(Part: 36 The Pure Kiss) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I placed a soft kiss on her forehead, promising her that I’ll always protect her, and no matter what I’ll always bring her back into my life. We smiled gleefully at each other.

She placed her hands over my chest and gazing up at me intensely. “You know, one thing I’ve realised in this one month that I’m really incomplete without you. It is so difficult to survive even a single day without you. I feel empty without you. You’re a part of me, and my body and mind don’t work properly when you aren’t around me. I’m glad that I’m experiencing true love with you. I’m lucky and blessed that you love me in the same way.” My smile grew bigger after listening to her.

“How can you be so sure that I love you in the same way?” I asked in a serious tone to tease her.

She frowned and asked, “What do you mean?” I’m holding myself back from laughing.

“Answer my question first, Princess. How do you know that I love you the way you love me?” I asked again because I really want to listen to the answer.

“Because I can see in your eyes. It’s strange, but I never doubted you. I trust you blindly from the very first day when I came to know that I love you. I know whatever you do, you do for my happiness. I can feel only and only love when you’re around me.” As she told me about her inner feelings, I smiled wholeheartedly at her. I know it’s not the first time she’s telling me how much she loves me, but I feel incredible when she expresses her love in words.

“I wanna kiss you right now, Princess.” Yes, I wanna kiss her. If we weren’t in the hospital, I would have kissed her until now.

She grinned and clasped my hand. “Come with me.” He led me to a room.

She winked at me mischievously before pushing the door open of that room. As we stepped inside, she hastily shut the door and locked it. It is a storeroom.

As she turned towards me after closing the door, I complimented her, “you’re a smart girl, Princess.” She smiled widely.

She encircled her arms around my neck and raised her face to reach my face. I lowered my head in response, gazing at her angelic face. I grasped her waist and yanked her to myself. “Kiss me now.” She breathed against my lips. As his warm breath caressed my lips, I felt alive again.

“I love you, Princess,” I whispered before capturing her sugary lips which I had been craving to taste again since a month. I felt like I got my breath back as our lips met. She clutched my hair and pulled me closer to herself. I’m pressing my body against her and kissing her deeply and chastely, forgetting everything. I love her delicious lips, I love everything about her, I love her utterly. I left her waist and cupped her soft cheeks. Her lips are sweetest, my favourite dessert which I want after every meal, in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night. I’m feeling incredible, and I’m not feeling like to pull away from her. I’m conveying my feelings through this pure kiss, I’m telling her how much I missed her and how much I love her. She’s responding me back with equal flavour by kissing me intensely. Our eyes are close, we’re utterly lost in the pure and soft kiss.

Finally, we pulled apart, panting. I placed my forehead over her, our eyes are still close. There’s complete silence, we can hear our heartbeat. Her warm breath is caressing my face and sending chills down my spine. I’m completely at this moment, forgetting everything. This moment is so precious because my Princess is with me. Every moment has some magic when she’s around me. We opened our eyes and gazed deeply into each other eyes.

“You know, I’m feeling alive again after this kiss.” She uttered, breaking the silence.

“I know.”

She raised her brows and asked. “How do you know?”

“Because I’m feeling same, Princess.” We both chuckled, touching our forehead.

“I love you.” I kissed her forehead.

She beamed at me. “I love you more.”

I grabbed her arms and pinned her against the wall before kissing her hungrily and passionately this time. I will never get enough of her. She’s like my oxygen to me.

After a few minutes, we’re sitting on the floor. She’s sitting beside me, holding my arm with her both hands and resting her head over my shoulder. I’m stroking her hair. We’re silent, just feeling each other presence. There is so much peace in this silence because she’s with me. In silence, our soul talks to each other and gives immense peace to us.

She raised her head from my shoulder. She broke the silence and asked, “now tell me what are you doing in the hospital?”

“First I want to know where have you been since morning?” I wanted to know what exactly had happened with her.

“Somebody messaged me to meet him at a construction place. He warned me, if I don’t come or tell anybody about this, then he would harm you. Therefore I went there, then few men with the masks on their faces tied me to the chair. I was asking them who are they and what they want, but they weren’t responding to me. After a few hours, they blindfolded me and left me in front of our farmhouse. I didn’t understand what they did this.” She is staring at me in confusion.

I placed my hand over her face. “I’ll tell you who were they and what I’m doing in the hospital.”

“You know who were they?” She was a bit shocked.

“I know everything, but a bit confused.”

She entwined her hand with mine. “We’ll figure this out together.” She kissed my hand and I smiled blissfully at her. She doesn’t know anything, but still, she’s assuring me. “Tell me everything.”

I told her about Jiya and everything that happened today. She listened to me patiently. She is staring down at floor without blinking her eyes, she is lost in her deep thoughts.

She moved her eyes up at me and her lips are drawn down in sadness. “I think she loves you. I’m feeling pity of her.” I didn’t expect this reaction from her.

“She loves your boyfriend, she kept us away from each other, and you’re feeling sad for her. Really?”

“Yes, because her love is one-sided. She’s not as lucky as we’re. I know she did wrong with us, but she suffered too. Thank God she’s out of danger. I wanna help her.” As she said, I raised my brows in shock. She wants to help the person who separated us. Why she’s so good?

“You’re seriously unbelievable.” I shook my head in disbelief.

“I know I’m different and crazy, but I love myself the way I’m, and I also know that you love me the way I’m.” I smiled and kissed her cheek.

I placed my hands over her cheeks. “You’re a beautiful soul, and I’m blessed to have you in my life,” I whispered against her lips before sucking them lovingly.

We smiled gleefully at each other, gazing in each other fondly.

“I want to ask something from you.” She said in a serious tone.


“Don’t you want to help Jiya?” As she asked, I became thoughtful.

I answered her after a few minutes of silence. “I want to help her, but I’m scared what if she again tries to harm us.” I shared my real problem with her.

She clasped my face. “We’ll fight back together and I feel like she will surely understand us. Trust me everything will be fine. I just need your support in this.” She reassured me. I smiled slightly and nodded my head.

So what do you think, how will they help Jiya?

Love Mehak

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4 thoughts on “(Part: 36 The Pure Kiss) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww manan are soo cute finally they are with each other and are at peace they are each others lifeline and without one another they are incomplete they are like a breath they took and as we cant live without oxygen they cant live without each other…
    Nandu is soo pure jiya harmed them kept them separate but still she wants to help jiya as she feels bad for her bcoz her love is just one sided….

  2. Late read today😁but I must say the part is freaking amazing ♥️♥️every emotion was written so well and felt real☺️🥺
    That kissing in the room scene reminded me of the kyy episode when Cabir was in hospital… where manik was wearing the blue suit and Nandini held his arm and he accidentally kissed her 🙈🤭
    Loved this part and waiting for the next one♥️🥰😍

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