(Part: 73 I’m fortunate) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I reached back beach house. As I saw the main door open, I understood Mom is already inside. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to gather the courage to tell her the truth before stepping into the house.

I strolled to the hall. She is sitting on the sofa, waiting for me.

“Mom.” As I called her, she looked up at me and stood up.

I leaned down and hugged her tightly. “Mom, I did a terrible mistake. I hurt my Princess. She cried because of me. I’m not a good person, I’m very bad.” I became hysterical and cried out like a small baby in her arms.

She’s rubbing my back. “No, Sidharth, you’re not bad.”

I broke the hug and said, “you will also hate me when you come to know the truth.”

She shook her head. “No, You’re wrong, a mother can never hate her child.” She clasped my face. “I can scold you and stay angry with you, but I’ll never hate you. You’re my son, Sidharth.”

“No, Mom, you will hate me.” As I uttered, she nodded her head.

“Never.” She said with full confidence.

“I have a daughter of five years.” As I told her, she left my face and widened her eyes in shock. Then I told her everything. I told her that Saira’s mother is my ex-girlfriend instead of telling her that she was my submissive.

“Do you hate me, mom?” I asked her, she is still staring at me in utter shock.

“No, I don’t hate you, but I’m shocked that why didn’t you tell Shehnaaz about this before. Why did you hide about your daughter from her, Sidharth?” She asked me in a calm tone. I’m shocked to see her this reaction. I thought that she would scold me.

“It just that I didn’t want to hurt her by telling her about my daughter. I wanted to tell her, Mom, I was waiting for the right time. I never thought that God would bring the truth in front of her like this. I’m regretting badly for not telling her about my daughter earlier. Mom, she hates me now. She doesn’t trust me anymore, I hurt her so much. I should be punished.” Tears are constantly trickling down my eyes, my heart is aching.

“Who told you that she hates you?” As Mom asked, I looked at her, confused. “She still loves you a lot, Sidharth. She is badly hurt, but still, she sent me here to take care of you.” As Mom told me, I stared at her in disbelief.

“Did Princess ask you to come here?” I asked incredulously and she nodded.

Princess has sent Mom to take care of me. My heart felt a bit of relief after knowing this. A slight smile of contentment flashed on my face and my eyes glinted with happiness.

She still loves me so much. I hurt her, but still, she’s thinking about me. I’m so blessed to have a person in my life who loves like this.

“Sidharth, give her some time. It is difficult for her to trust you. She’s hurt.” As Mom said, I came on the earth back.

“I want to win her trust back.”

“You will win her trust back, but for now give her a few days and now please don’t hide anything from her.”

“No, Mom, never.” I shook my head.

“Thank you, Mom, for being there for me. I’m glad to have you.” I hugged her, smiling blissfully.

“I want to see you and Shehnaaz happy always and I know very well that you both will stay happy with each other only. Therefore I’ll always try my best to keep you both together in difficulties. But for now, give her some time and staying away from her is your punishment for hiding the truth from her and hurting her.” She said after breaking the hug. I nodded.

“Mom, I’m dropping you back home. I’m fine, you stay with Princess and take care of her. She needs you.”

“No, tonight I’m staying with you. Sana has also told me about your nightmares. Now you go inside and change your clothes or else you will catch cold. I’m bringing hot milk for you.” I gave her a slight nod. She ambled to the kitchen and I toiled upstairs.

I wore the navy blue hoodie which Princess had worn in the evening. I can feel her because her fragrance is still present in my hoodie. I’m already missing her a lot. Staying without her is not less than a punishment for me. Mom said right this is my punishment for hurting my Princess. I deserve to stay without her.

Mom stepped into the room with a glass of hot milk for me. I’m extremely grateful to have her in my life. I hurt her daughter, but still, she is taking care of me because she loves me like my real mother.

She gave the glass of milk to me. “Now drink it. I’m arranging the bed.”

“Aren’t you angry with me?” I asked, taking the milk.

“No, because I know life is so short to stay angry with my son when he has already realised his mistake and learn from it.” I smiled with contentment.

“I’m fortunate to have you, Mom. I promise you I’ll never hurt your daughter again.” I promised her from the core of my heart.

She placed her hand on my face. “I trust you, my child.” She’s gazing at me, her eyes are filled with immense love. She trusts me so much and I’ll never break her trust.

She wandered towards the bed to arrange it. I don’t want to have anything right now, but I drunk the milk for her.

After that, we both lay down on the bed. I’m sliding our photos on the phone, I’m already missing her a lot. We stay so happy together. My life was utterly black and dark without her, she has filled colour to my black life and brought light into my dark life. She’s my whole world.

Me: Thank you for sending Mom to me. This shows me that you still love me. You can take your time, Princess, but just remember that I’ll always wait for you because I’m completely incomplete without you. No matter what I’ll love you and protect you till my last breath.

I sent her the message before again admiring her photo and her pretty smile.

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