(Part: 93) Mine (Sidnaaz)


It was night time, Cabir was sitting beside Navya holding her hand. He was looking at her with his sorrowful eyes, his heart was crying seeing her in the worst condition.

“No..” suddenly Navya screamed and gained her conscious back. She was breathing heavily and also sweating badly.

“Navya, I am here.” He clasped her face, but she shocked him with her next move.

“Stay away from me.” She shrieked at him and pushed him away, he looked at her in shook.

“I have to run, they will beat me, they will hurt me.” As she tried to get up, he stopped her.

” Navu, you are safe now, no one will hurt you.” He tried to calm her down by looking into her eyes.

“No, I have to go, they are coming for me.” She again pushed him away, behaving like a mad girl. His heart was crying seeing her in this condition, she was not even listening to him.

“Aahaa..” she felt immense pain in her whole body when she tried to get up, he again held her to stop her.

“Doctor…” He shouted for Doctor.

Khushi and Arnav were standing outside, as the heard Cabir’s shout, they hurried into the room. They widened their eyes in shock as they saw Navya’s condition, she was just trying to get up while screaming, “let me go, they will hurt me”

Cabir was constantly trying to make her understand. “I am with you, no one will hurt you.”

Arnav walked outside to call Doctor and Khushi went toward them.

Cabir pulled her into his arm forcibly. “Please Navya, Calm down, I am with you, your Cabir is with you.” He reassured her hugging her tightly, tears were trickling down his cheeks constantly.

She was still not ready to listen to him. “No, leave me, let me go, it’s hurting a lot.” She was trying to push him away and also scratching his face while crying badly. Her acts were clearly showing that she was in extreme pain they hurt her physically and mentally too. A nurse walked inside with Arnav and she immediately injected the injection and then Navya again became unconscious. Cabir was crying badly hugging her love in his arms and he was not ready to leave her. Khushi was also crying silently, she put her hand on his shoulder and looked at Arnav and they both looked at each helplessly.

Arnav phone rang up, he became more tensed as he saw the caller id, it was Mukti’s call. Now he wished to hear the good news. He walked outside after showing his phone to Khushi.

“Arnav, the plan succeeded.” Listening to Mukti’s words, he sighed deeply. “but, at last, Sana fainted down, we are coming to the hospital now.” She informed him and after that, they end the conversation.

“Thank god, the plan succeeded, finally a good news after a long time.” He murmured and smiled before walking into the Navya’s room to give this good news to Khushi.


Sana woke up on the hospital bed. “Hubby.” She called him and saw him sitting beside her only.

“Hubby, how are you? I became so scared for you, I wasn’t able to do anything. I felt so helpless.” She said in a crying tone, looking at him.

“Baby, I’m absolutely fine, see.” He said after placing her hand on his face to make her believe that he was standing fine in front of her.

“I got so much scared, hubby, I thought you will also go leaving me alone like Mumma daddy, mein bhut dar gya tha (I got so much scared)” She sobbed badly and Sidharth heart cried more seeing her in tears. He could feel her pain and he was feeling sadder because he was the reason for her pain.

“I promise, Sana, this is the last time you’re crying. After this I won’t let a single tear fall from your eyes.” He promised to himself and wrapped her in his protective arms and let her cry. She was still in shock and she couldn’t forget that incident, that incident was like a dreadful nightmare for her, she never wanted to see him in pain because she already lost her parent, now she was not in a state to lose Sidharth. Only the thought of living without him made her crazy like hell. After losing her parents, she would have died in pain but she was living happily, just because Sidharth was with her to support her, he never made her miss her parent, he took care of her like a mother, pampered and protect her like a father and loved her like a lover. He was her everything.

“Bacha, stop crying, I am fine.” After a few minutes, he said lovingly when she was continuously crying, he was rubbing her back with one hand and from the other hand, he was caressing her hair. She was so scared that she didn’t even realise that now she could move her legs, that’s showed how much this incident affected her and this also showed how precious his life for her.

“Hubby…” suddenly she shouted loudly and pushed him. He widened his eyes in shock.

“Hubby, I can move my legs, this is unbelievable.” She squealed with joy and her eyes were twinkling. Sidharth got so much happy seeing his baby happy. She was finally happy from inside, this wasn’t her fake happiness, this was her real happiness.

“Yippee…” she whooped cheerfully, clapping her hands like a small baby forgetting everything and moving her legs like a newborn baby. Sidharth was just admiring his happy baby, after so many days, he was seeing her so much happy, her happiness was healing her broken heart, his heart had broken down that moment only when he came to know that she had lost her legs.

“Aaha.. “she hissed when she felt pain in her legs because she was still weak.

“Stop bacha, you are still weak.” He clasped her face. “you need lots of exercises and healthy food then only you will able to run and walk like before.” As he said, her lips drew down in sadness.

“What exercise and healthy food, no hubby, I can’t,” she said cutely and shook her head.

He smiled and pulled her cheeks. “You are so cute.” He kissed her cheek.

“Hubby, don’t tell me that this all was your plan to make me walk, I have seen in one movie.” Sidharth’s eyes popped up after hearing her words, he thought that he wouldn’t tell her the truth and his innocent baby would never come to know the truth, but he was forgetting that his baby had the fond of watching movies which made her smart.

“Hubby, how could you do this to me? You know, what I felt at that moment, seeing you in pain and I was not able to do anything, I was feeling so helpless, I was dying seeing you in pain.” She complained getting angry with him. He looked down feeling guilty.

“But, I can’t blame you too because you had no other option, I know how you were feeling seeing my condition, you were in more pain than me.” Sidharth looked at her in shock as he heard her words.

“Is she my same baby?” He asked himself, her words were showing how much she loved Sidharth. She knew whatever he used to do, he used to do only for her happiness.

“Baby, I love you.” He confessed and just slammed her lips because she made him speechless with her words, Sana was taken back with his sudden kiss but after a few second, she also responded to him with equal flavour by wrapping her hands around his neck. With his kiss, he was telling her how much he loved her, he was kissing her softly, pouring his all love and Sana was enjoying the kiss. She happily wrapped her legs around his waist, she was super happy as she was dying to do this. After breaking the kiss, he gave sweet kisses all over her face and also on her neck and she giggled merrily.

“Thank you so much, hubby, for doing this for me, I am so happy because now I can do anything, I am again a free bird.” She beamed at him, she was so happy now. Sidharth was thankful to god after seeing her happy baby, the pain which he had gone through when he was making her cry that pain was going away seeing her happiness. The pain was worth it.

“I love you, I love you.” He was just saying this while kissing all over her face, he was going insane after finally seeing his baby happy like before, he was feeling like to stop this moment. Her happiness was his life, her smile was everything for him, he never wished to go to heaven after death because he found his heaven on the earth, she was his heaven on the earth.


“Arnav the plan succeeded, Sana gained her conscious back and she can walk now.” Mukti cheerfully told the good news to Arnav.

“Thank god the plan succeeded or else Sidharth would never able to forgive himself for hurting her.” Arnav sighed with profound relief.

“What plan, you both are talking about ?” They both heard Cabir’s voice and found him standing on the door, giving them suspicious looks. They both looked at him in shock.

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