(Part: 96) Mine (Sidnaaz)

They reached the office and Sana stared at his huge office in amazement.

“Itna big office, hubby, you’re very rich.” She said gleefully and Sidharth smiled at her.

“Now, do you want to go inside or you wanna spend your whole day standing out like this?” He asked, raising his brows.

“No, no, I want to go inside.” She uttered in excitement. When they were about to enter, his phone rang up. He picked up the phone with one hand and opened the door for her with his other hand. She stepped into the office, smiling merrily.

“What, how could they cancel the meeting suddenly?” He shouted on the phone, standing on the door.

Sana was strolling and admiring his big and luxurious office with an open mouth, the interior of the office was breathtaking. She didn’t even realise that Sidharth wasn’t coming behind her. She bumped with the table and mistakenly vase fell which was kept on the table.

“Ops.” She palmed her mouth and the Manager marched to her in anger.

“Sorry, hubby.” She turned around and she narrowed her brows as she didn’t find him behind her.

“Where did hubby go?” She looked around.

As the manager patted her shoulder, she turned toward him and looked at him in confusion.

“Madam, who will give the money of this vase?” He asked, pointing at the broken vase, he didn’t know that Sana was his boss’s wife, therefore he was doing the mistake of asking for money from his boss’s wife.

“Sorry, I don’t have money.” She replied innocently and he glared at her.

“Then who will pay for this vase?” He asked angrily and she made a sad pout.

“Sorry, I don’t have money.” She again apologised innocently. Rather than showing her bossy attitude, she was apologising to him.

“What are you doing in this office if you don’t have money with you?” As he shouted at her, she frowned and made an angry pout.

“I have come here with my hubby, my hubby is the owner of this company.” She told him sassily and Manager chuckled wondering she was kidding.

“And this company is mine.” The manager joked and Sana widened her eyes in shock.

“What, when did hubby sell his company to him? He didn’t even tell me, very bad.” She didn’t understand that he was joking and she innocently murmured thinking that in reality this company of that person.

“Now, are you paying for the vase or,” before he could say something, they both heard Sidharth’s voice.

“What’s happening here?” He asked, striding toward them. Now Manager had to face the consequences.

“This girl broke this vase.” The manager told him, pointing at the vase.

“Hubby, why didn’t you tell me that you sold the company to him?” As she asked him, he looked at her, baffled.

“What?” He asked shockingly and the Manager’s face went blank when he heard the words hubby from Sana’s mouth, he immediately understood that she was his boss’s wife in reality.

“Who told you that I have sold my company?” He asked her.

“He told me that he is the owner of this company and he also asked me to give money because I mistakenly broke this vase.” She told him everything, pointing her finger at the Manager.

He darted his eyes to the manager and glared at him. He moved his eyes down on the floor, embarrassed.

“You are just a Manager, not an owner of this company and how dare you asked for money from her?” Sidharth roared at him after grabbing the collars of the Manager. Sana palmed her mouth as she saw his anger.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know that she is your wife.” He apologised guiltily.

“Say sorry to her.” He pushed him in front of Sana.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you are his wife, please forgive me.” He apologised and she pouted sadly.

“It’s okay, hubby. I forgive him, now leave him.” She said because she was feeling bad for him.

“Hubby, let’s go inside, please.” She requested when he was about to again scold him. He nodded his head and strolled to his cabin by holding her hand after last time glancing at the Manager in anger.

They stepped into his cabin hand in hand.

“Hubby, you’re so rich, wow my hubby is so rich.” She squealed with joy and he beamed at her.

He suddenly grasped her waist and yanked her to himself. “Yes, you are right, I’m very very rich, but not by this company, in reality, I became rich after getting you.” He said lovingly and she smiled broadly.

He smiled merrily and placed his hand on her face. “You know what, I am glad that I have lots of money because through this I can fulfil my baby’s every wish.”

“Hubby, I have only one wish and that wish is that I want to live with you forever, even I can live in chotu sa (small) house with you.” Her words were vividly showing how deeply she was in love with him, for her his richness didn’t matter, only his heart mattered.

“I love you so much, baby, I can’t even express in words how much I love you.” He wholeheartedly confessed after clasping her face with both hands and she smiled at him fondly.

“Then don’t express in words, express it through your action.” She uttered, moving close to his face. He widened his eyes in amazement to hear these words from her mouth.

Their lips were only a few inches apart and before their lips could meet, there was a knock on the door and they pulled apart.

“Baby, you sit there.” He pointed at the sofa.

“Okay, hubby.” She gave him a slight nod and walked toward the sofa.

“Come in.” He permitted and sat on his chair.

His secretary stepped into his cabin and passed him a warm smile.

“Good morning, sir. After ten minutes you have a meeting with Singh company and then you have an interview,” She was telling him today’s schedule but paused as he showed her his hand.

“You wait for me outside, I am coming.” As he ordered her, she slightly nodded and walked out of the cabin.

“Baby, I have a meeting, so I have to go. I’m sending my P.A. Richa, she will remain with you, so if you need something, tell her.” He instructed her, strolling toward her.

“Hubby, could I sit here, I also want to become boss like you.” She asked him cutely, ambling toward his chair.

He smiled at her and walked to her. “Of course, my baby, you can and it’s your chair also, whatever is mine, it’s yours too. So you don’t need to ask.” He said lovingly after clasping her face and kissed her forehead.

She cheerfully clapped her hands and sat on the chair. She was rolling the chair as a small kid. He was just smiling at her. She was her stress booster and her happiness gave him immense peace.

“Now, I have to go, take care.” He hugged her and broke the hug quickly.

“Bye, hubby, all the very best for your meeting, give your best.” She said after wrapping her hands around his neck and kissed his cheek.

Sidharth stepped out after smiling at her.

After a few minutes, Richa walked into the Cabin.

“Hello, Mam, I am Sir’s assistant. If you need anything ask me.” Richa introduced herself and Sana nodded her head.

Suddenly a naughty idea popped into her mind and she grinned.

“I think, I should ask her to bring momos for me.” She wondered and licked her lower lip.

“Listen bring a plate of Momos for me.” She ordered her in a bossy tone and Richa nodded her head.

“Okay, mam.” She walked out.

“Wow, finally I will get my first love momos.” She smiled gaily.

What do you think, will she get Momos?

How do find the part?

Love Mehak

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