(Part: 70 Is This the End?) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

“I’m badly hurt, Sidharth, I don’t want to listen to anything. Let me go, I beg you. I can’t trust you anymore.” She removed my hand and hastily opened the door. She settled inside the car and shut the door.

“Princess,” before I could say something, she rolled up the glass, staring straight. She is going away in front of my eyes sitting in the car and taking my breath away from me with herself. I felt wretched because I felt like I lost my Princess forever.

I’m shedding silent tears in the rain, but I deserve this pain because I broke her trust. I should have told her the truth earlier.

What I’ll do without her?

How we’ll live without each other?

No, No, I will do anything for her forgiveness, but I won’t let go. I can’t live without her.

“Daddy…” As I heard Saira’s voice, I turned behind to look at her. She’s standing with her mom, holding her hand.

God, have I done something wrong to save my little daughter from dying that you punished me by taking away my Princess? You know that why I never told about Saira to Princess. I wanted to keep her away from my past life, I don’t want to hurt her by telling her that I have a daughter. Please, God, please don’t take her away from me. I’ll die without her.

I strolled to Saira. “Why are you drenching in the rain, daddy? You will catch cold.” She scolded me like my mother.

“Don’t worry, Daddy is strong, he won’t catch cold.” I caressed her cheek.

“I’m also strong, daddy. See.” She showed me her bicep. I smiled at her. I wish I could keep her with me forever.

“You go back home with your Mumma, I’ll meet you there.” I said to her before moving my eyes to Lavanya, her mother. She was one of my submissive and now she’s nothing more than my daughter’s mother. She looks like my stepmom and therefore I made her my submissive. I used to take out my step mom’s anger on her. It’s a long story of how she gave birth to my daughter.

I hate Lavanya because of her appearance and today I hate her even more for coming here without informing me. I never wanted the truth to come out in front of Princess like this, I wanted to tell her about Saira to Princess myself. I was waiting for the right time. She ruined everything. She made my Princess cry. I know it’s my fault too, but Lavanya destroyed everything between me and my Princess.

“Take her home, I’ll see you there.” I glared at Lavanya in fury.

I moved my eyes down at Saira and smiled slightly. I clasped her face and bent down. “I will see you.” I kissed her forehead.

I hurriedly left to meet Princess at her home. Today I’ll tell her everything, I wish she forgives me for hiding this from her.

Princess’s P.O.V.

I reached back home and as soon as Mom opened the door, I directly strode to my room because I’m not in a condition to talk to anybody, my mind is spinning after knowing such a big secret.

“What happened, Sana?” Mom asked, but I shut the door and locked it.

“Sana, what happened? You’re making me anxious.” She banged the door.

“Mom, leave me alone for some time, please. I’m fine.” I said and fresh tears trickled down my cheeks.

I still can’t believe Sidharth was hiding such a big truth from me. How could he? I trusted him blindly and loved him unconditionally from day one, but he still betrayed me. Why everyone betrayed me?

He broke my trust.

I want to know why he did this to me. I want so many answers from him.

But I don’t want to see his face. I’m hating myself for trusting him so much and submitting myself to him.

Whenever I’m closing my eyes, I’m seeing the face of his daughter which is reminding me about the betrayal of Sidharth.

I rushed to the balcony and cried, grasping the railing. It’s still raining heavily, it seems like God is crying with me. I’m not complaining to anybody because it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have trusted him so much. I’ll never trust anybody now.

I cried and cried sorrowfully, squeezing my eyes shut. My heart is aching painfully.

As I opened my eyes, I saw him standing downstairs. He’s looking at me pleadingly. My heart melted as soon as I saw his innocent face, but as I recalled his betrayal, I frowned at him.

But I have to be strong and face him because I want to know why he did this to me and Why he betrayed me.

I hurried from the balcony. I opened the door of my room and rushed out. Thankfully Mom and dad were in their room at that time.

As I reached out, he sighed with relief and strode to me. “I knew that you will come,”

I cut her word and said sternly. “I just came here to know my answers.” I’m glaring at him, my eyes are filled with hatred. I never thought that I would ever look at him with hatred in my eyes.

He held my hand. “Princess, please, believe me, I wanted to tell you about Saira, I never wanted to hurt you.”

I jerked his hands and growled at him, “just cut the crap and answer me. Whose daughter Saira’s is and are you married?” As I asked this, his eyes popped out.

“No, Princess, I’m not married. I hated every woman before meeting you because I used to see my stepmom in them. You’re the first girl whom I fell in love with. I really love you, Princess, I always want to see you happy, I never want to lose you. My life is nothing without you and you know this.”

“Then why, why did you hide such a big truth from me, Sidharth? Why didn’t you tell me about your daughter?” I asked, crying bitterly.

“Because you were afraid that I will leave you after knowing about your daughter, right?” As I asked, he shook his head.

“No, Princess, I did this because I don’t want to hurt you by telling you that I already have a daughter. I trust you more than I trust myself, Princess.” He said after clasping my face.

I removed his hands from my face and said in a serious tone. “But I can’t trust you, Sidharth.” He looked at me, despaired. I’m looking at him with my sorrowful eyes.

“Is this truth bigger than our love for you, Princess?” He asked, staring at me dejectedly.

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