(Part: 94 My Baby wants Baby) Mine (Manan)


“Arnav the plan succeeded, Nandini gained her conscious back and she can walk now.” Mukti cheerfully told the good news to Arnav.

“Thank god the plan succeeded or else Manik would never able to forgive himself for hurting her.” Arnav sighed with profound relief.

“What plan, you both are talking about ?” They both heard Cabir’s voice and found him standing on the door, giving them suspicious looks. They both looked at him in shock.

“Actually Cabir, Nandini’s legs were paralyzed due to weakness. but now everything is fine, she can walk.” Mukti told the truth and he immediately understood that this happened because of donating blood to Navya.

“What is happening, Mukti, everything is going wrong, first Manik got kidnapped, then Nandini and Navya got kidnapped, then Navya was found in the worst state.” He said the last line and tears trickled down her cheeks. “Now, Nandini..” he bit his lower lips to control his emotions. His condition was clearly showing that he was suffering a lot seeing Navya in pain.

“Cabir, be strong, Nandini is fine now and Navya will be fine very soon. You have to be strong, we all are with you, good days will surely come.” Mukti reassured him after clasping his face while he was looking at her with sorrowful eyes.

“You’re right, I need to be strong for her.” He said with determination and wiped his tears.


1 Month Later

A month passed and things were getting better. Cabir took Navya for a vacation to spend some alone time with her and to make her feel better.

On the other side, Nandini could walk properly like before after doing lots of exercises and also Manik made her eat healthy food, no junk food and of course no Momos. She was going crazy because she was not getting her first love, Momos and Manan love was growing and becoming stronger with each passing day.

It was seven in the morning, Nandini was sleeping hugging her hubby like a small baby sleeps hugging his mother, her one leg was wrapped around his waist, her head and one hand was kept on his chest.

She woke up rubbing her eyes. “Hubby.” Like a small baby calls his mother in the morning when he wakes up, Nandini also used to call Manik every morning as she woke up. She smiled as she looked at her hubby who was sleeping peacefully. She raised her head from his chest and moved closer to his face. She kissed his forehead.

“It’s been a month and my hubby is not ready to do romance with me, just he kisses my lips and said, Nandini, you are weak, I can’t proceed further,” she said in Manik tone and then pouted cutely, looking at him.

“I know he cares for me because he loves me a lot, he always thinks about me and never thinks about himself and I also know, he also wants to proceed further with me but he is stopping himself because of me because he thinks that I am still weak, but who makes him understand that now I am fine.” She was talking to herself cutely sitting beside him. Her every word was showing how much she loved Manik, she wanted to proceed further because of him only and on the other hand, Manik was not proceeding because of her. They loved each other unconditionally.

She didn’t realise when Manik woke up and started listening to her self talks, having a smile on his face.

“Hubby, when did you wake up?” She asked surprisingly when he hugged her from behind by wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzled her hair.

“When you were busy talking to yourself and complaining about me.” After saying this he started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes cutely as she came to know Manik heard her talks.

“One thing you said absolutely right, baby, that I am dying to mark you mine forever and ever.” He bit her neck and gave a love bite to her.

“Aaha..” she moaned, clutching the bedsheet. After that, he started kissing and sucking the area where he gave the bite to soothe the pain of his given bite.

“Hubby, then who is stopping you? Please, make love with me, you promised to make love with me as soon as I would become fine. Now I am fine, make love with me.” She said after turning her face toward him. She was so desperate to spend the night with her hubby.

“Oh, my desperate baby, after two weeks on my birthday, we will mark that day with our first make out because I want that day should be special and in two weeks, I will also make you perfectly fit for spending the night with me.” As he told her, Nandini smiled gleefully and hugged him.

“Wow, I am so excited.” She squealed cheerfully, hugging her more tightly. Manik hugged her back having a smile on his face.

“Nandini, it’s true that I desperately want to claim you mine, but I’m scared too because I don’t want to hurt you in this, you are my small baby and I can’t see you in pain, I can’t enjoy the pleasure when you will be screaming in pain, I don’t want to give you pain in any manner. I know, you won’t able to handle the pain and after that, I won’t able to stop myself. I am also scared that may be after this, you may hate me for doing this and I can’t afford to bear your hatred, this is the only reason I am not proceeding further.” He was wondering, hugging her tighter and tighter. It was vividly visible that how truly he loved his baby, for him, his manly desires were nothing in front of his baby.

“Hubby…” as Nandini called him, he came out of his thoughts and after that, they broke the hug.

What next she said, Manik became hell shocked.

“Hubby, there is one more reason for my desperation to spend a night with you, the reason is that I want our baby.” She told him cutely and he widened his eyes in shock.

“What? you are so small, Nandini, you are my baby. It is not the right time, you are not ready for this.” He tried to explain to her by cupping her face. “And one more thing is that I don’t want to share my love with anyone else for now.” He said possessively and she made a sad pout.

“But hubby, I want to become mother, I want our baby, the baby will be our, I want to play with him, I want to do everything with him.” She was asking for a baby like she wants a doll to play.

“Nandini, you are not ready for the baby, why are you not understanding, you are not ready for the delivery pain and also you are not ready to take care of a baby. When you are twenty-five years old, then we will discuss this.” He stated sternly and she frowned at him.

“20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 ” she started counting the years cutely. “Hubby, I have to wait for six years for our baby, this is not fair.” She said, showing her six fingers and cried like a baby when his mother is denying to give him chocolate.

“Yes, six years.” As he said, she cried out again.

“Hubby, I can only wait for three years, three years done, okay.” She said like she was bargaining for cloth from the shopkeeper.

“No, it is still six years.” He said strictly and she glared at him in anger. That’s how Manan were doing their family planning by becoming a customer and shopkeeper, Nandini made their family planning decision also funny.

“Okay, I will listen to you, but only on one condition.” She smiled mischievously.

“And what is that condition?” He moved close to her face, thinking that her condition would be related to their romance.

“That you will let me go college from today.” As she told him, he instantly denied it by nodding his head.

“Nandini, Khushi is giving you the notes right, you can study from home and your teacher is here to teach you music.” He didn’t want to send her alone to college and he couldn’t even go with her because he had to handle the company and everything alone because Cabir was out of the station, before Cabir used to handle everything.

“Why can’t I go?”

“Because you are still not fine.” He gave a perfect excuse.

“But now I’m fine, hubby, please let me go to college, I get bored at home alone when you go to the office. Hubby, I know you worried for me and therefore you are not letting me go to college, but you don’t need to be worried, Khushi and Arnav jiju, they are with me.”She tried to convince him.

“Okay, but I don’t want any carelessness, whenever I call you, you have to pick up my call. If you don’t take care of yourself, I won’t let you go.” As always he agreed in front of his stubborn baby. He warned her like a father giving warning to his child.

“Thank you, thank you so much, hubby.” She hugged him cheerfully and he smiled, hugging her back.

“Hubby, college jana toh ek bahna hai, mujhe toh momos kahne hai. (Hubby, going to college, it’s just an excuse, the main motive is to eat momos.)” She was thinking about her first love, Momos, having an evil smile on her face, but she didn’t know the plan was going to bring a big trouble for her.


She came out of the bathroom after taking the bath in her undergarments only because now she was comfortable to roam in front of Manik in undergarments, but she didn’t know that she used to turn on him by doing this.

Manik was talking to someone on phone and he paused for a moment as he saw Nandini. “I will call you later.” He disconnected the call. She smiled at him and ambled to the cupboard.

“Hubby, tell me what to wear today, this pink top or green top?” She asked cutely, showing him two tops and ambled to him.

“What is the need of wearing any of them?” He snatched the top and flung them on the floor because they were becoming a barrier and stopping him from seeing her beautiful and sexy body. She blushed, moving her eyelashes down.

“Perfect from everywhere.” He uttered, moving his eyes from her toes to face. She was blushing, her gaze was fixed on the floor.

“Hubby, whenever you look at me when I stand naked in front of you, I feel like kuch kuch hota hai, here.” (something happens, here.” She told him and placed her hand on her heart. He smiled after listening to her words.

“Aur mujhe bhi bhut kuch hota hai tumhai aise dekh kar ( and so many things happens with me when I see you like this.” As he said, she smiled broadly looking at him.

After that, without wasting any single second he slammed her lips and pulled her more closer to himself by holding her waist. She encircled her arms around his neck and responded to him with equal flavour. Like always through their kiss, they were telling each other that how much they loved each other. He was massaging her soft twins which were his favourite soft toy. She was moaning in his mouth. They kissed each other passionately till infinity.

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