(Part : 20) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


I feel like a part of me died since the day I stopped talking to Mr. Stranger. I really love him, I really love Mr. Stranger a lot, I love him from my heart. But love doesn’t only mean getting that person and spending your whole life with him. Love means finding your happiness in the person whom you love. It doesn’t matter if his happiness is with you or not. You’re happy because that person is happy. I think that’s the true love.

I was happy by helping Mr. stranger. I made him see the reality of life. I was happy because he was happy. Everything was perfect, he was happy, I was happy too, but when I realised that I love him, I started thinking wrong, my mind went into the wrong direction. I became crazy to meet him and spoiled everything. If Mr. Stranger want me as his friend, I can be his friend forever because the only thing matters to me is his happiness. I want to see him happy always because I love him a lot. I really love him. I can do anything for his happiness.

Maybe in future he would also love me and meet me. I’ve a hope. Maybe we would be together in future. We should never lose hope. Hope gives us strength and keeps us happy.

I’ll talk to Mr. stranger as soon as I go back home after college. I’m so relieved now. The ache in my heart vanished away, my heartbeat became normal because I don’t have to move on. Why I’ve to move on from him when I’m happy being his friend too.

“Sana, where’re you lost?” I came on the earth back as Anu shook me. We’re sitting in the canteen after the college.

“Nowhere.” I nodded my head at her.

“Are you fine, Sana?” She asked concernedly, placing her hand over my hands which were kept on the table. She really cares a lot for me. I love her. I’m blessed to have a friend like her in my life.

I gave her smile. “I’m really fine, Anu.” I placed my hand over her face. I didn’t lie to her. I’m really fine. Before few minute ago I was depressed and devastated because I was thinking that I’ve to forget Mr. stranger and I’ve to move on in my life. I was thinking so wrong. Now I’m relieved and back to old Sana because now I’m thinking right. Nothing has changed outside, but still I’m happy now because I changed my thinking. Our happiness is just only depends on our thinking. I’m relieved after a week. Now I just can’t wait to talk to Mr. stranger.

“I always want to see you happy.” She whispered.

“Haye, I love you.” I rested my head over his shoulder.

“I love you more and I’m so happy to see you fine after so many days.” As she said happily, I smiled at her broadly.

“Now lets just order something. I’m starving.” As I said my pet dialogue, she chuckled.

I’m really so relieved now. Thank god I realised that I was thinking wrong and spoiling everything. I just really can’t wait to talk to Mr. stranger.

We just stood up to leave the canteen after eating lunch, but stopped as a boy came up and asked. “Are you Shehnaaz?”

“Yes, I’m Shehnaaz.” I nodded my head, looking at him bemusedly.

“Actually, Professor Sidharth is calling you in the classroom.” Boy told me, I became more confused. Why he’s calling me ?

“Professor Sidharth is weird. You know from past few days, I found him starting at me so many times. Now I don’t know why he’s calling me after college. He’s mysterious or weird. I don’t know.” I shook my head.

“I think, he’s in love with you.” I widened my eyes in shock as Anu uttered.

“Are you crazy?” I shouted and she bursted into laughter.

“After all my Sana is so beautiful and cute, It can be possible. Why are you getting angry?” She asked and I just glared at her.

I shook my head in disbelief. “You’re seriously crazy.” I slapped her shoulder. She is laughing non stop.

She finally stopped laughing. “Now you go and don’t forget to tell me why he is calling you.”

After that she went home and I strolled to my classroom to meet professor Sidharth. I want to go home and talk to Mr. stranger, but I can’t go. Why did Professor Sidharth has to meet me today only? Couldn’t he meet me some other day? Oh god, please help me. I wanna go home.

I stepped into the classroom. Professor Sidharth was standing facing his back near to the window.

I exhaled deeply before calling him. “Sir.” As I called him, he instantly turned around. I won’t lie that his presence really affect me, I don’t know why.

“Sit.” He pointed his hand at the desk. I nodded at him and sat down. Why he’s making me sit down? Is he going to teach me? I wont to go home, Sir. Let me go, please.

He strolled at the door and shut it. What the hell, why he did he close the door?

He is walking toward me slowly and I don’t know why my heartbeat is accelerating. “I want to confess something.” He stood in front of me and finally spoke, looking at me intensely.

“What?” I asked instantly. My heart will get explode. He’s creating suspense. What he wants to confessed to me? I’m completely puzzled.

He closed his eyes and sighed. He looked deeply into my eyes. I felt something in my heart. “I love you, Miss Shehnaaz.” As he confessed, I got up from the desk in shock and stared at him in utter disbelief.

What the hell ? Is he kidding ? He loves me, really ? I just can’t believe. This can’t be possible. Professor Sidharth loves me. Am I dreaming?

“I know, it’s shocking, but it’s true that I love you since my eyes fell on you. I was attracted to you and I was thinking that you’re my student, it’s not right and that’s why I was throwing you out of my class. In the library, I became so crazy to go out because your presence was affecting me and I was thinking that it’s not right. Now I’ve realised that I can’t control this feeling anymore. I love you really. Will you give me a chance?” He asked, I’m just  staring at him in utter shock.

I’m feeling like I’m dreaming. I was calling Anu crazy when she said that he loves me because I didn’t think that it would be true. His confession is really unexpected for me. Oh god, what is happening today?

“Please, say something.” He implored.

“Sir, I love somebody else.” I told him the truth. I love Mr. stranger. Maybe I would’ve given him chance if I hadn’t fallen in love with Mr. stranger. I know he would be hurt after knowing because I know the pain of one side love.

“You’re saying this because I’m your professor?” He asked instantly.

I shook my head. “No, Sir. I really love somebody else. Neither I’m calling your love wrong nor I’m rejecting your proposal because you’re my professor as I know love doesn’t see age, gender, religion, profession, love doesn’t see anything, it just happens. We can fall in love with anybody and at anytime. It doesn’t matter you’re my professor. It just that I love somebody else. I’m sorry, sir. I can’t accept your proposal.” I explained him.

It’s true that love can happen to anybody and at anytime. We can’t stop ourself from falling in love, we can’t stop our heart from beating for that person, we can’t stop ourself from breathing for that person and we can’t stop our soul from falling in love. Love just happens, it doesn’t take permission from us.

“Could I know the name of that person whom you love ?” He asked after few minutes of silence.

“No.” I shook my head instantly. How do I tell him that I’m in love with the person whose name also I don’t know and the person who doesn’t want to meet me because he doesn’t want to reveal his identity.

He turned around. “Okay, you can go now but don’t tell this to anybody.” He uttered sternly, pointing his hand at the door, facing his back to me. I know he would be hurt. I was hurt too by falling in love with Mr. stranger.


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