(Part: 72 I’ll miss my home) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


For a few minutes, I got lost in his protective arms. I love him so much, his arms are my home. But I have to live away from my home for a few days because I’m hurt. I need time to clear my mind and to accept the truth. I’ll miss my home a lot. I’ll miss his touch. I’ll miss everything about us. But I know, after a few days I’ll come back to my home only.

“Please, give me some time, Sidharth. It’s hurting me a lot and it is difficult to trust you now. Please.” As I implored in loud voice, the grip of his arms loosened and he removed his hands.

“You can take your time, Princess and I promise you, I’ll win back your trust again. You will again trust me like before.” He said with full confidence and placed a kiss on my hair.

I want this only, I want to trust him again like before, but it seems impossible for now.

Will I ever able to trust him like before?

I never thought that I would ever take the decision of leaving him.

Really Life is unpredictable.

Suddenly a question popped into my mind and I instantly turned towards him.

He was about to turn but stopped as I said, “I want to ask you something.”

“What?” He asked, staring at me a bit confused.

“If you were at my place, what would you do? If I had been hiding about my daughter from you, would you have forgiven me immediately? Would you able to trust me?” He became thoughtful as I asked him.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer me now, think about it and answer me.” Now I turned back to walk toward the door. I’m certain his gaze would be fixed at me and he would be wondering about my question.

I want to turn back and look at him, but I didn’t turn, I opened the door, stepped inside and shut it without looking at him because I know if I look at him, I will run to him and hug him tightly. He hurt me, but it is still difficult to stay away from him because I love him so much, he has become my addiction. Staying without him is like staying without a heart because my heart is forever with him.

I rested my head against the door and as I closed my eyes, fresh tears streamed down my cheeks. I mutely cried, pursing my lips.

I wiped my tears and opened my eyes. I raised my brows in shock as I saw Mom standing in front of me.

“Did something happen between you and Sidharth?” Mom asked anxiously.

I nodded and threw my arms around her. I cried loudly, hugging her tightly and burying my face in her chest. She placed her arms around me and rubbed my back.

“Mom,” I sobbed. “Mom he was, he was hiding something very big from me. He hurt me a lot for the first time.” I cried out, hugging her tighter and clutching her top. She’s constantly rubbing my back to calm me down.

“I’m not understanding anything, mom.” I sniffled. “I can’t stay away from him, but I can’t even stay with him because I’m badly hurt.” I hiccuped.

“Everything will be fine, Sana. He really loves you. Do you really think, he will ever try to hurt you intentionally?” As she asked, I instantly broke the hug and shook my head because I’m a hundred percent sure that he will never hurt me intentionally.

“Mom, but today I’m hurt because of him.” I’m constantly sobbing.

She cupped my face. “It’s okay, Sana, everything will be fine. You only need some rest, my child. Sometimes the matter is not as big as our mind makes it. First, you need to relax your mind and then only you should take any decision.” She explained to me so well.

“You’re right, Mom, I really need some rest. I’m so exhausted. I really don’t want to think anything for some time. I’m going to sleep.” After saying this, I strode towards the door but stopped as suddenly something struck into my mind.

As I came back to her, she narrowed her brows confusingly. “Mom, I want to say something to you.”

“Say, my child.” She placed her hand on my face and gently rubbed my cheek with her thumb.

“Could you go to, Sidharth? Actually, he won’t able to sleep properly without me. Nightmares haunt him when I’m not with him. I want you to take care of him until I can’t.” She stared at me incredulously and shook her head in disbelief.

He hurt me, but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring for him because I love him unconditionally. I can’t let him suffer.

“Would you go?” I asked as Mom didn’t respond.

“Of course, Sana, he is like my child. I’ll take care of him, don’t worry. You go and sleep well. Sleep with your dad today. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” She clasped my face and kissed my forehead.

I lumbered into my room to change the clothes. I opened my cupboard and fresh tears streamed down my cheeks as I saw his clothes. Every night I slept wearing his shirt or his t-shirt, but tonight I picked up my nightwear and rushed to the bathroom after shutting the cupboard.

Master’s P.O.V.

I’m driving the car and her question is revolving in my mind. What would I do if I were at Princess’s place?

If I were at her place, I would also be angry and wouldn’t able to trust her but I would certainly give her a second chance because everyone in this life deserves a second and that’s what Princess has taught me.

No matter what I would have never left her even if she had been hiding about her daughter because she is my life. I can stay angry with my Princess but never leave her.

I just pray Princess forgive me soon and I’ll do anything to win her trust back and from now I will never hide anything from her.

I don’t know how will I spend my days without my Princess? My heart is throbbing with immense pain, but I deserve this.

I deserve this punishment of staying away from her, I hurt her so much. I should be punished for hurting her. She was crying so much because of me. I’m sorry, Princess. I promise I’ll never let you cry again.

Suddenly my phone rang up and I picked up the phone from the passenger seat.

As I saw the caller id, I narrowed my brows bemusedly and wondered, “why Mom is calling me? Did Princess tell her everything?”

I took a deep breath before answering the call and placing it over my ear. “Hello.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to your house. I need to talk to you.” She’s sounding serious.

“I’m reaching within a few minutes.” I replied and she discontinued the call.

If Princess doesn’t tell her the truth, today I’ll tell her about Saira. Now I don’t even want to hide anything from her.

What do you think how will Shehnaaz’s mother react after knowing the truth?

Love Mehak

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