Our Angel (Part : 5)


Nandini woke up after a nap. She sat up on the bed , removing the blanket and her eyes started searching her hubby and angel desperately. She smiled , finding them in the balcony. Manik was talking to angel , roaming in the balcony. Nandini climbed out of the bed , tying her hair in ponytail with the rubber band which she was wearing around her wrist.

She strolled toward them after wearing her sleepers.

“How are you my chotu baby ?” She asked , caressing angel’s cheeks and she rolled her eyes in response. She cradled angel in her arms after taking her from Manik.

“How are you feeling , my baby ?” Manik asked after cupping her face and sucking her lips.

“You kissed me in front of angel , hubby.” She scolded Manik while angel was busy playing with her shirt’s button.

“So what ?” Manik shrugged and before she could say something, he kissed her again , holding her hair. Her eyes pooped up in shock.

“I can kiss you , whenever I want.” He stated , looking deeply into her eyes. She nodded her head in yes innocently.

“I think , angel is hungry. You feed her and I’m bringing food for us.” He went from there after kissing her cheeks.

“Angel , your daddy is unbelievable sometimes but I love everything about him. I hope , in future, you will meet someone like your daddy.” She started talking to her daughter who was staring her constantly.

“Oops , I forgot that I have to feed you. Let’s feed you , first and then we will talk and play.” She took her in room.

She settled down on bed comfortably and started feeding her after opening first three buttons of her shirt. Angel fell asleep while drinking milk.

Nandini held her upright, over her shoulder. Her one hand was wrapped around her bottom and with her other hand , she was firmly patting and gently rubbing her back . She was helping her to push out the air because doctor had told her , a baby needs to burp after the feed.

Angel burped after few minutes. Nandini sighed and placed her in the bedside crib after kissing her forehead. She covered her with the white sheet properly.

Manik walked into the room with food. “I’m starving, hubby. Bring it fast.” Nandini said , rubbing her tummy and he smiled at her.

Manik sat down in front of her , holding the plate. He smirked seeing her breast. “First close the buttons of your shirt’s baby. You are turning me on.” Nandini flushed and started eating the food without closing the buttons.

“Baby ,close your buttons. I don’t want to drink the milk of angel.” He started to close her buttons but she stopped him , holding his hand and nodded her head.

“I want you to drink it , hubby.” She requested him , staring at him pleadingly.

“But..” she shushed him , putting her finger on his lips.

“Doctor told me that I can feed you also sometime.”

Manik’s eyes popped up. “You asked this from doctor?” Manik asked , looking at her unbelievably. She grinned and nodded her head.

“You are unbelievable, baby.” He shook his head in a disbelief.

She chuckled. “I’m yours , hubby. Come on , we don’t have time. Angel can wake up any moment.”

“lay down baby.”He kept the plate on side and ordered her to lay down. She complied and he came over her. He started sucking her nipple after breaking all the buttons of her shirt. Nandini was moaning , moving her fingers in his hair. She was feeling so good.

“I love you , my naughty baby.” He whispered, coming close to her lips. She smiled , encircling her arms around him. Then their lips met and started moving in rhythm. They were kissing each other passionately , pouring all the love in their kiss.


At night , Manan were lying in the blanket. Nandini was lying on her side and Manik was lying behind her. His one hand was wrapped around her waist and other was under her. Their legs were entangled with each other. They both were admiring their angel blissfully who was sleeping peacefully in the bedside crib.

She was about to cry but Nandini soothed her by patting her forehead firmly.

“I just can’t believe, our chotu baby is with us , hubby. Few days back , she was inside me and today , she is in front of our eyes. She is perfect and so beautiful.” Nandini uttered , staring angel without blinking her eyes. Her eyes were filled with love.

“You know , every time I see her , I fall for her more. Thank you , baby for fighting with me for her and bringing her in this world. I just can’t believe that I was asking you to kill her.” Manik said disappointedly. He was ashamed now.

She turned toward him and looked into her eyes which were brimmed with the tears. “I’m sorry.” He apologised and few tears slipped out from his eyes.

She instantly shook her head asking him not to cry. “Hubby , you were thinking about me. It’s Okay. Angel is with us , everything is fine.” She whispered, holding his face.

“Thank you , baby for saving me from doing this crime , or else I would have never able to forgive myself.” He cried hugging Nandini tightly, wrapping his arms around her. She hugged him back tighter.

“Forget about the past , hubby. You gonna be the best father.” They broke the hug and she said after kissing gently on his eyelids.

“Are you sure ?” He asked doubting himself.

“I’m hundred percent sure , hubby.” She reassured him , stroking stubble on his cheek.

“I love you.” She whispered and kissed his forehead.

“I love you more , baby.” Both got lost in each other eyes.

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  1. Haaye…these cute cute scenes of angel and manan are so amazing and I am falling for this story now more and more…😍😍

  2. Tysm @mehaklovely ❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💟💟💟💞💞💞💜💜💜

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  4. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Awww manik loves to play with angel so much dats y when ever nandu is asleep he takes the chance to spend time with her and nandu found him doing the same thing when she woke up she was searching for her hubby and angel and she found her in d balcony and when she reached there manik kissed her which made nandu shock so she scolded manik bt woh manik he kaha ke woh kese ke sune…
    Hehe nandu mom bane ke baad bhi naughty he hai she forced manik to drink her milk inspite of manik refusing bt she was nt listening so manik agreed….
    Manik was feeling so bad for telling nandu to do abortion that he started crying bt nandu consulted him nt told him nt to cry as now angel is with them and he can be best father for her….

  5. Wohooo thank you for the daily update diiii…..
    Awesome update …
    Cutest family …i love the way manan bahave ….
    Take care.lots of love…

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