(Part: 36) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Sidharth, leave him right now,” Sana shouted, hugging him tightly from behind. She was looking dam cute. Sidharth instantly stopped. He was about to punch him again but took back his hand. Arnav wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. Khushi was looking at him worriedly.

“Hubby, I am hell angry with you. How could you fight like this, beating someone is very wrong, and Arnav is your friend Sidharth.” As Sana referred them as friends, Arnav and Sidharth glanced at each other.

“He is not my friend, Sana,” Sidharth uttered, glaring at Arnav, his eyes filled with anger.

“Why? because Arnav distrusted you?” As Sana asked, Sidharth looked at her and slightly nodded his head. Arnav was about to leave, but Khushi stopped him by holding his hand and nodded her head in no, asking him to don’t go.

“Sidharth, the same thing you have done today. You distrusted him, you thought he came here to take revenge from you.” Sana was showing him the mirror and Sidharth was just listening to her words silently.

“No, he came here to meet his girlfriend Khushi and I stood here instead of Khushi to show you the reality to both of you,” Sana explained them. Sidharth and Arnav looked at Sana in utter shock.

“Yes, Sana is right, it was her plan.” As Khushi said, Arnav looked at her.

“Arnav, Sana has told me everything about you and Sidharth.” Khushi looked at Arnav and he looked down in guilt.

“Sidharth Sir, I’m not saying that you were at fault that day, you were hurt because Arnav didn’t trust you, but even Arnav was not at fault, because he believed on the thing, what he saw like today you have also believed what you saw.” As she explained Sidharth, Sana nodded her head, agreeing with Khushi’s words.

“Arnav sir, I hope you have also understood your mistake. Today you weren’t come here to take revenge, but Sidharth misunderstood you like you had misunderstood Sidharth that day.” Sana cleared their misunderstandings so easily. They both were staring down in guilt after realising their mistakes.

“That day, it was my mistake. I should have trusted Sidharth instead of Shreya. I don’t know what I saw in that greedy girl. I’m so sorry, Sidharth.” As Arnav apologised, Sidharth nodded his head in no.

“No, Arnav, it was my fault. I should have talked to you and explained to you, it was my mistake.” Sidharth also apologised. Sana and Khushi glanced at each other having a blissful smile on their faces. They both were extremely happy because their plan succeeded. Finally, two best friends met again because of them.

“Now, no one will say sorry, because that day no one was at fault. It was written in destiny by god, now come on hug each other like a good boy.” As Sana said, Arnav and Sidharth smiled at each other and hugged each other.

“I missed you so much, Bro,” Arnav uttered, smiling gleefully.

“I missed you too, buddy,” Sidharth said after breaking the hug. Sana clapped her hands merrily like a baby. Khushi also took her in a warm hug.

“By the way how you both made this plan?” Sidharth asked, staring at them in confusion. They smiled at each other. Arnav was also waiting for the answer.


“Khushi, let’s take selfies.” Sana took the phone from Khushi’s hand. Before Khushi could stop her, Sana pressed the power button and saw the wallpaper where she was kissing Arnav’s cheek. She widened her eyes in utter shock as she saw them together. It was unexpected for her.

“Todh do ( break it )” as Sana shouted, Khushi narrowed her brows in confusion.

Khushi asked, “What break it, Sana?”

“Your relationship with Arnav,” Sana said because she was thinking that Arnav was not good.

“What are you saying, Sana? I mean why?” Khushi asked, her heart was beating fast. She was scared that why her best friend was saying this.

“Because he is not good. He hurt my hubby.” She cried and spit out the truth. She bit her lower lip as the realisation hit her mind.

“Sana, I’m not understanding anything. What are you saying? Please tell me everything.” Khushi asked in a serious tone and Sana was biting her nails in tension.

“Khushi, I also have same secret as you. I’m the wife of Sidharth. Please, don’t tell this to anyone.” Sana requested cutely, holding her hand.

“Relax, Sana. I won’t share this with anyone. You can freely share anything with me.” Khushi reassured her, placing her hand on Sana’s face. A broad smile flashed on her face and she told everything about Sidharth and Arnav to Khushi.

“Oh, that’s why Arnav was upset from few days.” She murmured to herself.

“Sana, we should make them meet. It’s our time to fulfil the duty of true lover. We’ll make them meet again.” As Khushi said, Sana nodded her head.

“You’re right, Khushi. We should to do something. I don’t like to see my hubby sad.” Sana said sadly.

Suddenly her eyes shimmered with happiness as an idea came into her mind. “I have a superb idea, Khushi.”

Khushi asked instantly. “What?”

Sana told her the plan.

“Sana, what do you think, this plan will work?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“Khushi, never doubt my plans. If they fight also, I am here. I know how to control my hubby. You just be ready to watch a movie without tickets.” Sana laughed on her words, and Khushi just smiled at her.

Flashback over

“Omg, baby tumhre ittu chote se mind ne itna sab kese soch liya. (How did this brilliant idea come into your small mind?)” Sidharth asked in disbelief. Sana was just smiling cheerily at him.

“Hubby, my mind is not small, okay. I’m very intelligent and I’m expert in this type of planning and plotting from Childhood. When I was in the sixth standard, my teacher had scolded me badly and then I put the Fevicol in her hair.” As she told about her naughtiness so proudly, everybody laughed.

“Sana, you’re seriously so cute. I’m glad that I got a friend like you. You’re pure like a crystal really.” Khushi said, holding her hand. Sana was just smiling cheerfully at Khushi. Sidharth was feeling proud to be her husband.

“Thank you so much, Khushi, my best friend.” She hugged her.

“By the way isn’t this a big coincidence, Sidharth and me, we both are the professor and we both have a secret girlfriend. Now it will be more fun to play this hide and seek game.” Arnav smiled gleefully.

“Yes, Arnav jiju, it will be fun but,” she paused and narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“But, what?” Sidharth asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Nothing, Sidharth nothing, now let’s go back to the party. I want to win miss fresher title today.” She smartly changed the topic and led him to the party hall by grasping his hand. Arnav and Khushi also followed them.


Arnav and Sidharth were standing in the corner. Arnav started the conversation first by asking, “Sidharth, why didn’t you come to me that day? Why you didn’t explain to me?”

“Because I was hurt, you didn’t trust me. I was utterly shattered that day. I was waiting for you, wondering you would come after realising that you have misunderstood me, but you never come to me.” As Sidharth uttered sadly, Arnav again apologised.

“I’m sorry, bro.” Sidharth shook his head.

“Arnav, forget about the past. Now we are friends again, this is important. Look, your Khushi is on stage and every boy’s eyes are at her.” As Sidharth said to tease him, he just smiled contentedly at Khushi.

“I don’t care who is seeing her, because I know my Khushi is only mine. I have full faith in my love.” Arnav said with full confidence. It seemed like he wasn’t possessive like Sidharth.

Sana came on the stage and did the best and cute ram walk. In last she gave a flying kiss to everyone and this made Sidharth jealous and Arnav noticed this.

“Getting jealous, don’t get jealous because the flying kiss was for you only.” Arnav tried to explain possessive Sidharth, but it was not so easy.

At last, Sana won the title of miss fresher. She was smiling widely and gleefully, receiving the gift. She looked at Sidharth who was proudly clapping for his baby. As he gave her a flying kiss, she smiled, moving her eyelashes down shyly.

Photographer was clicking the photo of Mr and Miss fresher. Sidharth again became jealous.

Sidharth: Meet me at the parking area.

He sent the message to Sana because he was getting crazy because of jealousy. He just wanted her. Today Sana is gone for sure.

After reading the message, she looked for Sidharth, but he was nowhere. Then Sana left from there hurriedly.

“Sidharth, Sidharth.” She reached the parking area, calling him.

Before she could see Sidharth, she widened her eyes in shock as someone palmed her mouth from behind. On the other hand, Sidharth was still waiting for her.

So what do you think, who is the person at the end?

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