(Part: 79) Mine (Manan)


Manik fought with the goons and escaped out of the godown where the kidnapper had kept him. He saw a telephone booth and rushed to the booth. His condition was worst, he was wounded, bleeding, breathing heavily and sweating baldy.  Before calling anyone else, he immediately dialled his baby’s number because he was dying to hear her pleasant voice and he was worried for her, therefore he wanted to inform her first. He knew that she would be in a bad state.

He stood there putting the phone over his ear but she didn’t pick up the call.

“Damn it, why Nandini is not picking the call.” He muttered frustratedly and then he hastily called Abhi.

“Abhi, Manik this side,” Manik said as soon as Abhi picked up the call. Abhi’s lips curved into a smile of relief as he heard his voice.

“Manik, where are you? Are you fine or not?” Abhi asked worriedly and Manik told everything to him.

“Manik, you wait there only, we are coming, okay.”Saying this, he cut the call and informed everything to Mukti and Cabir. In the happiness of finding Manik, Abhi utterly forgot that Aman had escaped from the jail.

In no time,  Abhi with Cabir and Mukti reached the place where Manik had called them. Manik was sitting beside the telephone booth, they were shocked to see his condition.

It hurts to see your loved ones in pain.

“Bhai, thank god, you escaped out. We got so much worried for you.” Mukti hugged Manik and he hugged her back, but his eyes were desperately searching his Nandini. He was dying to see her. Abhi and Cabir had a slight smile on their face.

Manik clasped her face after breaking the hug. “I am here now, don’t worry.” Mukti nodded her head, having a smile on her face. After that Abhi and Cabir hugged him.

“Now we shouldn’t waste more time, we should go to the hospital.” Cabir said seeing Manik’s condition and Mukti and Abhi nodded their head.

He shook his head and stated, “no, first, I want to see my Nandini, then I will go to the hospital.”

His words vividly showed that how badly he wanted to see his baby and how much he loved her because he was badly injured, but still instead of going to the hospital first, he wanted to go home and wanted to meet Nandini.

“But, Manik you need to go to the hospital, Navya is at home, she will come with Nandini to the hospital directly, Nandini,” before Abhi could say more, Manik stopped him by showing his hand.

“I don’t want to listen to anything. I just want to meet Nandini and we are going home first.” He said sternly. The agreed unwillingly.

They all didn’t argue with him because they knew that it was waste of time to persuade him of something which he didn’t want to do.

They were on the way back to the beach house and trying to call Navya and Nandini both, but they both were not picking up the call. Manik was getting anxious for Nandini. He didn’t know why he was feeling like something was wrong. Abhi was more worried because he knew that Aman was out of the jail, he didn’t tell this to anyone as he didn’t want to make them more worried.

In half hour they reached beach house, Manik was not in the condition to walk properly also, but to meet Nandini, he rushed to the house and they all followed him.

“Baby, your Manik is here.” He stepped into their room with a broad smile. He was expecting Nandini in their room, but his smile faded away when he didn’t find Nandini in the room. He checked washroom and balcony but Nandini was nowhere.

“Nandin…” he shouted coming out of the room, anxious. His heart was pounding with fright. They all were shocked to find Manik shouting.

“What happened Manik ?”Abhi asked worriedly.

“Nandini, she-she is not in her room.” He shuttered, fighting back with his tears.

“Nandini… Navya…” They all were finding them everywhere in the house. But they both were nowhere. With passing each second, Manik was becoming mad and after listening to Abhi’s word Manik got blank.

“Manik, I think, Aman has kidnapped Nandini because yesterday he escaped out of the jail.” All of them gasped at Abhi in shock. Manik lost his balance after hearing his words and collapsed down on the floor with a thud. He was wretched after listening to this.

“Bhai, please handle yourself, we will find Nandini.” Mukti reassured him after clasping his face after sitting beside him. He became hysterical and cried, losing control over himself.

“I lost her, he is Mafia, you don’t know Mukti, how difficultly we had arrested Aman, now he can do anything to Nandini. She is so innocent, Mukti. I’m scared.” Manik cried and they all were looking at him helplessly, tears rolling down their cheeks mechanically.

“Manik, crying will waste time, we should start finding them before it gets late. I know you are not weak Manik, you are strong. Come on, stop crying.” Abhi tried to encourage him, holding his hand, he was trying to make him get up, but Manik was crying looking down, despaired. They all had never seen Manik so weak.

Mukti and Abhi glanced at each other helplessly because they had no words which can make Manik strong while Cabir was continuously trying to contact Navya.

“Manik, you need to be strong, you have to find your baby. She needs you, be strong for her, come on get up and bring her back.” His mind encouraged him when his heart was utterly shattered.

“You are right Abhi, we shouldn’t waste more time, we should start finding her.” Manik uttered staring straight in determination, wiping his tears.

Manik gritted his teeth and asked the Gatekeeper. “Why did you let Nandini go out of the house alone?”

“Nandini Mam was with Navya Mam, Sir, therefore I let them go. They said they are going to meet you.” The gatekeeper told them. They were baffled because how Navya was taking Nandini to meet Manik.

“Didn’t I instruct you to don’t let Nandini leave the house without me, then how did you let her go?” Manik shouted after grabbing the collars of gatekeeper. He was losing his mind with each passing second and taking out his anger on the gatekeeper. His anger was clearly showing how much he loved Nandini.

“Manik, leave him “Abhi and Cabir pulled Manik back and made him leave Gatekeeper collars.

“Abhi, find out about Navya, I want every information about that girl Navya. I’m feeling like she is involved in my kidnapping and Nandini’s kidnapping.” Manik assumed.

Cabir was shocked and had full trust in Navya, but he didn’t argue with Manik because Manik was not in a state to listen to anything.

After a few minutes

Manik was sitting in hall and Doctor was bandaging his hand. He was seeing the photo of Nandini on his phone with his free hand. Abhi with police trying to find Nandini. Manik also wanted to go with Abhi but very difficultly they persuade him to the bandaging of his wounds.  Mukti was dolefully staring at Manik, he was worried for Nandini and also for Manik. Cabir was constantly trying to call Navya, he wasn’t ready to believe that Navya, his love was involved in the kidnapping of Nandini.

“Cabir, stop it, she is not going to pick your call because she is a lier and she betrayed you.” Manik growled in anger. Cabir remained silent and glanced at Mukti. She blinked her eyes.

Then Manik received a message from Abhi.

Abhi: Manik, come out. I want to tell you important thing about Navya

He read the message and dashed out of the house without saying anything to anyone. Cabir and Mukti also went behind him.

“Navya’s full name is Navya Khanna, Sister of Aman Khanna.” Abhi said those word making Manik shocked up to hell. He didn’t know that Navya was that Navya Khanna because he had warned Cabir to stay away from Khanna family, but still he fell in love with Navya Khanna.

Cabir and Mukti reached out. As Manik saw Cabir, he punched his face. Mukti gasped and palmed her mouth in utter shock.

“Cabir I told you to stay away from Khanna family then why you meet Navya, don’t you know that she is the sister of Aman?” Cabir looked at him in shock.

“No, this can’t be the truth.” Cabir shook his head in disbelief because he was in deep love with Navya, he was not ready to believe that Navya had betrayed him. He didn’t know that Navya was the real sister of Aman.

“Don’t act innocent, Cabir. I warned you.” He shouted at him after grabbing his collars.

“Because of you, Nandini is not with us, Cabir. This is your fault, I will never forgive you for this and I am ashamed that you are my brother.” Cabir looked down in guilt. “Today I am breaking my all relation with you.” Cabir instantly moved his eyes to Manik in shock.

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