(Part: 75 After Three Years) Love Story after Marriage (Sidnaaz)


After three years

Three years flew away so rapidly for Sidnaaz, they didn’t come to know how. They felt like yesterday only they had brought Aryan into their family. Aryan filled their life with lots of happiness. Now he was turning four years old. He was a happy, innocent and kindhearted kid. At this age, kids show a lot of tantrums but he was different, he listened to his parents but asked lots of questions like every kid. Shehnaaz used to teach him paintings and Sidharth used to teach him the guitar. He was interested in music more now.

And our romance breaker Muskan was going to turn eight very soon. She was still very naughty, show tantrums and everyone’s apple of eyes. She was a responsible big sister of Aryan and Sameer, Sam was Jaiand Mahi’s second baby who was two years old, he was naughtiest.

They all were playing teacher, teacher in the playroom at night time. Sam and Aryan were students and Muskan was their teacher. She was teaching them counting, One to twenty counting was written on board. Sam and Aryan were sitting at the desk. Aryan was writing counting in the notebook and Sam was busy tearing the pages.

“Musu Didu, I have competed (completed) my wlk (work)” Aryan said and Muskan came to him. She checked his work and gave him good.

“Aryan, very good.” She praised him and Aryan smiled gleefully.

“Sam, what are you doing?” As Muskan snatched the notebook from Sam, he started crying loudly. He was enjoying tearing the pages.

“Didu data, Didu data. (She scolded me.)” He dashed out of the room, rubbing his eyes.

“Sam, wait. I was not scolding you.” Muskan rushed behind him. Aryan also went behind them.

“Sam, I wasn’t scolding you.” As Muskan picked him in her arms after coming out of the room, he cried out louder, kicking his legs. Aryan went to call Mahi.

Aryan dashed into Mahi’s room and informed, “Mahi Mumma, come fast, Sam is crying.” He addressed Mahi as Mumma.

“What happened?” She asked anxiously, standing up from the sofa.

“Come with me.” He clasped Mahi’s hand and led him to Muskan and Sam.

Sam was pulling Muskan’s hair in anger now. “Sam, stop it. You’re hurting me.” She was constantly asking him to stop, but naughty Sam was now enjoying pulling his sister’s hair.

“Sam, stop it now.” As Mahi shouted, he instantly stopped and looked at his Mumma innocently.

She marched to them and took him in her arms. “Why were you pulling Muskan’s hair?” She asked him sternly.

She again started whimpering. “Mumma, Didu data.” He complained.

“Mumma, he was tearing the pages of the notebook, I just stopped him.” Muskan defended herself.

“Yes, Mahi Mumma, Didu didn’t do anything.” Aryan also took the side of Muskan.

“Sam, you should listen to your sister and it is very bad manners to pull anybody’s hair.” She explained to him, wiping his tears. “You’re Mumma’s good boy, right?” She asked and he nodded his head.

“Now say sorry to Didu.”

“Solly.” As he apologised, she showed him her tongue. He frowned at her and hid his face in his mumma’s chest.

Shehnaaz was sitting on the bed, resting her back against the bed rest. Her face was glowing and her cheeks became more chubby after pregnancy. She was half and eight months pregnant. Finally, the Symbol of Sidnaaz’s love was going to come into the world very soon.

Sidharth didn’t leave her alone for even a single second. He was taking proper care of his pregnant wife and also doing all her work. He gave the bath to Aryan, made him ready for school, play with him, gave massage to his Angel, do pregnancy exercises with her and bearing her all pregnancy mood swings. She herself was irritated with her mood swings, one moment she became so angry and the next moment she became emotional. Her mood changed after every minute.

Sidharth stepped out of the bathroom and Shehnaaz smiled at him. He sat beside her, holding her hand.

“Finally symbol of our love is going to come into this world.” She said with utter contentment after placing her hand on her baby bump, her eyes were sparkling with happiness.

“Yes, and all credit goes to you, Angel.” He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then he bent down and pull the top up her belly. He smiled up at her and as he placed a kiss there, the baby kicked inside.

“Sidharth, he kicked.” She told him gleefully and he instantly looked up at her, his eyes shimmered with happiness.

“Wow, you’re already responding to daddy.” He murmured and placed lots of kisses on her tummy. She beamed at him. Then he planted a lingering kiss on her lips.

They pulled apart as Aryan knocked on the door. “Mumma, open the door, Daddy.”

“How every time he comes to know that we’re kissing each other?” Sidharth asked from Shehnaaz in disbelief. “I think there is some connection.”

Shehnaaz chuckled. “What is the connection, we’ll think about it later, now go and open the door, Aru is standing out.” She said, pushing him.

He strolled toward the door and open it. “Daddy, I dlew (drew) a pictul (picture) of oul (our) family.” He told merrily, holding the drawing sheet.

“Okay, show me.” Sidharth said.

“No.” He denied and hid the drawing sheet behind his back. Sidharth narrowed his brows bemusedly. “I’ll show the painting to you and Mumma together.” He clasped Sidharth’s hand with his free hand and led him to his mother.

“Mumma, I drew a family pictul.” Now he told his Mumma with the same excitement.

“Wow, show us.”

Sidharth picked him up and made him sit on the bed beside Shehnaaz and he sat in front of her. Then Aryan show them his painting.

“This is me and this is daddy and you, and this is my baby sistel (sister).” He told them with enthusiasm by pointing at the painting.

Sidnaaz glanced at each other confusingly. “Aru, how can you be so sure that God will give you sister? God can give you brother also.” Shehnaaz asked and raised her brows.

“But Mumma I already have my baby brother, now I want baby sistel. I played (prayed) to God to give me sistel. I know he’ll suly (surely) listen to me.” Aryan said with full confidence. Sidnaaz smiled at each other.

“Daddy, now I’m feeling sleepy. Would you play the guitar for me?” He requested Sidharth after placing his head on Shehnaaz’s lap. She fondly ruffled his silky hair, smiling at him.

“Sure, my baby.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead.

Then he went to bring Guitar from his Music room.

“Babu, did you have dinner?” Shehnaaz asked him concernedly.

“Yes, Mumma. Don’t wolly (worry) I had one chapati with one bowl of dal and lots of salad. Mahi Mumma fed me.” The way he asked her to don’t worry, brought a huge smile to her face.

“My so sweet baby.” She slightly pulled his cheek and he chuckled adorably.

“Mumma, I want to ask one question from you. Mele mind mein ek question tick tick kal lha hai jabse meko pata laga hai ki apke tummy me baby hai. (The question has been revolving in my mind ever since you have told me that you have a baby inside you.)” He asked, pointing at her baby bump.

She bit her lower lip, she knew what question he would ask. “Mumma, how the baby came in youl tummy and why not daddy?”

“Because…” she was wondering. “Babu, God do this, we also don’t know, how and why this happened.” She sighed with relief after answering him and he made O mouth.

Sidharth came back with Guitar and played to make him sleep. Shehnaaz was constantly caressing his hair. Aryan fell fast asleep. Sidharth placed the Guitar on the side and laid down Aryan on the bed properly in the middle. He was tucking him in the quilt and Shehnaaz was gazing at them fondly.

She asked, “Mr Perfect, Could I lie down by placing my head on your lap for some time?”

“For some time?” He clasped her face. “You can lie down by placing your head on my lap for the whole night, I don’t have any problem.” She smiled at him.

She clasped his hand and placed a kiss. “Thank you for always being there for me and taking care of me.” They beamed ear to ear.

After that, he helped her in lying down and placed her head over his lap. They fell asleep, talking to each other in the same position.

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