(Part: 68 Revelation of a big secret) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


We’re going to the party venue. He’s silently driving the car lost in his thoughts. He’s wearing a black tuxedo.

I’m just wondering, “Am I doing right by taking him to the party?”

The weather is rainy outside, the cold breeze is caressing our face. I’m sure it will rain today and after the party, I’ll get drench in rain with him. I enjoy a lot getting wet in rain with him.

I came out of my thoughts as he suddenly applied the brake. I looked outside, it is some deserted place.

I turned my face to him and asked, “why did you stop the car here?”

He smirked at me and moved closer to my face. “Before going to the party, I want to have your lips.” He whispered in a seductive voice, gazing into my eyes. As his warm breath touched my face, a shiver rushed down my spine.

“But you said that you don’t want to spoil my lipstick.” I just said to tease him. I’m carrying the lipstick in my clutch for this type of emergencies

“Just forget about that.” He clasped my face and captured my lips. I threw my arms around him and pulled him closer to myself by clutching his hair. We kissed each other hungrily, he is roaming his hand all over my body and burning my body with desires. I moaned in his mouth as he squeezed one of my twins and rubbed my inner thigh over the fabric. Really he sets my body on fire with his touch.

“I just love to eat your delicious lips. They drive me insane, Princess.” He breathed as we broke the kiss. I just smiled at him.

“We shall go now,” I uttered.

“First let me apply the lipstick again.” He held out his hand to me asking me to give the lipstick.

I opened my clutch and took out the lipstick from it. I gave it to him. “Don’t spoil it more.” I warned him.

“Don’t worry. Now stay still and be quiet.” He instructed.

I nodded my head meekly. “Okay, Master.” We beamed at each other.

He is keenly applying the liquid lipstick on my lips and I’m gazing at him. Sometimes he behaves so cutely.

“It’s done.” He closed the lipstick and gave it to me.

“I love you so much.” I placed a kiss on his cheek and put the lipstick in my clutch.

We reached the party venue within a few minutes. We stepped into the hall, our hand entwined with each other. It is a luxurious hall, everybody is well dressed.

A man in a blue coat suit approached Sidharth.

“Hello, Mr Malhotra. So Good to see you here.” He held his hand out in front of Sidharth.

Sidharth left my hand and shook his hand with him. “Hi, Mr Raichand.”

“She’s my beloved girlfriend, Shehnaaz Gill.” He clasped my hand and kissed my hand in front of him. I smiled shyly in response. I just love the way how he introduced me to him.

“Hello, Miss Gill. You’re looking gorgeous.” As he complimented me, Sidharth gripped my hand tightly.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“See you around, Mr Raichand.” He said and led me to the corner of the party.

A waiter served us the red wine. I took my sip of it and asked, “Who was he?”

“Just one of my business partner.” He told me and gulped down the red wine.

Suddenly my eyes fell on a little girl, age five or six. She’s sprinting to us, smiling gleefully. She is wearing a blue dress, her brown hair is nicely tied in a ponytail.

I froze and the floor slipped beneath my feet as she called Sidharth, “Daddy.”

Sidharth moved his eyes down to the little girl and widened his eyes in shock. The girl is beaming at him.

Why did she call him Daddy?

Who is she?

Is she really Sidharth’s daughter?

My mind flooded with so many questions.

No, there is some misunderstanding. I trust him. He can’t hide such a big truth from me. He can’t betray me.

“Daddy, I missed you a lot.” She wrapped her arms around his legs and dug her face in his knees.

I darted my eyes to Sidharth, he looked at me with his eyes filled with guilt and caressed the hair of the little girl.

My eyes brimmed with tears. I’m feeling like I’m seeing a bad dream. I just stared at him in utter disbelief. I’m completely numb.

My chest became heavy and tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically. I just darted out of the party hall.

Sidharth has a daughter. I just can’t believe it. I’m terribly shocked.

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