(Part: 98 The Hot Game) Mine (Manan)

Nandini was sitting on Manik’s lap and He was kissing her face lovingly.

“Hubby, please continue the game, I want to play.” She asked him to continue the game but he nodded his head negatively.

“No, we won’t play that game because that game brought tears in your eyes.” He denied because tears in her eyes broke his heart into millions of pieces.

She pouted sadly at him. “Game will make me smile also. Please, my hubby bubby.” She implored and pulled his cheeks.

How could Manik deny her request, he agreed by nodding his head. She smiled gleefully and her eyes shimmered with happiness.

“What the thing, I hate the most ?” He suddenly asked continuing the game.

Nandini thought for a moment by putting her finger on her chin. “Momos,” she said after a few seconds. “I know you hate it, that’s why you never let me eat.” She said sadly looking at him and made a sad pout. Manik chuckled seeing her cuteness.

“Wrong Answer.” He grinned and she looked at him in shock. ” I hate Momos, but more than Momos I hate many things, I hate tears in your eyes, I hate sadness on your face, the thing which I hate the most is living without you. I hate to spend even a second without you baby.” He said after clasping her face, having so much love in his eyes for her. His made Nandini speechless, she was gazing at him unbelievably.

“So, you answered wrong, now I will bite you.” He smirked and Nandini blushed, moving her eyes down.

“Where should I bite you?” He was trailing the tip of his finger down her neck to her cleavage, down her belly button and again trailed up to her neck and stopped there only. He looked at her smiling baby. He moved close to her neck and she closed her eyes wrapping her hands around his neck. As he clenched her skin between his teeth and slightly bit her neck, she moaned, clutching the back of his shirt. Then to soothe the pain of his bite, he sucked that area and placed soft kisses there. He didn’t give her a mark because he never wanted to hurt her in any manner, therefore he just bit and like always he avoided to give her a love bite.

“So your turn again,” he said and she thought for a minute.

“What is the thing which I hate about you the most?” She asked and waited for his answer in anticipation. He was looking at her and thinking. He was confused between two things, the first thing was his anger and second, he didn’t let her eat momos.

“My anger.” He said after thinking for one minute and she smiled broadly because he gave the correct answer.

“Wow, you know everything about me hubby.” She squealed merrily and hugged him. He smiled while hugging her back.

“You know, when you get angry with me and shout at me in anger, I feel so bad, I feel like crying, I hate your anger.” She told him sadly after breaking the hug. Manik was just beaming at her because he was finding her damn cute.

“So now I will kiss you because I answered right.” He said, smirking and she nodded meekly.

“Wait, first let me close the door because anybody can enter my cabin in an emergency without knocking on the door.” He said after making her get up from his lap and wandered toward the door. After locking the door he came to her. Something wild was going in his mind and Nandini was as always looking at him like an excited baby.

“Hands up, baby.” He ordered after holding the hem of her top. She giggled and complied by raising her hands.

He hastily pulled her top over her head and put it on the table. After that, he moved close to her and placed his hands over her back, they both were looking into each other eyes lovingly. He unhooked her bra and kept it on the table still looking into her eyes. He smiled looking at her beautiful upper body which was only his. He grasped her waist and moved down toward her twins and started kissing her left one, she held his shoulder to balance herself and closed her eyes, she was enjoying his touch. As he started sucking her nipple, she pushed him and like always he gave her an irritated look.

“Hubby, I can’t control my moans as we are not at home, anybody can hear my moans outside.” She told her problem to him innocently and her words made him chuckled.

“You are so cute baby, I mean in romance also, you don’t leave any chance to show your cuteness and innocence.” He said and she was looking at him innocently like a small baby. “Baby, the room is soundproof, so I can make you moan how much I want.” He whispered in her ear and she made O mouth. He bit her earlobe.

“So, then continue please, why you are not doing?” She said like he had pushed her and stopped their romance. He shook his head in disbelief and continued kissing and sucking her upper body lovingly.

“So my next question is, listen to it carefully okay,” he instructed and she nodded her head. He continued, “Which part of your body seduces me the most?” He asked, pulling top down her head and gazing at her sexy body with desire in his eyes.

“My lips because, mujhe toh tumhre lips dekh kar humsha tumhai kissy karne ka man karta hai ( because whenever I see your lips, I want to kiss your lips) so maybe you feel the same as me.” She uttered innocently and he smiled broadly. She always brought a huge smile to his face with her cuteness.

“Good try, but the answer is wrong.” As he said, she made a sad pout. “Because every part of your body seduces me equally.” He grasped her waist and yanked her to himself.

She was staring at him like a gloomy baby. “Hubby, I am giving all the answer wrong, I don’t know anything about you.” She uttered sadly like a small baby.

He placed one hand on her face and snaked his other hand around her waist. “Baby, don’t be sad, you know about me, you know perfectly that how to bring a smile on my face instantly and how to make me laugh.”

“Hubby, I love you so much, you are perfect for me, no, no you are beyond perfect for me.” She confessed and beamed at him.

“I love you too, my baby.” He murmured, touching his face with her face.

“So you gave the wrong answer so again it’s my turn to bite you.” He smiled evilly and she was looking at him excitedly.

“Why are you sitting on the floor?” She asked when Manik knelt in front of her, he just looked up at her, his lips were drawn to an evil grin

She widened her eyes in shock as he opened the button of her jeans. She giggled after knowing his intentions. He pulled her jeans down with her innerwear till her knees, gazing at her, his eyes were full of desire. She shut her eyes as he touched her inner thigh. He grinned after looking up at her face. After that, he bit her most sensitive spot and she moaned loudly by fisting his hairs and then to soothe her pain, he sucked her clit.

“Hope I didn’t hurt you?” He asked like a true gentleman after looking up at her, he was concerned for her like always. She instantly opened her eyes and shook her head.

“Please continue, hubby, something is happening there.” She blurted like always innocently whatever was going on in her mind.

He grinned at her before sucking her inner thigh by holding her waist. She was moaning in immense pain. As she felt weak on her knees, she held his shoulder to balance herself. He splayed her legs wider by grasping her thighs and flickered her clit with his tongue. He was taking her to heaven with his tongue. Her legs were shaking and her core was throbbing.

“Hubby…” She screamed and exploded. She was breathing heavily. Finally, after so many days, she got what she was waiting for. After this Manik laid her down on the table because he knew that she must be drained out after the intense orgasm. The few things which were kept on the table fell on fooled when he laid on the table. He gave her a few seconds so that she could catch her breath and after that, he slammed her lips and kissed her lovingly till infinity.


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