(Part: 97) Mine (Manan)


It had been an hour passed since Nandini ordered Momos.

“Richa, when Momos will come, big rats are jumping for momos in my tummy. You have no idea how much I’m craving for Momos.” She was asking about her momos after every two minutes.

“Mam, It’s morning time, Momos get available in the evening but don’t worry, peon is finding the Momos shop.” Nandini made a sad pout after listening to Richa’s words.

“Momos, my first love, when you will come to me,” she wondered and placed her head down on the table sadly.

“Richa, when hubby,” she instantly paused and closed her eyes cutely. She continued, “I mean when Manik’s meeting will get over?”

“Mam, today meeting is short, I think it will be wrapped within five to ten minutes.” She pouted sadly and felt like crying after listening to her words.

“Why his today’s meeting has to be short.” She muttered annoyingly.

“What if he comes to know that I ordered Momos.” She wondered, biting her nails and instantly shouted, standing up. “Cancel the Momos order fast.” She didn’t want that Manik should come to know about Momos at any cost.

Richa looked at her bemusedly. “Mam, Relax it just momos.” Richa said and Nandini made crying like faces.

“Vohe toh it’s just momos but who make my hubby understand.” She murmured to herself and shook her head.

“Richa, please cancel the momos order, please.” She implored because she didn’t want to face her hubby’s anger at any cost. Richa nodded her head and called Peon.

Nandini sat back on the chair sadly. ” I don’t know when I will get my first love.” She was just wondering about her first love, Momos.

Manik stepped into the cabin and squealed. “Baby, I am back.” Today she had been on his mind during the whole meeting because he assumed that she would be waiting for him in his cabin, therefore he couldn’t able to concentrate on the meeting.

Richa looked down and smiled after seeing her Manik sir talking like this. Manik closed his eyes after realising that Richa was also present in the cabin. She silently walked out of the cabin.

“Hubby,itni jaldi meeting katham hogye tumhri, kese? (How did your meeting get over so soon?)” She asked sadly, strolling toward him, lost in her thoughts. Manik was shocked because he didn’t expect this reaction. He thought she would jump with joy after seeing him so soon.

“My baby is not happy after seeing her hubby?” He asked and she closed her eyes making a cute face as she realised what she said a few second ago when she was lost in her thought.

“Hubby, I am super happy.” She hugged him suddenly. “I was saying sarcastically, your meeting should be finished more early.” She lied cutely after breaking the hug. Manik believed her also because she behaved like this only.

“I thought, you didn’t get happy after seeing me.” He said sadly and Nandini smiled showing her all the teeth.

“Why I would not be happy?” She raised her brows.

He grasped her waist and yanked her to himself. “By the way, why were you so eager to meet me?” He asked and moved closer to her, grinning.

“Because I want to play a game with you.” As she uttered, he narrowed his brows.

“What? Game?” He asked.

She nodded. “Yes, game, we haven’t played any game for so many days, hubby.” Manik was looking at her in disbelief, wondering she came with him to the office to play games with him.

“Baby, when I get free, we will home and play. I have to do work here.” He tried to make her understand, placing one hand on her cheek and his other hand was snaked around her waist.

“No, I want to play in the office, you can do romance with me here, then why can’t we play a romantic game?” She asked, raising her eyebrows cutely.

“Oh, so my baby wanna play, Romantic game.” He smirked and tucked her few hair strands behind her ear. He became naughty as soon as she told him that she wanted to play the romantic game with him.

“So what is the game?” He asked, pulling her more closer to himself.

She beamed at him. “It will be like how much we know each other, I will ask a question from you about me and if your answer is right, then you can kiss me anywhere and if your answer is wrong, then I will bite you.” She giggled after saying the last sentence and Manik just shook his head in disbelief, listening to her game.

“So start the game.” As he said, she started thinking.

“What do I ask him?” She murmured thoughtfully, putting her finger on her chin. As she made a cute pout, Manik pecked her lips.

She looked at him, widening her eyes. “Hww.. cheating, you kissed me before only.” She complained like a small baby and frowned at him. Manik laughed throwing his head back, going insane seeing her cuteness.

“Baby, it was a peck, not a kiss. Bad student, I think you have forgotten my romance classes, you forgot the difference between kiss and peck. So I am thinking I should start your romance classes again.” He moved closer to her, smirking and she pushed him away.

“Hubby, please play the game.” She cried out like a small baby.

“Okay, my baby, now I will concentrate on the game, ask the question fast.” He said after clasping her face and she smiled at him.

“Umm, tell me about my favourite place where I want to visit.” She asked cutely.

Manik scratched his temple, wondering about her favourite place. “I am sure, hubby, you don’t know the answer.” She said confidently and Manik smiled at her.

“Stars,” as he answered correctly, she looked at him in shock because she never shared with Manik that she wanted to go on stars.

“How do you know?” She asked surprisingly, he was just smiling at her.

“I wasn’t sure that I would be right or wrong, it was just a wild guess.” He told her.

“How do you guess it?” She asked in anticipation. Her eyes were shimmering with happiness because her hubby knew everything about her, the things about which they had never discussed also, he knew about those things also. This called true love where we know everything about our partners.

“Because once when I told you that your mom and dad have become a star. After that I always found you staring at the star at night. One day I also heard you saying that you want to meet them and you want to go on stars. So when you were so sure that I didn’t know the answer, I thought this would be the answer.” Manik explained to her and she was looking at him unbelievably. She just hugged him after jumping on him because he made her speechless with his words. She was falling in love with him more and more with each passing day, she trusted him more than she trusted herself. Manik hugged her back, having a smile on his face.

After a few minutes, they broke the hug. His eyebrows caressed and he became anxious as he saw tears in her eyes.

“What happened, baby? Why are you crying?” He asked worriedly after cupping her face and wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“I am sad and happy also.” She said and sobbed.

“Why my bacha is sad?” He asked concernedly, constantly wiping her tears with his thumbs.

She hiccuped and said, “I am sad because Mumma and daddy are not with me and I missing them a lot. They loved me so much. Daddy,” she sniffled and continued, “he, he used to call me Princess and Mumma used to call me pari. Mumma used to make very tasty aloo pradha for me, they loved me so much, they always used to think about my happiness, I miss them a lot, hubby. Why God snatched them from me, god is very bad.” She cried badly, recalling about her parents because she was missing them badly. Manik was just staring at her helplessly. He wanted to fulfil his baby’s every wish but he could never bring her parents back.

Parents are the most precious gift which is given by God, they are the person who can do anything for their children and Nandini’s parent proved this as they sacrificed their lives to save her from Satan. The pain of losing parents is the pain which can’t be explained, the pain who faced it, only they know what’s the real pain is.

She whimpered after hiding her face in Manik’s chest and he was letting her cry. He was feeling like someone was stabbing the knife into his heart again and again after seeing his girl crying in the pain. He had gone through this pain in his childhood and he could completely feel her pain, he knew, this pain is the pain that will remain with you for your lifetime.

“Baby, I am with you, they are also with you always.” He rubbed her back to calm her down. Now he was regretting why he started this conversation.

As she heard the knock on the door, she immediately broke the hug and wiped her tears with her knuckles. Manik looked at her helplessly.

Somebody again knocked on the door. “Come in.” Manik said, his gaze was fixed at his baby.

Richa stepped into the cabin. She first looked at Nandini and then she spoke after moving her eyes to Manik. “Sir, you have a meeting in ten minutes”

“Cancel this meeting, I mean cancel today all the meeting and shift on the other day.” He ordered and she left after nodding her head. Nandini looked at him in surprise.

“Why did you cancel all your meetings? I’m fine hubby.” She said, still sobbing.

“If you are fine, then also I want to spend some time with my cute wifey, any problem?” He asked after clasping her face.

She smiled and nodded, “no problem.” He beamed at her and kissed her forehead.

“I love you so much, hubby.” Suddenly she hugged him tightly. Manik was shocked by her sudden confession.

“I love you too,” he hugged her back.

“From childhood, every girl wants to see her father in her husband. I am really glad to find my father in you, in fact, I find my mother, my friend, my teacher in you. You are my everything, therefore you are the most special and precious person of my life, I am alive because you are with me, I love you so much, hubby.” She confessed gleefully after breaking the hug. They both looked deeply into each other eyes, their eyes were filled with love and only love.

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