(Part: 57 Back to college) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess


(Part: 57 Back to college) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

As I stepped into the classroom, my eyes searched for my Princess. My lips curved into a smile as I saw her sitting with Anushka on the second last bench of the corner row. She smiled back. She’s looking beautiful in the black dress which I made her wear.

“Good morning, Sir.” Everybody stood up and wished me, smiling cheerfully.

“Good morning.” I smiled at the class. They settled down.

One of the girls stood up and uttered, “we’re happy that you’re back, sir.” I just smiled.

I picked up the marker from the table and turned facing my back to students to write today’s topic on the board.

I opened the marker before writing ‘TRUE LOVE’ on the whiteboard in capital letters. I chose this topic for today. Just want to see what are the opinions of others about true love.

For me, true love is loving someone selflessly and doing anything for their happiness and to cherish them. Princess and I love each other truly and conditionally, she’s my soulmate. I’m completely incomplete without her.

I turned back to the class. “So today we’ll discuss about true love. You all have ten minutes to write on this topic, then we’ll start the discussion.” I instructed, closing the marker. I looked at Princess through the corner of my eyes, she’s beaming at me.

I sat on the chair. Anu nudged Princess with her elbow and said something. Then they burst into laughter. I just admired her. She looks as pretty as an angel when she laughs.

I picked up my phone to message her. I just love to talk to her during the class, exchanging glances and smile is another kind of fun.

Me: I forgot to compliment you at home that the black dress is suiting you like it’s made for your exquisite body.

I swept my eyes to her after sending the message. I found her, gazing at me fondly. I gestured her to see her phone through my eyes. She picked up the phone from the table and a bright smile flashed her face as she read the message.

She glanced at me before replying.

My Princess: Aren’t you feeling like to rip it?

I widened my eyes in shock and instantly looked at her. She winked at me.

She’s unbelievable, really.

Me: I wish I could do it and then shove myself deep into your dripping wet honeypot after bending you down over the desk.

I smirked at her, she flushed.

My Princess: Trying to seduce your student during the class, Professor?

Me: You started it first.

My Princess: Now, I’m turned on. In the morning also, I couldn’t feel you inside me.

I looked up at her, she cutely pouted at me.

Me: Don’t worry, I’ll make it up for you.

My Princess: When?

Me: As soon as possible, Princess.

My Princess: I’ll wait and I’m excited to see what you will do.

We beamed at each other. Then she moved her eyes to the phone screen and typed the message with her fingers.

My Princess: By the way, you chose a great topic, professor. It will be an interesting discussion today.

Me: Thank you, Princess.

I put the phone into my pocket and stood up.

“So let start the discussion,” I said, everybody’s eyes glinted with excitement. I took an interesting topic.

“So who wanna say about true love first.” As I asked, half of the class raise their hands including Anu and Princess.

I pointed at the girl who is still busy writing. “You, the girl who is sitting at the front desk.” She instantly moved her eyes at me and stood up, playing with her fingers nervously.

“A true love is which a mother has for her child, so pure and so selfless.” She said.

So true.

“Agree with you. You can sit down.” Then I asked a boy to stand up.

“True love is when you can do anything for another person for their happiness.” He spoke up.

Agree with him too.

“I feel like before loving someone truly, a person has to love himself truly.”

“I don’t know, sir. I don’t believe in love.”

I stood leaning against the table, crossing my arms over chest. I’m pointing at students and they’re standing up and speaking. I’m enjoying today’s class. Then I asked Princess to stand up. She stood up, smiling at me fondly.

“True love is a pure emotion which can’t be described in words. It’s magical and soul-soothing. Lucky are those who experience true love and I’m one of them.” The whole class gaze is fixed at her. She’s just looking at me without any care, her eyes are filled with immense love.

Thank God, the bell rang at the right time because I was about to get lost in her heavenly beautiful eyes in front of the whole class.

“So see you all tomorrow morning. Have a good day.” I said and strolled to the door. I stepped out of the classroom after glancing at Princess who is busy talking with Anushka.

Me: Enjoy the remaining classes, Princess, until I’ll plan something to make it up for you.

I messaged her and wandered to the head of the department room.

I stepped inside, few teachers gawked at me after knowing that I’m reserved for my Princess. I directly strode to my cabin, ignoring them. In H.O.D. Room, there is a separate cabin for every staff.

My phone beeped as I settled down on the chair. As expected it’s Princess message.

My Princess: I’m eagerly waiting.

Me: I love you.

My Princess: I love you more.

I started wondering which place of college we haven’t marked with our love yet. I grinned as an idea popped into my mind. Now I just can’t wait to make love with my Princess at that place. It will be incredible like always.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Awww manan are soo cute they just cant take there eyes of each other that’s why class mai bhi chori chori ek dusre ko dekh rahe the…
    Hayeee romantic Professor Manik ne kya interesting and lovely topic select keya to discuss in the class all students where so happy as they could express there feeling about love…
    Aab kya naya khurafati idea aya hai manik ko which will lead to way to intense make out session of manan’s..

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