(Part: 99 Craving to have Momos) Mine (Manan)


In the evening after sleeping for an hour, she woke up rubbing her eyes cutely. He always wondered, when in future he claims her his, then she would surely sleep for twenty-four hours.

“Hubby.” Like always she called him like a small baby needs his mother after waking up and she needed Manik.

“I remember that I was at the office, how I reach here.” She murmured to herself in confusion, an adorable smile flashed on her face as she realised how her hubby made her tired.

“Wow, today’s game was best, I will ask Hubby to play this game with me once every week. I’m so happy that my hubby knows me very well. I am so glad that I got a hubby like him. He is the only mine, his love always make me speechless and he made me fall in love with him, in starting he was a monster but now he is my pyaar hubby, he is my hero of life but I am scared to lose him, like Mumma daddy, I miss them a lot.” She was lost in her thoughts when he stepped into the room with lunch and she smiled at him. He put the tray on the table and strolled toward her.

“My baby woke up, how was your sleep?” He asked after kissing her forehead and she smiled showing her teeth.

“hmm, so my baby mood is off, I am sure,” As he said confidently, she instantly nodded her head.

“Don’t lie, I know you very well, after waking up, you always hug me and confessed your love but now you are just silently giving me a smile, don’t forget I know you more than you know yourself and today the game also proved this, so don’t try to act smart in front of your hubby.” She was looking at him in disbelief seeing how much he knew about her. “Now tell me what’s the matter?” He asked holding her hand sitting beside her.

“I…” She was about to speak but before that, somebody knocked on the door. Manik went to open the door.

“Hubby, how do I tell you that I am scared to lose you.” She thought sadly staring at Manik having so much love in her eyes for him. She trusted him a lot but she was scared because God snatched her parents and she thought that in the same way, God would snatch him.

“Cabir Sir has come back and he asked me to call you, sir.” A butler informed Manik and a smile spread across Manik’s face when he came to know his brother is back after the trip

“I hope Navya is fine now because my brother’s happiness with that girl and I want my carefree brother back.” He wondered. He gave a slight nod to the butler and he left.

“Cabir is back,” Manik told, ambling toward Nandini.

As she heard this news, she jumped out of the bed immediately forgetting about her all worries. “Wow, Cabir bhaiyu is back and Navya is also back, I am so happy, I miss them a lot.” She squealed gleefully and clapped her hands. Manik was smiling like a fool seeing her baby cuteness. Small small things used to make his baby super happy, she taught him many things about life like finding the happiness of little things of life.

Nandini jumped over Cabir and hugged him tightly and after that, she hugged Navya. Navya was looking better now, the trip plan succeeded. Manik also hugged Cabir and gave a smile to Navya and She gave him small smile.

“Navya, how are you now, I was so worried for you.” She asked having a concern in her voice.

“I am fine, Nandu, you don’t need to be worried.” She said, placing her hand on her face. “You know I miss you the most.” As Navya uttered, she smiled broadly.

“Bhai, I need to ask, I mean I want to take the permission.” Cabir said to Manik while Navya tried to stop him by holding her hand and Manik noticed this.

“What’s the matter?” He asked in a serious tone and Navya looked down.

“Could Navya stay here, in this house?” Cabir asked.

“It’s okay Cabir, I am fine staying with my friend.” As Navya spoke, Nandini frowned.

“What, it’s okay. Navya, am I not your friend? If I am your friend, you will stay with me.” She requested like a small baby holding her hand, Navya was not ready to accept this.

“Hubby, please explain to her.” She asked Manik to explain her.

“Nandini is right, if we have this house, why you need to stay somewhere else, marriage is just a tag and you both can marry in future whenever you want. You both love each other and I don’t have any problem, Rather I will be happy.” He announced his decision, making Navya speechless and Nandini smiled listening to her words.

“And one thing more, Cabir, you don’t need to ask anything from me, you are grown up now and it’s your house, what is mine, it yours too, so just inform me, no need ask or take the permission.” Manik said strictly and Cabir just hugged him. Navya and Nandini smiled seeing the love between them.


“You and your family are so good, you don’t know, how lucky I am that I got you and this beautiful family, I thought that after knowing that I am Aman’s sister, no one would accept me, therefore I had lost all the hope but everybody accepted me wholeheartedly, I am glad.” Navya said to Cabir when they were unpacking the bags.

“Navya, come sit here.” Cabir made her sit on the bed and himself sat on his knees in front of her, holding her hands.

“Don’t call yourself that bloody bastard sister and I have told you millions of time, he is gone out of our lives forever and he is never going to come back and you will be never judged here because you are his sister, so don’t worry.” He reassured her and kissed her hands. After that Navya clasped his face and captured his lips and they kissed each other lovingly.


Next morning

Manik stopped the car in front of the college, Nandini after one and half months, came to college. She was excited not for the college, she was excited to eat Momos from the canteen.

“There is a lunch box in your bag and you have to eat that only, no junk food for a half month more, you are still not fully recovered and I will pick you up in the afternoon.” Manik strictly instructed her like a father explained his child on the first of college and she nodded her head.

“Sorry in advance, hubby, but I will eat momos today. My tummy is craving for momos and I have to fulfil my tummy wish.” She thought cutely like always she was thinking about her Momos.

“Baby, I don’t want to go away from you.” He said after clasping her face lovingly and she smiled.

“Then don’t go.” She said immediately.

“Work is also important.” He said sadly and she also nodded her head sadly, both became habitual of each other, now they couldn’t even live for a minute without each other.

“See you, my baby.” He said after sucking her lips lovingly and Nandini just smiled broadly looking at him.

“Bye, hubby bubby.” She bid him bye and climbed off the car after kissing his cheeks. She smiled at him and sauntered toward the gate of the college. He was just seeing her walking. She turned back and gave him a flying kiss and Manik acted to catch her kiss in his hand and stored it in his heart. She laughed and ran inside. After that Manik also left.

She was wandering to her classroom. “Now finally I will have my Momos.” She wondered and licked her lower before smiling mischievously.

Precap: Nandini naughtily planned to eat Momos and she got missing.

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