(Part: 41 Please, Let Me Go..) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}


“I promised you that I would never leave you and I will fulfil my that promise. I will never let you go.” He said intensely, gazing deeply into her sorrowful eyes. He could fight from the whole world for her, but he would never let her go at any cost.

“Sidharth, why aren’t you understanding that we will never able to live happily together by hurting Shivansh.” She said the truth and Sidharth closed his eyes dejectedly. Shehnaaz was saying right that they would not able to live happily by hurting Shivansh but then too he couldn’t leave her because he loved her. He was already regretting leaving her alone. He would never do the same mistake of leaving her again. He would always love her and protect her from this cruel world.

Shehnaaz’s heart wanted to live with him forever but then too she was fighting with him to let her go because last night, she got scared after seeing Sidharth’s condition. She didn’t want Shivansh to hate Sidharth because of her. Sidharth would break down if Shivansh hated him. She couldn’t see him in pain.

“Will we able to live happily without each other?” He asked and shut her mouth. She looked down silently because the answer was no.

“We will never able to live without each other even a single day.” He answered his question himself. She was just looking down on floor dejectedly because whatever he was saying, he was saying right. They would not able to live without each other but still, she wanted him to leave her because she didn’t want to break Shivansh and Sidharth’s pure friendship.

“Sidharth, please let me go.” She cried and begged from Sidharth to let her go. Sidharth felt hurt seeing her in pain.

“Never, I will never let you go.” Sidharth hugged Shehnaaz so tightly, wrapping his arms around her like he wanted to store her in his arms forever. He wanted to cage her soul in his arms.

“You are my shining star and I won’t let my star ever go away from me.” He cried hugging her tighter. He was pulling her more and more closer to himself.

She was also crying in his arms with him forgetting everything burying her face in his chest. But the moment she realised that she had to go, she tried to come out of his arms, but he hugged her tighter. “Don’t make this more difficult for me, please.” She decided to leave Sidharth putting the stone on her heart and now he was making the things more difficult for her.

“Sidharth, I am going to break Shivansh’s heart. He will need you after that. But if we both break his heart by telling him that you love me then he will be left alone. For Shivansh, please let me go.” She implored him to let her go while constantly trying to come out from his arms.

As Sidharth leave her, she scurried to the door to leave. Sidharth felt like his heart skipped beating for a moment, seeing his star, leaving in front of his eyes. He rushed behind her and stopped her by hugging her tightly from behind. His one hand was wrapped around her waist and other was wrapped around her chest. His stubble was touching her cheek.

“We will handle him together, Shehnaaz. He deserves to know the whole truth. Please, don’t go. I need you. You are my everything. On my every breath, your name is written. My heart is beating for you, if you leave me, it will stop beating. I am completely incomplete without you. My soul is craving to make you mine. I need you, my star. We will fight all the problems together. I can do anything for you but I can’t leave you, never.” He whispered in her ear while crying.

“Please don’t go, please.” He cried hugging her tightly from behind. Shehnaaz’s heart was melting down in his arms. She couldn’t fight with him more. She realised that she was thinking wrong that he needed Shivansh more than her. He needed her the most in his life and he proved this today by not letting her go. She tried to convince him a lot to let her go, but he didn’t let her go.

“I’m sorry, Sidharth. I will never leave you. I love you.” She apologised putting one hand on his stubble and put her other hand on his hand which was wrapped around her waist.

He turned her toward himself and kissed every inch of her face after cubbing her face. After every kiss, he was whispering I love you. Shehnaaz was crying seeing how much he loved her. She was feeling like he was kissing her soul with every kiss. He kissed eyelids and took away her all pain.

“Please, never ask me again to leave you.” He requested, stroking her face and gazing in her eyes intensely.

“Never.” She shook her head and hugged him, burying her face in his chest and wrapping her arms around him. He hugged her back tightly and kissed her head. Finally, their fight ended and in the end, their love won. With every passing day, their love was becoming stronger.

Sidnaaz were going to pick up Shivansh from the airport. They were sitting at the backseat of the car. They decided to tell the truth to Shivansh after reaching home, they had to behave normally at the airport which was going to be very difficult. They couldn’t hide the truth from him anymore. Both were tensed wondering, how would they tell him the truth and how would he react after that.

“I never wanted to break his heart, Sidharth.” Shehnaaz looked at Sidharth and uttered, breaking the silence.

“I don’t know why he loves me so much ?”Sidharth remained silent because he had no answer to her this question.

“Why this happened ?” She asked, looking at him with sorrowful eyes. She was on the verge of crying.

“He should know that you don’t love him. It would be difficult but he will move on one day. He deserves the girl who will love him unconditionally. You weren’t in his destiny. You are going to break his heart for his better future.” He explained to her after cupping her face. He was broken but still, he was trying to console her, this called love. Shehnaaz was just crying silently looking at him.

“Everything will be fine, don’t worry.” He assured her after taking her into his protective arms. She cried silently in his arms, clutching his shirt. He shut his eyes and few tears rolled down his cheeks.

They were waiting for Shivansh at the Airport. “Everything will be fine,” Sidharth whispered and blinked his eyes looking at Shehnaaz. She gave him small smile in response.

As they saw Shivansh, their heartbeat accelerated. He was walking toward them, having a bright smile on his face. The smile which they were going to snatch from him. Shivansh’s P.A. was coming behind him with the luggage. He waved his hand at them and they both forced themself to smile back at him.

“How are you, Bro ?” He hugged Sidharth first. Sidharth hugged him back after closing his eyes thinking that this was going to be their last hug. He was stopping himself from not crying at that moment but couldn’t. His heart became heavy and few tears trickled down his cheek mechanically. He wiped them immediately with the back of his palm before breaking the hug. He again plastered a smile on his face.

Shehnaaz was standing silently looking down. So many things were going in her mind. She was physically presented there but mentally she was not there.

“I missed you so much, Jaan.” Shivansh hugged her tightly, wrapping his arms around her and brought her back on the earth with this hug. She looked at Sidharth whose eyes were looking down on the floor. She didn’t hug him back. She just kept staring at Sidharth like a lifeless soul.

He broke the hug and looking at the condition of Shehnaaz, he felt like something was wrong. She was looking so weak and her eyes were filled with pain. He understood that she was trying to hide pain behind her fake smile. He became hell worried about her.

“You have become so weak within one week. Are you fine, Shehnaaz?” He asked concernedly after cupping her face.

“I’m fine, Shivansh.” She instantly answered and tried to smile broadly to convince him that she was fine. But he was not convinced, he thought to talk to her at home. He smiled back and gently kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go home,” Sidharth said and Shivansh nodded his head positively. Then they all walked out of the Airport.

Sidharth was sitting at the front seat with the driver and at the backseat, Shivansh was sitting with Shehnaaz entwining his hand with her. He was telling her how much he missed her. Shehnaaz wasn’t listening to him, her mind was only thinking that how he would react after knowing the truth. Sidharth was looking at her through the front mirror.

“Shehnaaz…” he jolted her, holding her shoulder and brought her back on the earth.

“Where are you lost, Shehnaaz? What happened?” He asked worriedly, putting his one hand on her face.

“Nothing.” Shehnaaz shook her head negatively.

“Don’t lie. I know, there is something. Tell me, what is bothering you ?” He asked after cupping her face, horrified. She kept staring at him silently, she wasn’t understanding how to tell him the truth.

“Say something, please.” He begged her to say something but she remained silent. She was making him hell worried with her this behaviour.

“Look, what I brought for you.” He took out the pendant from the pocket of his blazer and showed to her. It was half heart pendant on which Shivansh was written.

“I brought this for us. I love you so much Shehnaaz.” He confessed, showing the pendant which he was wearing around his neck, on which Shehnaaz’s name was imprinted. He wanted to change her mood by this but it made her more emotional.

“I don’t deserve this.” Shehnaaz couldn’t control herself and burst into tears seeing his love for her. She was feeling guilty for never loving the person who loved her so much. Shivansh was numb after seeing her crying like this. Sidharth was also crying silently sitting at the front seat. He was not understanding why destiny had written so many complications in their life.


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