nandu’s mom can understand there pain she has seen both sides and heard things from both point of view so she knows manik really loves her and lied bcoz he was afraid…
    Aab yeh kya naya tamasha hai now who threatened manik ke usne asa msg keya???

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