(Part : 26B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


After the dinner, Sana walked into her room and finally checked her phone. Her finger automatically opened the message of Sid.

“No.” She thought for a moment then sent the reply of his message that she didn’t miss him. She also knew that it was a big fat lie, but his mind forced her to send this message. On the other side Sid who was desperately waiting for her message, felt hurt reading her reply.

“I mean to say that I didn’t get time to miss you. I went for shopping with Shefali.” He read her next message, his lips were drawn down in sadness. Indirectly she was hurting him by not accepting her feelings. He was understanding and loving her, but in return he was getting nothing.

“I missed you a lot. I’d been waiting for your message since evening. I won’t lie that I am not sad after knowing that you didn’t miss me” She closed her eyes dejectedly as she read his message. She was also feeling pain in her heart by hurting him because her heart wanted to see him happy, but she was not ready to accept it.

“I missed you a lot, Sid.” Her fingers automatically typed this message.

“Oh shit, I shouldn’t give any wrong signal to him that I have feelings for him or else he would start expecting something which I can’t give to him.” She was just about to tap the button of send, but stopped herself while saying this. She hurriedly erased the message and took a deep breath.

“Okay, Sid. I am feeling so sleepy, today. We can talk tomorrow.” She sent this message unwillingly. She wanted to talk, but her mind was asking her to talk less with him.

“I know that you’re trying to run away from your feelings now, but I will never give upon you because I know one day you will accept your feelings.” Sana became like a statue after reading his message because whatever he said it was right. He was showing her the reality. She put the phone on side table and lay down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket. Tears started falling down from her eyes mechanically, she had been holding them back since so long. She was wiping them constantly, but they were not stopping. She started to sniffle. Sh didn’t know that why she was crying. She didn’t know that she was crying because her heart was crying. She wanted him, but she was hurting her heart and Sid too by not accepting her feelings.


Next day also, Sana completely ignored him. Whenever he was calling her, she was cutting his calls, giving excuses. Sid was understanding that why she was doing this. She was running away from him because she was afraid to fall in love with him. They were going to be get engaged with in a day and before that only she started her ignoring game. He was not understanding that what she would get by ignoring him. She was just testing his patience. He kept calling her all the day and whenever she was pressing the decline button, she was feeling like she was stabbing the sharp knife directly into her heart again and again. By listening to her mind, she was unknowingly breaking her heart more and also Sid’s heart.

At night she was trying to sleep, closing her eyes but couldn’t able to sleep. Suddenly she sat up on the bed as she sensed him near to her. She placed her hand on her chest and she could feel that her heart was beating rapidly. She jumped out of her bed as she heard the sound from her balcony.

She got hell scared, but still she strolled to the door of balcony. She opened the lock of the door with her shivering hands. She became scared to see a person standing in balcony, his face was not visible to her because of the darkness. She was just about to scream loudly, but that person pinned her on the wall after closing her mouth with his one hand and grasping her waist with his other hand before she could do anything. She squeezed her eyes shut, getting scared.

But before even opening her eyes, she got to know with his touch that the person was Sid. She recognised his touch. She opened her eyes slowly. She stared at him blankly, her chest was raising up and falling down. He was staring at her, having anger in his eyes. His one hand was on her mouth and his other hand was on her waist. He removed his hand from her mouth slowly and let the breath escaped out from her mouth. The breath directly caressed his face. Both were staring each other without even blinking their eyes. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breath became heavier when he started coming close to her face. Their proximity was driving her crazy. Her mind asked her to push him away, but this time she was out of her mind. She was becoming weak in front of her desires.

“Do you have any idea that you are making me so angry by ignoring me, Angel ?” He whispered huskily after leaning to her ear. Her heart stopped beating for a moment as his hot breath caressed her skin. She closed her eyes and her hands automatically clutched his shirt. Only he had the power to make her heartbeat stop and also to make her heartbeat fast next moment. He gazed at her, standing straight, his eyes were filled anger. She was looking up at him, breathing heavily.

“What happened? Why are you not saying anything, now?” He left her waist and asked, moving away from her. She felt irritated because she wanted more. She didn’t want him to stop. She wanted him to kiss her badly. Her desires were at peak.

“Sid you should go. You shouldn’t have come here at this time.” She said after catching her breath back, she was looking everywhere except in his eyes because she knew that if she looks in his eyes, she would again get lost in his black bewitching eyes.

He chuckled and became serious next moment. “Are you doing right by ignoring me?” As He asked, She closed her eyes dejectedly, getting disappointed from herself.

“I am giving you complete space and time. Then what’s the problem? What I did wrong that you have started to ignore me?” He was questioning her and her eyes were looking down at floor because she was wrong. He knew the answer, but he wanted to hear the answer from her.

“You should go Sid. We can talk tomorrow.” She turned to leave, but he stopped her, grasping her hand. Her heartbeat again accelerated.

“Not this time, Angel.” He yanked her to himself. Her back collided with his front. Her whole body started burning with his touch. She closed her eyes tightly. Sid’s touch was something which she couldn’t resist. His touch turned her on and at same time made her feel alive. Her breath became uneven and she felt so good when he nuzzled his hair. He loved the exquisite scent of her hair a lot. He was losing control over himself because of his desires, but he knew that he needed to stop here only for now. Before all this, he wanted to win her trust and wanted to make her realise her feeling also.

“In two days before our engagement, I will make you realise that you have feelings for me. That’s my promise to you, Angel.” He left her after saying this. She stood there numb like a statue. She could hear the sound of his footsteps going away from her, but she didn’t turn. Her mind started scolding her for losing control on herself. She slumped down on the floor, covering her ears with her hands.

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