(Part: 75 My Baby Doll) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I reached my Dad’s big mansion. He was sitting in the hall. I knitted my brows and marched to him in fury, clutching my hands.

“Why did you call Lavanya from London.” As I roared at him, he stood up instantly.

“I just want to surprise you by making you meet your daughter,” he said like he really wanted to surprise me. My father is a wicked man, he does everything for his own hidden profit and agenda. I really don’t trust him.

“Stop interfering in my life, Mr Rajat Shukla.” I bawled at him.

“Why are you so angry?” He asked.

“I’m not interested to tell you anything. I just came here to meet my daughter.” I stormed from there after last time glaring at him. I just hate him.

I asked one of the maids about the room where my daughter is staying. She asked me to follow her. She went after leaving me out of Saira’s room. I knocked on the door and Lavanya opened the door. I wandered into the room completely ignoring her to meet my daughter.

Saira is sleeping adorably, hugging her teddy near to her heart. A smile flashed on my face as I saw her. I strolled to her, gazing at her fondly. I leaned down and caressed her forehead.

“I wish I could keep you with me forever, but I don’t want to snatch you from your mother. I promise I’ll always protect you and give you all my love whenever I meet you.” I murmured and placed a kiss on her forehead.

I properly tucked her in the comforter before striding toward Lavanya, glaring at her. I grasped her arm and dragged her out of the room. I closed the door.

“Why didn’t you inform me before coming to India?” I asked in anger, grabbing her arms.

“Your, your father told me tha-that he wants to surprise you.” She shuttered with fright, her eyes are filled with fear. She scared of my anger.

“You have no idea, what you have done, Lavanya.” I growled at her, digging my nails in her arms. I’m extremely angry with her because she ruined everything between Princess and me.

Her eyes welled up with tears. “I’m sorry.” She apologised guiltily.

Now I felt guilty. What is her mistake? It’s my fault that Princess left me. I should have told Princess about her and Saira earlier.

I left her. “I’m sorry, Lavanya. I’m just,” I moved my hand through my hair frustratedly. “I’m angry with myself and taking out my anger on you.” I told her.

She is looking at me incredulously. “You have changed so much.” As she uttered, I narrowed my brows bemusedly. She continued, “before you never apologised to me like this. You can now control your anger.”

Am I really changed?

Yes, My Princess changed me for good. Now I can feel the pain of others. Before I only thought about myself and hurt women because of my anger and my wrong mindset that every woman is like my stepmom and deserve to be treated badly.

“Lavanya, Could I spend some alone time with my daughter?” I asked, changing the topic.

“Yeah, of course, she is your daughter too and I’m sorry again that I didn’t inform you before coming to India.” She apologised genuinely.

“It’s fine.”

“Now I shall leave. Call me when you go, I’ll come back.” I gave her a slight nod and she left.

I came back to the room and lay down with my daughter. I pulled her into my warm arms and closed my eyes. I doze off wondering about Princess that what she would be doing and she would have eaten anything. I’m so anxious for her.

I woke up after a few minutes as I felt weight over my stomach. My lips drew up into a blissful smile as I saw Saira, she’s sitting on my stomach.

“Daddy, when did you come and sleep with me?” She asked surprisingly and her tiny eyes shimmered with happiness.

“I came when my doll was sleeping.” I pulled her chubby cheeks and she smiled cheerfully.

“You know when I woke up I thought I’m dreaming. I love you so much, daddy.” She smiled merrily at me and hugged me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her.

“Daddy, Mumma was telling me that we’ll go back home tomorrow and I’ll miss you a lot.” She said dejectedly after looking at me.

“I’ll miss you too, Doll, but I promise that I’ll come to meet you next month.” As I told her, her eyes shone with happiness.

“Really, Daddy?” She asked and I nodded, smiling.

“And today we’ll go to the amusement park, then we’ll go shopping.” As I told her, her smile grew bigger.

“Wow… it will be so much fun.” She squealed and clapped her hands joyfully. I just smiled at her.

“Now get up from me, we’re getting late. I have to ready you also.” I said and she hurriedly stood up from my stomach. She climbed down from the bed and rushed to her luggage. I stepped out of the bed and strolled to her. I knelt beside her to open the luggage.

“Daddy, today I’ll wear the clothes of your choice.” She said and I nodded.

I took out a beautiful pink jumpsuit for her. I stood up and took her to the bed after picking up her in my arms. I changed her clothes. Then I combed her hair properly and bound it in a ponytail. She told me about her friends and school when I was changing her clothes and combing her hair. She speaks a lot and I love it.

Me: I’m taking her out, I’ll drop her back at night.

I sat in the car and messaged Lavanya, she replied to me instantly.

Lavanya: Okay.

I messaged Mom also before leaving the Mansion with Saira.

Me: Did Princess eat anything? How is she?

I’m really anxious for her and regretting badly for hurting her.

I stopped the car at the parking of the amusement park. Saira is busy eating ice cream adorably, she licking her fingers also. My corner of lips twitched into a little smile.

As my phone beeped, I took out my phone from the pocket. I received a message from Mom.

Mom: She doesn’t come out of her room. I don’t think she’s sleeping.

My eyebrows creased and my lips drew down after reading her message. She is suffering because of me. What I should do to make her fine? She asked me for the time, I’m giving her, but it’s difficult to stay without her and it is even more difficult to stay without her when she’s hurt and need love. I’m sorry, Princess. Please, forgive me.

Me: Mom, go to her room with breakfast. She’s not sleeping. When I dropped you at home, I saw her standing at the window.

Mom: Okay, I’ll message you after feeding her. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.

Me: I want to meet her, Mom. I don’t want to lose her.

Mom: Everything will be fine, be strong.

After that I messaged Princess.

Me: I’m giving you time, but please take care of yourself, Princess. I really love you and miss you a lot.

She instantly saw my message but didn’t reply to me. She is seeing my all messages but not replying to me and it’s hurting me a lot, not because she isn’t replying, it’s hurting me because I hurt her so much that she’s not even messaging me.

“Daddy, what are you doing on the phone? And why are you so upset?” As Saira asked, I came on the earth back.

I kept the phone in my jeans pocket and looked at her with a fake smile on my face. “I’m not upset, my doll.” I cleaned her hands and face with tissue paper.

“Daddy, you’re lying to me.” She frowned.

“No, baby.” I kissed her forehead. “Why I will be sad when my little doll is with me?” I raised my brows.

“I think you’re sad because I didn’t share my Ice cream with you.” She giggled gleefully and I chuckled. She’s so adorable. I’m smiling on my worst day because of her. She is precious to me.

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